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Kuchiku's Personality

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Kuchiku has a very sad soul. She was born with no parents, no friends, amd no one to talk to. She was trained to be a great Warrior by the Hand since the age of five, having been pushed hard everyday in training, it caused her to suffer from severe depression. At age 14 she was not only the Hand's greatest and youngest assassin, but Japan's greatest assassin also. During this time Kuchiku became very confused and started following a dark road. She began becoming scared of herself and grew self hate because she felt that she couldnt control herself and stop killing. So she started harming herself mentally and soon enough she became very closed off to the world.

When she became one of HYDRA's Assassin's she slowly drifted down a darker road.


Having killed so many already, Kuchiku attempted suicided, but failed horribly. Coming to the realization she had a healing factor which drove her into insanity. Her urge to die was more then she could handle and knowing it would take so much to kill herself she gave up on life compleely.

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"I am an evil, demented person. I'm going to hell for what i've done." - Kuchiku

Kuchiku began working for SHIELD for a short while, but after seeing Wolverine (a friend of hers) fight with the X-men she quit SHIELD and joined them. Kuchiku now with the X-men made many new friends which helped her slowly, bringing her out of her great depression.

Power levels and range.

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Kuchiku is a Witch at heart but a very dangerous assassin at hand, Out of suit she utilizes all her skills during combat, Using martial arts and her Psionic abilities to disarm and neutralize her opponents, Kuchikus strength is at a fierce level, she can contend with Ms.Marvel and She-Hulk. But she doesn't depend on just strength alone, using counter moves charged with Magical telekinetic and psionic energy. Causing her physical blows to blow threw a normal human. Her psionic abilities boost her magical capabilities, allowing her to do things most advanced witches can't. And her strong willpower and courage allows her to use some spells all on her own, without help. She is immune to most low level magic, but vulnerable to powerful magiks.

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In her suit she is as powerful as a Full powered god on earth. But theirs a catch, not in her suit she is unable to tap into the gods power and with only being a half blood a (Demi-god) she doesnt have full power capabilities like that of an actual god and while in her suit her Psionic and Telekinetik capabilities are massively reduced.

Her suit can shift like that of the witchblade, giving her access to whatever weapon she can think of. Her suit is also made from Mystical tech, it can be damaged by some and only some kind of magic, but damaged by man made weapons is nearly impossible, but when damaged it regenerates by absorbing Kuchiku's life energy.

Kuchiku (to sum it all up)

Kuchikus mother was impregnated by the greek god of war aries, who disguised himself as human and decided to try his chance at love because he had watched so many humans fall into it and so he decided to fall into it to. Anyway, so he went down to earth and fell in love at first sight of fuki mikomi a young japanese school girl they had a date fell in love had sex, boom theres kuchiku, but she wasnt around yet and turns out she was destined to be the next generations treasurer, the single woman warrior who has the power to tip the balance between good and evil, but for which side?

Mandarin seeks her out with the help of prometheus god of before thought,

Prometheus punishes mandarin and tells him that he will return on Kuchiku's 21st birth day to see if shes worthy.

Kuchiku mother is abducted by the hand and kuchiku is then born into the hand clan when her mother dies at birth.

She is then raised by Matsuo and taught Martial arts.

She learns quickly and is soon taught by Elektra, and then eventually Kirigi in the art of assassination.

When her powers manifest at a young age, matsuo's girlfriend Revenche began teaching Kuchiku how to manifest psionic weapons.

Kuchiku is soon abducted by HYDRA, she is injected with a synthetic super soldier serum and brainwashed.

the serum bonds with her DNA and unleashes latent Demi-god abilities; Super strength, Great Durability and speed along with Mystical propertys. (there are unawar that this is what it did, they believe she is the only one the serum worked on)

She learns how to use a gun and various other weapons, and learns more techniques from Viper and taskmaster.

She is finally set free by SHIELD and with no where left to go, she Joins SHIELD and trains further into useing her powers.

Learns on a mission against morgan lefay and learns she may have magical abilitys..

She soon Leaves SHIELD to train under DR.Strange and then soon Illayna Rasputin in limbo gaining shapeshifting abilitys and enhanced senses., only to be corrupted by limbo and banished to earth.

She solos for a while utilizing her fighting and her psychic and magical abilities.

She later joins the X-men.

Tricked by Loki and Prometheus, the asgardian god of mischief, Kuchiku uses demon blood in her chemeric alchemy and a reaction starts with her demi-god blood and her demon blood causing her to be unable to control her shapeshifting, she was turning into demonic abominations.

Kuchikus father makes his first appearence he helps kuchiku overcome her her uncontrolable shifting and defeats loki, reminding him who Kuchiku is and that she not be messed with by any gods or so help him he will kill everyone of the gods.

While Kuchiku defeats prometheus showing him she is worthy.

Kuchiku retains control, she loses her shapeshifting ability and gains demonic shifting abilitys, Like the Witchblade and prototype, she can now morph parts of her body into demonic things/weapons.

Later, she is asked to join the rank of the gods and become a higher being, granting her full access to all her power.

She accepts, but declines and says that when she finds a way to contain her power so she can still walk among the humans and protect earth without destroying it.

Later during the Messiah complex, she learns she is a key componet in the death of hope summers in the future, because she is corrupted by power.

she is transported to the future and concludes that the only way to save the past is to find herself in the future and find a way to embrace her full power, without becoming corrupt.

She finds herself, dead, killed by that futures Hope summers.

She finds a compact next to her rotting carcus, The compact began to crawl up Kuchiku's arm and formed around her body as, a suit that can contain God like power without ending in ultimate destruction.

Kuchiku returns to the past, and embraces her higher power, allowing her to tap into the gods power at will.

Kuchiku decides to remain on earth as one of earths mightyiest heroes.

Accept now she can only use one power at a time and her psionic abilitys are reduced greatly while in her suit.

