The Bat Clan (Heroes of Gotham City)

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  • Wayne family butler, raised Bruce after his parents' deaths. Sometimes acts as a doctor for the Bats, helped raise Bruce's children, was once an actor and has military training. Defends the Batcave when necessary.

  • Dr. Thompkins treats the heroes in Gotham City when they need a doctor and knows some of their secret identities.

  • Martha Wayne's mother.

  • Mother of Bruce Wayne. Martha Kane was known as a party girl, but also because she used her money to help multiple charities. After her marriage she started an organization to help stop child abuse and trafficking.

  • Father of Bruce Wayne. A philanthropist, gifted surgeon and CEO of Wayne Industries.

  • Bruce Wayne. After his parents' deaths he withdrew, and as an adult traveled the world learning to be a great fighter and detective, becoming the Batman when he returns to Gotham. Considered the Greatest Detective in the World.

  • Selina Kyle. Multiple origins exist. One version includes Selina dying but being brought back by her metahuman powers activating. In another she does not die and gets training in martial arts at a secret academy in Gotham City. Has an on-again-off-again relationship with Bruce Wayne.

  • Nightwing. First child adopted by Bruce Wayne and first Robin. A gifted acrobat in Haley's Circus with his parents, known as the Flying Graysons. Passed his original Robin suit on to Jason Todd and later to Tim Drake after they had each been Robin for some time.

  • Mother of Dick Grayson. Famous acrobat with her husband and son known as the Flying Graysons in Haley's Circus. Murdered by Anthony Zucco when Mr. Haley refused to pay him for protection.

  • Father of Dick Grayson. Famous acrobat with his wife and son known as the Flying Graysons in Haley's Circus. Murdered by Anthony Zucco when Mr. Haley refused to pay him for protection.

  • Red Hood. Second child adopted by Bruce Wayne and second Robin. The Joker beat Jason near death with a crowbar then blew him up. Resurrected, Jason turned against his mentor for not avenging his death. Now on a path to redemption, Jason uses the skills Batman taught him as an anti-hero using the Joker's former known identity: Red Hood. He is often considered a estranged member of the Bat Family and Batman's greatest failure. He now leads a Group named the Outlaws.

  • Mother of Jason Todd. Murdered by the Joker after telling him her son was Robin. Before her death she apologizes to Jason for giving him to the Joker.

  • Father of Jason Todd.

  • Third Robin, now Red Robin. Stalked Dick Grayson and figured out Batman and Robin's secret identities at the age of nine. A big fan of the Flying Graysons, he was in the crowd at Haley's the night the Graysons died, and recognized one of Dick's flips when he was stalking Batman and Robin. Became the third Robin when Jason Todd died. Was adopted by Bruce Wayne after his father died and his step mother was hospitalized. The Drake household was just down the road from Wayne Manor. Smarter than Batman.

  • Mother of Tim Drake. Started an international company shortly after marrying Jack Drake and frequently left her son home alone or at boarding schools. Kidnapped for ransom by Obeah Man during a business trip to Haiti and forced to drink poisoned water which kills her before Batman can arrive.

  • Father of Tim Drake and a wealthy archaeologist. Kidnapped for ransom by Obeah Man on a business trip to Haiti with his wife and forced to drink poisoned water witch puts him into a coma. After waking he marries his physical therapist Dana Winters and decides to try and be a better father to his now teenage son. Murdered by the first Captain Boomerang after he finds out that Jack is Robin's father, and shoots Captain Boomerang before dying.

  • Dana Winters-Drake was the stepmother of Tim Drake and a physical therapist. She helps to repair the relationship between Tim and Jack. After Jack's death she has a breakdown and is kept in the hospital where Tim and Alfred visit her regularly.

  • A new recruit of the League of Assassins after its last run in with Batman. She was partnered with two other assassins known as Owens and Z. Her partnering was a result of her being more of a handgun user than having long range or hand to hand combat prowess. She is assigned with her teammates to assassinate Tim Drake, but they are defeated by him and then ordered to work with him. Tim notes that the name Prudence doesn't fit her at all. When Ra's sends assassins after the people Bruce cared for in Gotham, Pru is assigned to kill Stephanie Brown, the current Batgirl at the time. Instead she gives Tim all the information she has on the attack and helps them. Afterwards, she is seen multiple times working for Tim, having left the League of Assassins.

