The reasons Marvel Now will not work as well as The New 52

First blog post of mine.

Following nearly a year of DC dominating Marvel in the comic selling department, a trend only broken by Avengers Vs X-Men, which got so much hate that it probably cost Marvel more readers than it gained, Marvel announced a plan to relaunch several titles in order to attract new readers like the New 52 did.

There are so many reasons why it will fail

  1. Follow the Leader Format

The iconic Crisis scene
The iconic Crisis scene

Comics and every other business with competition always copy ideas from the one who does them first. Cars, electronics, its all the same. Marvel's strength is that it avoids rebooting itself as often as DC. The entire idea of doing that is to make it a bit less, crazy as DC's continuity. Them changing this policy is pretty much them admitting DC has good ideas, and gives a rip off feel.

2. Incomplete refresh

Gambit #5
Gambit #5

I've seen people complain about how several new series were launched before Marvel Now. Hawkeye, Miss Marvel and Gambit. The series are new, but won't get the same hype as the new #1s. That's note even pointing out how other titles aren't getting refreshed, such as Wolverine and the X-men or for that matter, a lot of the X-men titles, bar Legacy.

To put this into perspective: not only does it make new fans hesitant to pick up X-men books, but it means that new fans will be mostly pushed to only buying these new books. Many DC fans worry about there being 52 Batman books, but Marvel Now is practically going to make Marvel only Avengers books.

The New 52 reset a lot of things, which upset people. The nature of Tim Drake's partial changes are bad enough, but Marvel wants to play a game like that with their entire line?

3. X-Men not represented well

Wolverine & The X-Men #15
Wolverine & The X-Men #15

The X-men have been getting the short end of the stick recently. Only four new X-men books have been released for Marvel Now, none of them being X-men team books. You have two X-Force books, a Wolverine book and All New X-Men. The new readers won't be getting books featuring the true nature of the X-men ,as they won't be willing to go after the lengthier X-books still out. X books have also taken a huge hit with the cancellations, loosing New Mutants, Uncanny X-men and the original Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine and Legacy books.

Why not relaunch more X books. Your doing it with plenty of Avengers.

Even if some sections of the DC universe, like Batman, feel like they are over compensated, they didn't ignore other major franchises, like Superman or Green Lantern, to do it.

4. Superior Spider Man

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A darker, edgier Spiderman? Didn't the fans riot when the writers did One More Day-Brand New Day? Aren't they already Broken Based over Miles Morales? Didn't they learn from the Clone Saga....the storyline that nearly BANKRUPTED THEM! With the success of the Amazing Spiderman Universe of movies, assuming its not Marvel Cinematic, shouldn't they be trying to keep Spiderman like his movie counterpart. You know, like how they gave Wolverine a few extra feet in height to go with X-men verse movies?

Not saying they need to bring Gwen Stacy back and kill her again to play with Amazing Spiderman 3 's apparent plot, but if they are trying to

Even if some DC young heroes, like Beast Boy or Blue Beetle, feel darker, you can still see their original characteristics in them. But what part of Superior fits in with our wise cracking, web head?

It doesn't

5. No Risks Taken, Nothing To Be Gained

Nearly all the titles that were redone by Marvel are big names, Mobius being an exception. No matter how much they suck, people will buy Thor, Hulk or Iron Man books.

Even the lesser known books, like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova, are going to get attention because of how the Guardians, and thus Nova, got bumped to high list material by their run, and the upcoming movie.

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The Young Avengers will get attention for just having Avengers in the name.

Doesn't Marvel have other options to try to get some flair of less popular characters into the spotlight? Runaways? Doctor Strange? Power Pack? Even Cyclops having a title would be decent enough!

One could point out titles like Blackhawks and Mister Terrific for reasons you aren't supposed to do that. But then I point out Animal Man, I, Vampire, Dial H and of course, AQUAMAN!

6. Lack of Minorities and Woman

Captain Marvel (2012) #1
Captain Marvel (2012) #1

Call it Affirmative Action if you will, but Marvel frankly lacks females staring in stories or doing much in others. Miss Marvel is one of the few to do so, The only book that is in Marvel Now that is female led are re titles not relaunches. What ever happened to books led by X-23, Black Widow or Storm. While we are at it, there are virtually no minorities with their own solo titles in place, leaving a white wall of Marvel books. You have Falcon, The jerk cat guy who must not be named or given proper capitals due tot he fact he earned my hate, and War Machine, why not use them.

The New 52 has Batwing, Batwoman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Worlds Finest and Swords and Sorcery with female leads, let alone main characters like Mera and Hawkgirl. All the minorities in Marvel are good for is back up people while the Avengers, Spiderman and Wolverine dominate.

7. Loss of the recently cancelled series feel and turning it 180 along with the characters

FF #1 cover
FF #1 cover

DC has done this to to an extent with series like Stormwatch and Batgirl, I'll admit it, but Marvel does it a bit too drastically. Nova would be a good example, and comparable to what was done with Batgirl. Then you have FF, which changes from a series to spotlight the Richard Children and other younger characters like Leech or the old Power Pack. Thunderbolts, Secret Avengers, Superior Spiderman......they are completely changed. Books meant to be about redeeming villains, black ops hero work and Marvel's happy guy change to Team Anti Hero, a government team and...whatever happens to Spidey.

That's not even getting to putting Storm or Colossus on X-FORCE! Those two don't kill as readily as say, Wolverine or Cable. At least in the New 52, characters who got a complete 180 have a cosmic retcon to blame.

That's not even asking what happens to Secret Avengers like Captain Britain.

Look, I'll admit some of the Marvel Now stuff is decent. Young Avengers returning, taking some old characters back like Darkhawk and it might just have less plot holes than The New 52. But I still think it has more problems than The New 52 will have, and will over all have less of a lasting affect on Marvel as the New 52 to DC for good, but likely for ill.