When not in her suit it retreats into a belt.

Not in her suit she retains all of her original powers, but loses her tap into the gods abilitys.

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Original power set:

  • Psychic abilities
  1. Telepathy
  2. Telekinesis
  3. Telekinetic
  • Pro Athlete
  • Excellent Hand to Hand combatant
  • Swordmanship

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HYDRA (Brainwashed) Power set:

  • Psychic abilities
  1. Telekinetic (Stronger)
  2. Swords and knives
  • Super Human Atrributes
  1. Strength
  2. Speed
  3. Durability
  4. Healing
  • Weapon Specialist
  • Professional Judo fighter (weaker then before)

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SHIELD (normal) Power set:

  • Psionic Mastery
  1. Guns, swords, and bombs
  • Super Human
  • Weapon Specialist
  • Mixed Martial Artist

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Magical (Limbo) Power Set

  • Psionic Mage
  • Chemeric Alchemy
  • Magical Abilitys
  1. Healing
  2. Empathy
  3. Hovering
  • Enhanced Senses and Abilitys

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X-men Power Set

  • Psionic Master
  • Demonic Shifting (like PROTOTYPE)
  • Enhanced Senses and abilitys
  • Superhuman
  • Magic
  1. Energy Projection
  2. Astral Projection
  3. Flight

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Higher Being Power set:

  • Energy Projection
  • Suit Shifting ( Her suit corresponds with her powers so now she can shift her suit to give her weapons, like that of the Witchblade.)
  • Superhuman Strength (able to level states)
  • Magic ability's (never ending possibilities)
  • Controlled weather manipulation
  • Flight


First Name:

Kuchiku (Japanese for Destruction

Last Name:

Mikomi (Japanese for Hope)

Code Name:





Neutral (Good Intentions) (Bad Attitude)







Hair Color:

Black (Originally) (Dyed) Green

Eye Color:


Skin Tone:

Pale White


Japanese, American

Known Languages:

Japanese, English, Mandarin, Espanol, French, Arabic, Russian,

Marital Status:



Known to some


Highly Intelligent

Team Affiliations:

The Hand, HYDRA, SHIELD, X-men,


Occult/Paranormal Specialist, Adventurer, X-man, Assassin, Alchemist, Wicca

Kinetic Energy Signature:


Team Affiliations:

Dark Utopia

Devils Mark Sisterhood

The Science Branch


Shape Shifting (OLD POWER SET)

Kuchiku while in Limbo studied the ancient magic of Chimeric Alchemy. Kuchiku has learned what most haven’t. Chimeric Transformation while being able to change back at will. Kuchiku carries countless vials of different animal blood ,fur and other animal organs/ parts. She also has gloves on that have Transmutation circles on the palm. When she chooses to she takes the vial of her chosen animal and smashes It when she puts her palms together and chants “ah rak te nela mo” and she then turns desired parts of her body into Chimeric hybrids. Speculation is that to just using their blood, pieces and parts she alters her DNA and Speeds up the alteration, almost as if she alters her desired part of her body by also using the parts of her body as the sacrifice in her alchemy and the uses the blood, pieces and parts as the spells cadeaver, for example she obliterates her hand and then starts growing a new hand same mass and size but altering the DNA with the animals desired DNA and blood and the sppeds up the growing/creation process giving her, lets say, a bear hand, which in turn increase strength and durability. Having a healing factor is the only way she is able to stay concious during her transformations.

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Demonic Shifting

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After a conversion between her Chemeric Alchemy Power and demon blood, a trick made by loki, she was almost killed. But she overcame the transformation with help from her father and was able to control her domonic shifting, able to use it to her advantage she can now shift parts of her body into demonic weapons like


. Mostly Swords, Claws, Shields, and Tentacles.

  • Blade Arms - Kuchiku can turn her hands into razor sharp blades which are used to mutilate her enemies in a brutal fashion. She acquired this ability by absorbing a mutant, adding its genetic code to his own
  • Tentacles - Kuchiku produces tentacles from her body that will impale all who are within reach. Drains and consumes the victims it touches.
  • Claws- Kuchiku can turn her hands into a pair of savage claws to shred her enemies. She can deploy ground spikes with this power.
  • Whipfist-Kuchiku can transform her arm's into a bladed tentacle to take out multiple enemies.
  • Hammerfist- Being a shapeshifter Kuchiku can shift her mass to his arms to create hammer like weapons to smash tanks.
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Kuchiku's Suit

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Being in Kuchiku's suit allows her to tap into powers far greater then her own, she most commonly taps into the power her father's limitless god like power, but she has been shown to tap into other entityies of power like the Pheonix force, without it corrupting and destroying her soul in her human form. In doing this she is granted Mastery in every type of weapon and form of fighting, she can sense blood lust and rage (Alowing her to control its levels. Thus making someone more blood lust or completely calm), and has massivly increased strength and fighting abilities.

Now in her suit her powers bond with the suit giveing her new shifting capabilities, she can create herself various guns, Whips, Blades, Staffs, etc. The Suit only bonds with Kuchiku's DNA and Blood line, meaning only Family can wear the suit.

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The Suit can revive the dead by using supernatural tech to bring the dead subject back to life, when the subject is revived it acts as a zombie, although they can talk (able to speak and relive there past experiences even after death) , doing the bidding of the suits user. . While it is inactive, the suit would look like a heavy jewel encrusted belt. It is worn around the waist. While active, it wraps itself around the host’s body while tearing up their clothing. It becomes a body armor and weapon at the same time. The amount of armor that comes out of the suit to protect the host will always depend on the level of threat. For example, if the host is fighting a mere mortal, there will be less armor wrapped around the host. But if the host is fighting enemies at the level of demons, it will form more armor to protect its host. The Suit can form many different types of weapons. It can form swords, shields, and wings. The Suit can also form gun like weapons, able to shoot energy blasts and other projectiles. Also it has the ability to shoot a whip-like chain that enables the user to climb.