  • Second Batgirl, now Black Bat. Fourth child adopted by Bruce Wayne. Her father, David Cain, raised her to be the perfect assassin. Part of his training was to make sure she never saw or heard written/spoken speech, causing her brain to interpret body language in its place. She runs away to Gotham City and refuses to kill ever again. Barbara and the other Bats teach her to read and talk. Eventually moves to China. Defeats her mother, Lady Shiva, who is considered the greatest assassin in the world. After Batman's apparent death she decides to quit being Batgirl and gives her costume to Stephanie Brown.

  • Mother of Cassandra Cain and the most skilled assassin in the world. She made Cass fight her in the hopes that Cass would defeat and kill her. Cass does beat her, but chooses not to kill her.

  • Father of Cass Cain and one of the deadliest assassins in the world.

  • Fifth Robin and Bruce Wayne's only biological child. He was trained by his mother and grandfather in the League of Assassins until the age of 10, when Talia sent him to live in Gotham with his father.

  • Mother of Damian Wayne and a highly skilled assassin. She and her father hoped that Damian would one day replace Bruce as a Batman with their ideals. This backfires when Damian instead changes his ideals to match those of his father and stops killing.

  • Grandfather of Damian Wayne and leader of the League of Assassins. Thousands of years old due to repeatedly using the Lazarus Pits to resurrect himself. After Damian refuses to be his heir, he takes interest in Tim Drake to do so instead.

  • Colin Wilkes, a ten year old orphan, was abducted and injected with Venom by Scarecrow. After Batman releases him, he learns to control the Venom and change back and forth at will. He uses his Venom persona to become a hero, and calling himself Abuse he goes after any criminal who abuses children. While investigating missing children that were turning up dead, he meets Damian Wayne and realizes he's Robin after seeing him fight. The two find the culprit is Zsasz and defeat him together, becoming good friends by the end of the arc. Damian gives Colin a motorcycle and warehouse to help him operate as Abuse.

  • On Earth-31, Caroline "Carrie" Keene Kelly was just thirteen years old when she was rescued by Batman from a merciless gang of street thugs. The girl idolized the Dark Knight, and secretly spent her lunch money to buy a costume in the hopes of one day catching her hero's attention, in order to become his sidekick. Armed with a slingshot and firecrackers, Carrie targeted con men, and eventually crossed paths with her idol. After saving Batman during a vicious fight with a gang known as The Mutants, the Dark Knight accepted her as the new Robin. Three years later, Carrie now goes by Catgirl, and is still Batman's trusted second-in-command. Now costumed in a leopard-print bodysuit complete with motorized skates, and an arm cannon that fired batarangs, Catgirl's primary duty was to oversee the Sons of Batman. In the New 52 Carrie Kelly was giving Damian Wayne acting lessons.

  • The first Batgirl, became the Oracle after the Joker shot her in the spine and left her paralyzed from the waist down. As Oracle she became the greatest hacker on the planet and organized helped most of the world's heroes. She also started her own team, The Birds of Prey, with Black Canary (Dinah Lance), The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli), and Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake).

    She taught Cass Cain how to read and speak, and trained both Stephanie Brown as Batgirl and Wendy Harris as Proxy.

  • Father of Barbara Gordon and Gotham City Police Commissioner. Works with Batman instead of against him.

  • CEO and President of Wayne Enterprises. A good friend and ally to Bruce Wayne. Knows many of the Bats' secret identities.

  • Oldest child of Lucius Fox. Head of the Wayne Foundation Social Services Division.

  • Daughter of Lucius Fox and friends with Tim Drake. She works at Wayne Enterprises with her father and speaks five languages. Later she works with Tim to restart the Neon Knights Foundation and take it international.

    Lucius sends her to find Tim and bring him back to Gotham City after he leaves to find proof that Batman is still alive and lost in the timestream. She finds him in his hotel room with Pru, bleeding out from wounds caused by a member of the League of Spiders. When the League of Assassins comes to get Tim and Pru, they take Tam as well and she stays with Tim until he returns to Gotham City. Because of this experience she knows some of the Bats' secret identities.

  • Youngest child of Lucius Fox.

  • Spoiler, the fourth Robin, and the third Batgirl. Stephanie is close friends with Cass Cain and once had a long term relationship with Tim Drake.

    She became the Spoiler to fight her father Arthur Brown, the Cluemaster, and later became the fourth Robin when Tim Drake's father forced him to quit. She is badly beaten by Black Mask during No Man's Land and she and Dr. Leslie Thompkins fake her death. She spends time recovering in Africa with Dr. Thompkins before returning to Gotham City as Spoiler again. However Batman asks her to keep her return a secret, so the only ones who know she's alive are him and Dr. Thompkins. Batman also asks her to help him test Tim to make him a better Robin. These tests put Tim in more danger, and he is eventually caught in a warehouse explosion that leaves him horribly burned. When Tim finds out that Stephanie is alive, and that she and Batman have been testing him to "make him better" he is enraged with them both, and refuses to speak to Stephanie again.