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Telekinetic Mastery

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Kuchiku is a master in her powers field.

Enhance her own abilitys:

She can Telekineticly charge punches, allow her self to fly at subsonic speeds.

  • throw Telekinetic Force blasts
  • Lift items by grabbing them with Telekinetic energy

Telekinetic and Psionic Weapons

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The energy manifests itself through her fingertips where it can then be used to perform functions limited only to Kuchiku's imagination. Most commonly she creates 'blades' of energy from one, or both, hands which have been shown to cut through various objects and reach up to 5000°C. Kuchiku started to create a psionic katana instead of the psychic knife. The katana is much more powerful because she can adjust the level of its intensity. When the katana is at its lowest intensity, it will short-circuit the nervous system (working the same way as as her knife).

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At its highest intensity, it can cut through almost any form of material. Kuchiku has such great control over it that she can cut through a person in armor, and only cut the armor while stunning the person inside. She can also psionically control the energy to travel from her to any point that she can see, however the energy dissipates the further it travels. Thus, if she fired at someone 25 feet away they would be hit with the equivalent of 25,000 megawatts of power. But, if that person was was 2,500 feet away they would only be hit with 500 megawatts. This results in Kuchiku's eyes glowing green. Kuchiku can manifest complicated weapons also, including pistols and cross bows shooting psionic bullets and arrows that explodes on impact.

Psionic Power

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Psionic Will based constructs

Kuchiku can use her Psionic power to create Will based constructs like force shields or even minions that she can make tangible to fight for her, this also relates to her astral projection abilitys, but this requires much concentration.

Psionic possession

Another ability is that Kuchiku can psionically posses another human being for up to a limited time, it matters on how much emotional and mental control she has.

Using her psionic ability she can boost her transmutation (magical) abilities by psioniclly rearranging the molecular structures of objects, causing her to boost this power so great she can manipulate matter at a subatomic level.


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Using her Mental power and mystical arts, Kuchiku is able to munipulate her Psychic energy into a Psychokinetic flame. Using her mind she can weave out different variables with her power so that it burn's what she chooses, for instance she could ignite a room in these flames and the flame would only burn away at the wallpaper if she chose it, even though everything else is on fire. She can also light a man on fire and make his nerve ending react to the flame, causing the man to feel that he is truly on fire. She gained this ability after tapping into the phoenix force.

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Vitakinesis is the manipulation and of the regenerative cycle using psy powers, both on a physical and spiritual level. This technique can be used to relieve aches, pains, and discomfort, whereas more advanced techniques can physically heal over a bleeding wound, banish a disease from a body..

SuperHuman Abilities

It is speculated that The Super-Soldier Serum never really worked , but just brought up her latent Demi-god ability’s due to her father being Aries’ god of war. She is as intelligent, fast, durable, strong, and agile as any human could be. She could win every contest in the Olympics, weightlifting to racing. She has run a mile in roughly a minute and bench-pressed 30 tons. A major part is that the serum prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in her muscles. This means she effectively never tires, so she can do such extraordinary feats and fight for such a long time. This also means she cannot become intoxicated and is immune to many diseases. The serum is constantly being replenished by her body.

Healing Factor

Kuchiku also has an accelerated healing factor that allows her to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissues with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Injuries such as gunshot wounds, slashes, and puncture wounds completely heal within a matter of minutes. Her healing factor is developed to such a degree that she can reattach severed limbs. The effects of her accelerated healing powers extend to her body's immune system, rendering her immune to disease and infection. She is also immune to most drugs and toxins, although she can be affected by certain drugs if given sufficient dosage.


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Kuchiku is also a living focal point for the earth's magic. Her sorceress training with Illayna Rasputin is separate from her mutant ability of Psionic and Telekinetik. But the mixture of the two makes her considerably more powerful than just using her Mental powers.

She uses this mystical energy to cast spells of a near infinite variety. She has a special affinity for the natural elements and materials that true witches utilize in their spells: the four alchemical elements, wood, organic substances, etc. Kuchiku possesses a natural affinity for magical forces which is a result of her Demi-God genetic structure she is genetically gifted with great magical talent . Kuchiku is a high level witch, she can cast an incredible number of spells. Her sorcery allows her to use mystical energy invoked upon by spells/incantations or by the power of divine beings to manipulate forces of the universe. She also possesses a gifted intellect, and after witnessing Morgan Le Fay's memories and sucking magical information from powerful sorcerers in limbo, along with being a former pupil of

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Doctor Strange , she possesses a great deal of magical lore. Though she usually has at least a couple hundred specific spells prepared at any given moment, she is adept at magical improvisation and can readily modify her spells to handle unpredictable situations. She often uses her magic to assist in performing everyday tasks, especially if she is too busy or fatigued to do them the mundane way. With these abilities Kuchiku can perform many functions.

Not all of Kuchiku’s powers have been documented as yet. She possesses the ability to manipulate the forces of magic for a variety of effects, including mind control, illusion-casting, Dark force manipulation, astral projection, the projection of mystical bolts of force, creation of constructs purely of magical energies, creation of mystical force shields and remove spirits from their bodies and place those spirits under her control. Kuchiku also channels the virtually unlimited energy of the Greek Gods to empower her spells.


-While in Beast mode she in unable to use her psionic powers


While in her suit her mental abilitys are reduced to almost nothing as most of her power is being used to charge her suit.

Decapitation or incineration

Destruction of mental self in the Astral plane or destruction of her soul


Though she has an amazing healing factor and magical powers, she can still drown and be burned if not prepared.

Other powerful magic, Overwhelming weight, Omega level Telepathy, and The Elements are also weaknesses of Kuchiku's

The Story Before the Story

“Legend tells of a unique warrior a, lost soul. This warrior is a woman, a motherless daughter. And it is her Destiny to tip the balance between Good and Evil. She is called a Treasurer.”

- Stick

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Many seek her out to stop the war between good and evil. And the Hand wanted her the most so they could become unstoppable. They wanted her so much in fact that they decided to find her mother before she was actually conceived. The Hand wanted the Treasurer so they could train her and so no one else could get to her. So they searched and searched using every method Including magic and the dark arts. They soon called upon the Chinese sorcerer Mandarin to help track her Mother down. Mandarin used his dark magic to conjure a spell.

Mandarin, sick and twisted all in himself planned to use a hand full of The Hand ninja’s as a sacrifice in his spell for such information. Mandarin chanting an ancient incantation summoned Prometheus the God of before thought. Mandarin offered the

Ninja’s souls in return for the where about’s of the unborn Treasure’s mother.

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Prometheus angered by Mandarin's willingness to think he was so worthy in his prescence lashed out at Mandarin. Prometheus

suddenly became stricken as he thought out Mandarins awnser seeming as if there was more going on then Prometheus was about to tell.


The unborn child you seek, lies in a woman so slender and strong, Fuki Mikomi is the one you wish to do wrong!" -Prometheus

Prometheus took Mandarin in his ginormous hands and made Mandarin swear to bring the unborn child to Prometheus upon her twenty first birthday so that he may choose whether or not to banish her soul to the underworld for Mandarin asking Prometheus such a meaningless question.

Birth After Death

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Fuki Mikomi was a young Japanese school girl about the age of 17. she had fallin in love at first site. She had met this man at her Sensei's Dojo. He approached her after her training and asked her to join him on thr roof for a romantic dinner. At first she thought to decline, but the man had a certain glow that she couldnt refuse. He led the girl to an abondoned building and took her to the roof where a seemingly unreal dinner for two awaited. One the small dinner table were two entrees of steak, sushi, shrimp, crab, chicken wings (ha had to add that). They sat and talked for what seemed like days. He told her his name was arthur and that he was traveling on business, but the rest was a mystery. As the last glass of wine was filled Fuki looked deep into arthur's eyes and slowly but surely they laid down togethor and.........fucked.

When she awoke the next day she was in her bedroom back in the girls dorm at her school. Fuki asked her roommate if she saw her come in last night, but the girl softly shook her head no and went back to what she was doing. Baffled by the mysterious man that had come and gone from her life she mistook her expierence for a dream and moved on with her life....or so she thought. That evening after school she found herself barfing into her favorite sweater. As the weeks went on she began to get morning sickness and hot flashes all signs of a baby on the way. Fuki finally went to her doctor's in hopes of finding the awnser and it seemed obvious she was pregnant.

With her head hanging low, the thought's of Arthur and her child growing up without a father dripped threw her subconcious and rattled her mind as she walked out the door of her doctors office. Fuki seemed to just drag on down the street back to her dorm when suddenly a large flaming tow truck came speeding toward Fuki. Thinking quickly she leaped out of the way and the truck came to an explosive halt as it crashed into a local sushi restraunt. Freightened Fuki didn't stop running and she ran down the street into a back alley where she stopped to catch her breathe. Holding her stomach in pain from the run she turned to look back at the accidents after math only to be pulled back into the shadows of the alley.

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Fuki Awoke in a dark room with large steel door that had a small opening where light pillared threw. "Hello!" she screamed...but there was no awnser. A large metal tray came screeching threw the small opening in the door. She crawled over to find a small meal in the tray. "Hello!" she cried but still no awnser. Fuki pulled the small tray with herself into a corner where she began to cry.

Eight long monthes past and Fuki eating her daily meal began to scream out in pain as her water broke all over herself. "HELLP MEE!" she cried out. The large metal door that she had hoped and hoped all these monthes would open and reveal Arthur who had come and saved her, revealed five shadowy fugures that entered the room abruptly and carried Fuki away.

Blindfolded Fuki was laid down on a soft bed. Breathing heavily she began to cry "help me...please just help meeee please!....*sobs*...please." a harsh low toned voice suddenly spoke into her ear "PUSH" it said "PUSH" and with all her might she pushed that baby out faster then the speed of light it self. small cries from a child began to fill the room outside her blind fold "my baby...oh my...Ku..chi..ku*" Fuki died right there without even seeing her new born's child face....she died.

Kuchiku Ninja of the Hand!

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Matsuo Tsurayaba looked down in pity at the dead woman laying at the slab in front of him and then quickly put his guilt away and turned to gaze upon the beutiful baby girl's face in his hands "So....Kuchiku....eh...yeah your not so ugly are you." Matsuo spat out. The baby so innocent and dumb founded turned its bald little head at its mother's dead body and began to cry. "You will be my ultimate weapon.....you will feel no remorse...no emotion...and thats how you will succeed." said Matsuo.

When Kuchiku turned five and was old enough to walk and speak Matsuo Tsurayaba told her that her birth parents worked for the Hand and that they had been killed in a fight on a mission to infiltrate an enemy Ninja clan, but were killed by the Hands enemy, Stick, and he also told her that he ,Matsuo, was her uncle and the last family member she had. Kuchiku who had been lied to about her parents being murdered by Stick. She made herself a goal; she would train every day for the rest of her life till she was strong enough to kill Stick. Kuchiku was raised and mothered by Elektra who taught Kuchiku alot and soon began to see her as a daughter, but there relationship was cut short do to Elektra's relationship with the Hand. Kuchiku trained with Matsuo day and night, also being trained by Hand ninjas on occasions, Kuchiku learned fast and quickly she became a skilled fighter being taught by the best.

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By the age of ten Kuchiku had already begin learning at a High school level and she started learning how to use various weapons. When she turned twelve the ninja assassin known as Kirigi took Kuchiku in as his pupil and began teaching Kuchiku the deadly art of assassination, Kuchiku learned how to stealth in shadows and the patience that is required when your watching and learning your enemy, that you must wait until the perfect moment to strike! She trained under him for monthes on end until one day he failed to show for a lesson which sadend Kuchiku when she never saw him again.