    After Batman's apparent death Cass Cain decides to quit being Batgirl and gives her costume to Stephanie. After a few outings in Cass's costume, Barbara accepts Steph as Batgirl and gives her her own costume to wear. Barbara then helps and trains Stephanie as Batgirl, and later trains Wendy Harris to take her place as Stephanie's partner as Proxy.

  • Mother of Stephanie Brown and an ER doctor at West Mercy Hospital. She found out that Stephanie was Spoiler and Robin after her near death, and agrees to let Dr. Thompkins take Stephanie to Africa to recover in secret. Crystal finds out that Stephanie is Batgirl after a fight at the prison where her father poisons her with a Black Mercy, and Stephanie wakes in the hospital to find that her mother was her attending doctor. Crystal hugs Stephanie and tells her she's proud of her.

  • Father of Stephanie Brown and a C-List villain in Gotham City. Stephanie first becomes the Spoiler in order to "spoil" her father's plans. Arthur Brown was a failed game show host before becoming the Cluemaster. He attempts to quit crime in order to make Stephanie proud of him, but ends up in the hospital when a mission goes horribly wrong. As he is going through rehabilitation he learns of Stephanie's "death". Changing his name to Aaron Black, he returns to crime and tries to take down Batman, as his daughter was not the only child to have died because of Batman. After learning that Stephanie is alive he lures her to Blackgate Prison and poisons her with a Black Mercy stating "Think about what you really want. Let your mind wander... Then come find me. I'll be waiting.".

  • Wendy and her twin brother Marvin are the children of the Calculator. They were in charge of fixing Cyborg and the caretakers of Titan Tower until they were attacked by "Wonderdog". Marvin died, and Wendy went into a coma. When she woke she realized that she no longer had the use of her legs. She moves back to Gotham City and eventually begins training under Oracle as Proxy and helps Stephanie on her Batgirl missions.

  • Nell Little is a young girl who lives in Gotham City and is Batgirl's biggest fan. In one of the dreams brought on by Black Mercy, Stephanie sees herself as Nell's mentor and Nell as the next Batgirl.

  • Kate Kane. After being dismissed from the military for being a lesbian, Kate Kane lived a directionless party-girl heiress life until, on a dark night, a chance encounter with Batman inspired her to find a new calling in life, adopting the mantle of Batwoman.

  • Father of Kate Kane. Colonel Jacob Kane is the leader of the elite Black Ops unit known as the Murder of Crows

  • Batwoman's long-lost twin, Elizabeth Kane. Believing herself to be the Alice of Lewis Carroll's famous story, she became the High Madame of the Religion of Crime.

  • Bette Kane was the Pre-Crisis Bat-Girl and the niece of Kathy Kane (Batwoman). Post-Crisis she became “Bette” Kane aka Flamebird. She is the younger cousin of the current Batwoman, Kate Kane. As of the New 52, her identity changed to Hawkfire.

  • Renee Montoya was a Gotham City native who joined Gotham City Police Department. She was promoted to detective by Commissioner Gordon and partnered with Harvey Bullock. She was a major member of Commissioner Gordon's Blue Boys faction and crucial in working out a deal with Two-Face. Unfortunately, this arrangement backfired on her and Gordon. She had a short relationship with Kate Kane, and the two got back together briefly until they finished investigating Intergang and tracking down a rare copy of the Crime Bible.

  • Kirk Langstrom was a dedicated geneticist interested in extracting and isolating traits from one species and transferring them to another; however, he was so obsessed with his work he started to lose his wife and became a mockery of the field. He was hoping to use the enhanced hearing of bats to overcome his deafness. When he made a breakthrough he requested more funding but was denied. This struck him with overwhelming grief that made him lash out at his fiancée, Francine, and climaxed in him testing the experimental serum on himself. The serum succeeded and returned his hearing to him. He quickly makes amends with Francine, but Kirk's hearing has become superhuman and he starts mutating into a man/bat hybrid. Eventually gaining control of his transformation and being able to change at will, he sometimes helps Batman and the other heroes of Gotham City.