When Kuchiku was thirteen she was pushed to her limit by Matsuo and manifested a psionic brass knuckles and knocked Matsuo on his ass. Know that her powers had manifested. Matsuo asked his girlfriend Kwannon AKA Revenche to become Kuchiku's knew teacher, she kindly accepted and formed a great bond with Kuchiku. Revenche began teaching Kuchiku how to manifest a Psychic knife and how to hone her psychic powers.

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When she turned fifteen Matsuo felt that it was time to tell her about her true destiny, so he approached Kuchiku and told her the prophecy of the Treasurer and that she was the Treaurer a destined Warrior. Confused she stormed away. That night Kuchiku heard a rustling outside of her room. She slid open her door and walked out only to find Elektra fighting off a number of Hand Ninja's. "Elektra!" she yelled running up to her and squeezing her tight. "Kuchiku!....honey is that you?" Elektra replied surprised to see the young child.

"Kuchiku everything they told you....about your life...about the outside world....theres more out there and there brain washing us all!" then in a quick blink of an eye Elektra was gone.

The next day the confused Kuchiku awoke to a white faced woman with a red bullseye on her fore head leaning over Kuchiku's body they were face to face "Lady Bullseye....ive heard of you....your with Lord Hirochi!" Kuchiku swung her legs up kicking of Lady Bullseye ,but the woman landed with ease. Quickly Kuchiku swung her self upward landing feet first on her beds headboard she lunged at Lady bullseye crashing threw her bedroom door.

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The two woman faught effortlessly. Lady Bullseye would throw a ninja star, but Kuchiku countered with psionic blasts. Matsuo watched as the two woman fought for hours. He sat on his roof peering down as if he was some sort of emporer. Lady bullseye d odged a roundhouse kick made by Kuchiku, but left her left leg open allowing Kuchiku to swing 360 and trip Bullseye withe her left foot. Landing ontop of Lady Bullseye she impailed her with her Telekinetic knife revealing everything that the Hand had tried do hard to hide from her. Kuchiku's gaze slowly turned her head in Matsuo's direction and glared in anger. She dashed at Matsuo leaving Lady Bullseye's unconscious body behind. Scaling Matsuo's house she reached him ready to strike. Only what she found was a bullet in her chest.

Kuchiku Agent of HYDRA

Kuchiku at HYDRA
Kuchiku at HYDRA

Kuchiku awoke in a completely dark room, but thanks to her trained senses she was able to see in the dark after her eyes adjusted. She re membered everything. Finding out that her mom was actually kidnapped by the Hand and Matsuo wasn’t really her uncle and all that she trained for was a lie. Overwhelmed Kuchiku began to cry and found herself in the same situation her mother was wh en she was captured by the Hand. Confused, cold, and just plain done with this shit.

Just then a door opened, it was Matsuo and the infamous Madame Hydra, she walked into the dark room allowing light to spew in the door she had opened. Madame Hydra told Kuchiku that they were going to test a Super Soldier (HYDRA version) Serum on her and that she would become the strong warrior THEY wanted her to be, Matsuo just stared at her as if he never knew her. Kuchiku glared back at Matsuo and spit in his face. Madame Hydra took out a Tranquilizer gun and shot Kuchiku in the neck with it knocking her out.

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Kuchiku was unconscious in one of HYDRA’s eperimentation rooms in a big plexi glass tube full of water. Many machines were hooked up to Kuchiku. The man then got up and observed Kuchiku from outside her glass container. Kuchiku slowly awoke in panic coming out of what seemed like a dream state. Kuchiku took a punch at the plexi glass and surprisingly shattered it everywhere with ease. Releasing her from her entrapment and allowing her to fall to the floor with a whole bunch of water following after. Kuchiku had been brainwashed and filled with false memories making her believe she worked for the Hand and HYDRA as an Agent. Kuchiku got up off the floor feeling different.

The doctor told her to take a seat and he would explain everything to her. Pulling up two chairs they sat and talked. The doctor told her that she had been given Superhuman ability’s and Enhanced senses. Kuchiku confused tries to think back ,but is quickly flooded with false memories about who she is and what shes doing. Trying hard to remember just the day before she see's herself training with the Hand and then she remembers a ceremony with Matsuo telling her she was moving up in the ranks. Still confused she says "So I guess this is moving up in the ranks?"

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"uuhh sure I geuss you could say that?" unsure of what the girl was getting to the Doctor agreed with her knowing that she had false memories imprinted by the Hand.

Kuchiku easily manipulated by HYDRA, who make themselves out to be a very benevolent and philanthropic organization; she even finds herself a lover who is the one that reveals these "Nicer aspects" of HYDRA to her (although later it's revealed he in fact was forced to pursue a relationship with her to strengthen her faith in HYDRA; he reveals his true colors ethically, by explicitly saying Kuchiku was “Just another stupid girl.” In reference to her initial false memories). Subsequently, she receives training from Viper and works for HYDRA as an assassin.

Madripoor Incident

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The Hand had teamed up with HYDRA to take over the island nation of Madripoor and the Hand had brainwashed Kuchiku into being the leader of the Hand Ninja’s to go in and take over Madripoor with Madame Hydra and her HYDRA Ninjas. But Wolverine and the X-man intervened and foiled there plans. A brainwashed Kuchiku battled Wolverine, the battle was fierce and long. And she would have won if he hadent stuck Kuchiku's own Telekinetic knife into her head which removed her brainwashing and made her remember everything that the Hand had done to her so out of rage she killed a large group of Hand ninja's alongside Wolverine and then after they had parted ways, she was attacked by HYDRA Ninja's.

Little did Kuchiku know she was being watched from afar as she fought, Kuchiku defeated the Ninja's and she thought she was finally free, but as she began to run out into the sunlight the mysterious person from afar that was watching Kuchiku, was really Madame Hydra, who came up behind Kuchiku and knocked her out with a tranquelizer dart. As Kuchiku fell slowly toward the ground she watched as the sunlight slowly faded away.

Back with HYDRA and Brainwashed yet again. She worked for HYDRA until she was 18, she was taught by Taskmaster and Viper;

learning how to use a gun and her powers more. Kuchiku further mastered her Telekinetic, Psionic, and Superhuman ability’s. HYDRA soon pitted Kuchiku against one of there strongest adversaries, SHE-HULK. Kuchiku attempted to kill SHE-HULK and just about succeeded as she almost beat her back to human and would have succeeded, but she was eventually stopped by Iron Man, who had SHIELD capture and hold her in one of there facility’s. While at the facility a psychic named Fortune unlocked Kuchiku's mind, allowing her to regain her lost memories.

Kuchiku Agent of SHIELD

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Kuchiku now apprehended by SHIELD; was back in full swing all of her memories were back and she had enough time to cry about her mother and wonder about her father she was more ready then ever. Kuchiku was paid a visit by Nick Fury; who feeling pity for the lost soul gave her two choices "First choice, you can go to the prison; the Raft, a prison just off of that holds super-powered villains. Or, you can choose option number two, you can work for SHIELD as an agent, because you have abilities that SHIELD may require." Kuchiku, obviously picks the second choice and joins SHIELD where she underwent training at another SHIELD facility where she learns about espionage and infiltration by the Black Widow. She also learns how to hack computer's and override passwords and security codes. During her work at SHIELD She even helped gain information on Osama Binladin. Kuchiku continued to work as an undercover field agent for SHIELD. Where she has had run-ins, With Various super powered Beings. She also Trained with various superheroes including Spider-man, the X-men, the Avengers and countless others. While working for SHIELD, Kuchiku has also fought countless villians such as; Titania, Ultron, Juggernaut, Doctor Doom, Loki, Enchantress and Morgan leFay.

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During a national incident; Kuchiku teamed with the Avenger's and she found herself battleing Doctor Doom and Morgan Lefay, who

had tried to take over with a bunch of Doom Bots and Undead Warriors. Kuchiku made her way to Morgan Lefay and using her stealthy abilitys managed to Stab her in the head with her psychic knife crawling threw Morgan's mind like a parasite many thing were revealed to her, many Magic spells and information on magic. What had seemed to be a lifetime, but only really a matter of seconds, Kuchiku found the right Spell that would stop all of le fay's undead Warriors. Kuchiku used the spell and chanted the incantation causing all of her minion's to turn to ash. In doing the spell Kuchiku showed Dr.Strange of the Avenger's that she may have magical ability's. Later after the defeat of Doctor Doom and Morgan Lefay, Dr.Strange talked to Kuchiku and asked her if she would like him to help her train her Magical abilities. But Kuchiku knew what she wanted to do.

Strange and Limbo

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Agreeing to Teach Kuchiku, Doctor Strange teaches Kuchiku along with three other witches, Satana, jennifer kale, and topaz. When kuchiku advances quickly, Doctor Strange took Kuchiku to Limbo the other-place. Upon there arrival threw a dimensional portal courtesy of doctor strange, they were attacked by a number of demons, easily Kuchiku assmilated them all, but little did she know it was a test. Set up by Doctor Strange and the newly returned Illayna Rasputin Queen of Limbo, Watching from her throne Illayna decided to take Kuchiku in as her apprentice, Teaching her the art of Black Magic. After a few monthes Kuchikus Phisical appearnce began to alter, slowly slipping toward the dark side, losing piecies of her soul and being replaced with black magic, she began to become a Dark Witch. After Monthes of training Kuchiku became bored and wished to train in the art of Alchemy and more importantly Chimeric Alchemy, a forbidden magic nobody had yet mastered. Curious Kuchiku left the castle to find someone who could help her.

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Kuchiku ravaged threw Limbo causing destruction to anyone who stood in her way, Kuchiku found many Powerful Sorcerors who specialized in Shape-shifting and used her powers to suck the power and information from there minds futhur powering her self. Angered Illayna found Kuchiku and fought her, Kuchiku All Demonized, Battled illayna effortlessly and during the fight kuchiku lost the upper hand and was stabbed in the chest with the soulsword, but instead of killing her for her betrayel illayna cleansed kuchiku's soul ane then banished her back to earth realm.

Kuchiku X-woman!

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Kuchiku found herself posted outside of Charles Xavier's X-mansion. Contemplating whether she should go in, she unthinking just leaped over the fence.(Geuss she figured she'd take the first step into a better future) Not knowing that they had security defense systems, Kuchiku was assaulted with Machine gun rounds from various robotic mechanism's. Utilizing all her skills she took down the turrets and robot's with ease. Practically displaying her ability's in front of the school. "I mean no harm!..I come in peace." she yelled out. The front door to the mansion swung open and out walked Wolverine and Psylocke. "Reven...che?" Kuchiku called Psylocke.

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"No..My name is Elizabeth Braddock or Psylocke and the one you knew to be Revenche is no longer here...I'm very sorry....but I now inhabit her body as you see she died in mine. But I do know you and I feel a strange bond to you....probably just thoughts and feeling's I obtained after the body switch."

"Its good to see you again kiddo." Wolverine stated "its been awile, glad you decided to come by; your welcome to stay as long as you want."

"Wolverine, Psylocke you have no idea how long ive been waiting to just be free." in tears Kuchiku ran up to them both and hugged them as hard as she could. Home sweet home.