  • Francine Lee was the girlfriend of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, the scientist who invented the bat-gland serum and involuntarily transformed into the Man-Bat. Refusing to give up her love for Kirk, Francine took the serum herself and was transformed into a female Man-Bat, which affected her mind. The Batman gave them both an antidote, and the happy couple was married. Some time later, an atomic blast reactivated the bat-gland chemicals in her blood.

    Repeatedly transformed into a vampire bat, controlled by the evil Baron Tyme. Still later, Francine adopted the heroic identity of She-Bat while fighting the villainous Snafu. These days, Francine is cured, and dedicates her life to bring up her children, Aaron and Rebecca. She is currently working with Batman and his team of Outsiders as their lead scientist along with her husband Kirk as her assistant.

  • While still a young child, Rebecca fell deathly ill from a mysterious disease. Batman tried to help the Langstroms, but when he came into possession of the Seronotal needed to save her life, the Batman destroyed it, believing the formula had been tainted. Rebecca was eventually saved, due in no small part to the efforts of Superman, but Kirk felt that Batman had betrayed them and had tried to kill his daughter.

  • Aaron is the son of Kirk and Francine Langstrom, however due to Kirk's serum turning him into man-bat, he was born with a bat like appearance. His father works to give his son a way to shift between his humans and manbat form. Later, hearing his parents in a heated argument over whether or not to ask Bruce Wayne for help with Aaron's condition, the boy leaves to go ask him for himself. After arriving in the Batcave he stays there for several months without alerting anyone to his presence. Aaron is eventually discovered, when his father arrives looking for him, where Bruce agrees to help if Aaron brings back the bats that had abandoned the Batcave after being vaccinated against the clench virus.

  • Black Canary was born into a family of crime fighters, her mother a super-hero and her father a cop, Dinah Laurel Lance grew up in the company of heroes and, after years of training, followed in their footsteps by assuming the costume, identity and legacy of her mother Dinah Drake, the original Black Canary. After the loss of her husband, a retired Dinah Lance raised their daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, who grew up surrounded by her mother's friends and former teammates of the Justice Society. Dinah also possesses her unique “Canary Cry”; unlike the Silver Age Black Canary, Dinah was granted this power by a metagene and is fully capable of controlling it. After years of intense training, Dinah assumed the Black Canary identity and began her vigilantism while also maintaining a day job as owner and operator of Sherwood Florist. Dinah helped reform the Justice League of America with Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman. She married Green Arrow.

  • Helena Bertinelli, an orphaned daughter of a family of Italian gangsters. As she set out on her career, this incarnation of the character was much more violent, and sought to avenge her family and kill Steven Mandragora, the man responsible for the hit. It was later revealed that she was not killed because she was the result of her mother having an affair (and that her mother was not meant to be killed either.) Though she has come more closely in line with other superheroes (after joining the Birds of Prey for instance) her methods are still harsher than most.

  • Zinda Blake was determined to become the first woman member of the famed Blackhawks. She trained herself in flying the most modern jet aircraft and in various forms of combat and weaponry. After rescuing Olaf from a villain called the Scavenger, Zinda was disappointed to be told that the Blackhawk code forbid a woman from joining the team. However, later when Zinda rescued the entire Blackhawk team, Blackhawk himself made her an honorary member. During the DC event Zero Hour, Zinda was sent forward in time to present day, where she struggled with the culture shock and worked for the Blackhawk Shipping Company, present day version of her former team. Looking for a change, she accepted Oracle's offer to join the Birds of Prey and left behind her part in the Blackhawk Company, taking only the Aeirie One Citation X and becoming pilot for the Birds. Her only condition was that no one tell her how to fly. She ultimately suggests the name Birds of Prey for the team.

  • Katie Spencer's father was a villain and her grandparents turned out to be the original Phantom Lady and Iron Munroe, though Al Pratt was listed as the father on her birth certificate. Katie became a lawyer and bore a son, Ramsey, before she and her husband were divorced. Katie eventually became D.A. of Gotham, but when the villain Copperhead escaped, Katie stole equipment from the evidence locker and becomes the hero known as the Manhunter. Katie would eventually quit her DA job and work for Mr. Bones, defending such criminals as Dr. Psycho.

  • Ramsey Robinson is the younger member in a long family of superheroes like Hugo Danner (Great-great-grand father), Iron Munro ( great-grand father), Sandra Knight ( great-grand mother ) and his mother Kate Spencer (Manhunter). He also has other friends like Mr. Bones (his ''Uncle'' Bones) and Obsidian (His ''Uncle'' Todd). He begins to develop powers and in the future he begins his own crime fighting career. Kate was shown to pass the mantle of Manhunter to Ramsey sometime after he becomes an adult.