God's and Devil's

Kuchiku's 21st Birthday arrives, the night before she has a strange dream about a man entailing that her 21st birthday would be the end of her, flashing her images of the Xavier Institute completely destroyed and in this vision she see's herself and her beloved friends, the x-men amidst the once lively school's destruction. Panicked she run's. The next morning the X-men were Startled when they prepared a surprise party and discovered Kuchiku was no where to be found.

Half way to chicago, Kuchiku stopped at a run down gas station to refuel her vehicle, only to be attacked by loki the Asgardian god of mischief and illusion. Using her Chemeric Alchemy Kuchiku ripped the vial of wolf DNA from her neck and began to transmute herself into a half-breed, but something went terribly wrong and Kuchiku's screams could be heard from the heavens. Lying on the ground Kuchiku was shifting into an abomination of a creature. Trying her hardest to fight back she was shifting all over the place.

"LOKI, what trickery is this! what have you done to MEEE!" Kuchiku yelled as she continued to scream.

"What? Never had a lilttle demon blood in your coffee before!"

A mist appeared next to loki and from the mist appeared an asian man dressed in green robes, Mandarin.

"Great job Loki, now Prometheus shall destroy her for sure! Her blood has been tainted and now she will never become a god!" the to watched as a large mystical mist began to rise in front of Kuchiku from the mist


Messiah Complex

The Devil's Mark Sisterhood

Dark Utopia

Dragon Age: Korin (Kuchiku's Ancestor)

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Chapter 1: Origin

The daughter of one of Thedas's greatest Demonslayers! A battlemage who is able to enter the fade. Her father was raised by two Apostate Hedge mages who found the young boy outside of Ferelden living off scrapes, the two apostate mages took in the boy and raised him like there son. Somewhere along the boys childhood something went terriblly wrong for the two mages and they began the boy in the art of war and magic in there evil attempts, (what was thought to be destroying the circle of magi) but have been made unclear. They practice there own "harrowing" on the boy and sent him unprepared into the fade, while in the fade the boy successfully killed a fade beast with help from a mysterious man (who was thought to be the maker himself taking the form of a man) when the boy awoke from his harrowing his parents had been murdered by an unknown force and it was revealed his parents had been possessed by desire demons, Thus creating one of the first Demon Slayers, Aghrin. While Aghrin journeyed threw Thedas he met many different travelers like; Assassins, Bards, Warriors and mages who taught the man many things. But the start of Korin's journey begins when her father meets a young new keeper of one of the Dalish camps named Arcarra, while her father assisted the Dalish eleves in a there recent Demon problem's in which demons somehow were possessing the elves in there sleep, Korin's father ended up sleeping with Arcarra who he impregnated, once the man left the village Arcarra knew she was pregnant, scared she delivered her daughter to the front of the Circle of Magi in hopes her child would lead a safe life.

Chapter 2: New Beginning

Growing up Korin knew she was different from the other kid's, while they practiced there magic it came naturally to Korin, with ease she was able to accomplish spells the other children practiced for hours. Which gave Korin more time to explore the Circle's vast library where she found books that talked about the forest and the dangers of the outside world, but Korin was not afraid of the outside world and instead she was intrigued by it and longed to be able to leave the circle.

Her "Harrowing" seemed like every other, she entered proved herself and left right? well no. Upon entering the fade she was attacked by various demons who wished to possess her, fighting them off she ran, seemingly to be lead by a mysterious ball of light to a portal do or and so she entered the portal, it took her to a mysterious realm in the fade. In the center of this room she had seemingly entered when she entered the portal was a women, Arcarra (now much older), she had been possessed by a desire demon and Korin was the only one that could help her, without revealing that she was really Korin's mother. She urged Korin to hurry because she was losing her grip on reality after her spirit had been in the fade for so long. Warning Korin of the dangers of leaving the Circle she warned Korin of the blood phylactery and she told Korin of a Demon slayer who traveled threw Ferelden who would be able to help Arcarra. Korin asked why the women had come to her and what she would get in return, in return the women promised to take the girl to her Dalish camps forest and show her the everlasting beauty of nature and to teach Korin the mysterious Keeper spells that only the Keepers knew. Korin knew that this is what she had to do, feeling almost compelled to help the women Korin could sense a strong connection between herself and the women.

Quickly she left the fade and awoke from her Harrowing before she had taken to long and the Templars killed her. Playing it off she left the 5th level of the tower and made her way to the Basement. Luckily for Korin a break in had already occurred in the basement with a unknown circle mage and Jowan. As Jowan began fighting the templars Korin sneaked by and made her way through the tunnels and destroyed her phylactery, upon leaving a number of templars were standing out side the door. "Help me! oh Help me! that terrible man locked me in the basement where I was attacked!" Looking at her with skepticism the Templars let her go free, in which she then attacked them with there guard down knocking them unconscious she dressed herself as a Templar and escaped the Circle tower.

Chapter 3: An unknown ally

Breathing in her first breathe of Korin followed her promise to help Arcarra and made her way to find Aghrin the Demon Slayer who would help save Arcarra. Picking up on the trail that the recent circle mage who had left with a Grey warden left behind, Korin followed the two to Ostagar where Korin asked around about the Demon slayer. upon searching and searching she found out that the man was in Ostagar training his own group of recruits to help fight against the dark spawn. Disguising herself as a young recruit equipped with a Templar sword, Korin trained under her Aghrin for a matter of days before telling him of her initial intention to save Arcarra. The name immediately made Aghrin's eye twitch, hearing of the one women he may have ever loved being possessed by a desire demon mad him cringe. The two join teams and Korin follows Aghrin to Arcarra's dalish camp.

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Upon there arrival to the forest where Arcarra's Dalish camp resides they are immediatly attacked by Darkspawn. Using the fighting skills she had learned over the few days by Aghrin, the two took down the Darkspawn and reached the Dalish camp. The Possessed Arcarra had been slowly using the camps elves as vessels for other demons, the camp now consisted of; Rage demons, Sloth Demons, Revenants, Pride Demons, Shades, Skeletons and Abominations. The two battled fiercely against the camps pawns (abominations, shades and skeletons) before reaching the camps heavy hitters, the camps eleven Duelist had been possessed by a Pride demon, there Champion was possessed by a rage demon and the ranger a sloth demon. With no way of being able to save the three elves Korin and her father fought the demons hard and Aghrin was severely wounded. Upon killing the demons, A possessed Arcarra makes her appearance and re-animates the fallen demons into revenants. Using magic on a level she had never used before Korin utilized her ability's and caused a grease fire around her and her wounded father. As the Revenant's attacked Korin and Aghrin they were set a flame giving Korin a slight upper hand she fought them hard and defeated two of the Revenants. As the last one knocked Korin down, The Revenant came in for the kill, but luckily her father came up and finished the last one.

Now face to Face with the possessed Arcarra, Korin became confused on how they were going to save her.

Chapter 4: The Sacrifice

Aghrin: "Ive learned quit a few things in all my years."

Using the little Blood magic Aghrin had learned threw his travels he sacrificed himself to open a fade portal so that Korin could enter and defeat the Desire Demon possessing Arcarra. Before he died Aghrin pieced together why Arcarra had gone to Korin, without being a powerful mage and having a strong real connection to another human being you can not contact others if your spirit is locked within the fade, whether the person your contacting is in the fade or not, what better connection then a mother and daughter. realizeing that after he had left she had become pregnant and then after Korin had told Aghrin of where she was born and her natural affinity towards nature and her strong will in a battle, he knew Arcarra had become scared and taken Korin as a baby to the circle, she was his and Arcarra's dughter, smiling and reminiscing on the time he had with his daughter, he died smiling.

Entering the fade Korin came face to face with the Desire Demon thought had caused so much death and destruction. Wielding her sword and armed with her powerful Magic Korin battled the demon until the two were on there knee's filled with confusing thoughts the demon attempted to munipulate her way out of the situation. "What is it that you desire?" the demon spoke with a shortness of breathe from the fierce battle.

" I want your blood on the end of my sword!" Slashing at the demon, the demon pushed Korin back threw the portal, but Korin grabbed the demon at the last second. The two now back in the real world, Arcarra unconscious on the floor began to awake. Meanwhile the Desire Demon had not given up, stareing at Aghrin's corpse, the Desire demon possessed the man creating an Arcane Revenant, wielding magic and a sword. Korin shook Arcarra awake. "come on we are going to die!" Arcarra snapped up and the two battle the fierce Arcane Revenant. Fighting for a good 2 hours Arcarra managed to trap the creature in a Glyph of paralysis giving Korin time to leap up and decapitate the Arcane Horror killing the desire demon.

Chapter 5: The Truth

Now Arcarra revealed the truth to Korin telling her that Aghrin was her father and that she was her mother. Shocked, hurt and confused Korin fell to her knees at the body of her father who had been possessed and eventually decapitated by Korin. Holding her fathers body Korin began to cry. "NO! Father....something I always longed to have was right in front of me and I had no idea!"

Arcarra: "He would have wanted you to be the one...."

Korin: "no dont......I dont want to hear that now."

Arcarra: "We will bury him tonight"

Korin: "NO! we will do it properly"

Burning her father Korin watched as his ashes were whisked up into the wind. Shedding a tear she held her mother hand.

Arcarra: "this is only the beginning, to prevent this from happening again there is much to be done, as promised I will teach you the ways of a Keeper mage, and show you the everlasting beauty of this world. Something ive always wanted to do for you, as your mother."

Korin: "what beauty....there is none."

Arcarra: "There can be, if you fight for it."


Korin is a Circle Mage gone Apostate, with same spells learned from the Circle before she escaped, she later became a full fleded Keeper mage when she rescued her mother, but before her mothers rescue she learned a few ability's from her father Agrhin the Demon Hunter who was a Battle Mage, Reaver.

Keeper Power

Being a Keeper makes Korin one with nature allowing her to tap into the earth giving her will over plants, trees and roots using her abilities she can trap opponents in roots from the earth or use the roots to sap life from her fallen enemies. She can even bring tree's to life and while focusing use them to fight for her.

Weaker Spells

Walking Bomb

Korin Curses her enemy which turns her enemy into a walking weapon that constantly is inflicting spirit damage, if the inflicted dies while it is cursed he/she/it will explode infecting those hit by the explosive residue.

Glyph of Paralysis

Using her magical abilitys Korin inscribes a glyph that parylyzes most enemies, if the enemy is more powerful then her there is a higher chance the spell will fail.

Death Cloud

Korin summons a cloud of leeching entropic energy that deals continuous spirit damage to all who enter

Animate Dead

Korin can reanimate a fallen enemy as a skeletal minion for a short period of time.

More Powerful Spells


Korin creates a mystical bond with her enemy and drain a small amount of there life energy healing Korin and causeing the target to cower in fear. As well as inflicting weakness that drains the targets energy and inflicts penalties to movement and fighting ability.

Combat Magic: Stoic Blood Frenzy

While this spell is in effect Korin channels magic inward, trading increased fatigue for an attack bonus and the ability to use Magic

to determine combat damage. Korin Knows no pain but is stronger to vengeance and has harnessed pain and learned to transform it into power, restoring mana whenever Korin suffers damage, for every wound she sustains increases attack damage.

Combat Magic: Vitality Fade Shroud

Korin now only partly exists in the physical realm while this spell is active. Spanning the gap between the real world and the Fade grants a bonus to mana regeneration and a chance to avoid attacks. Korin’s deep connection to the Fade lends the herself incredible resilience.

Crushing Telekinetic Mind of the Maker

Korin summons a wave of telekinetic force and projects it from herself knocking away enemies hurdling them away and slamming them down with immense power, diverting hostile attention and inflicting a great deal of damage for a short time.