The potential for a male Wonder Woman Sidekick

Wonder woman, the lesser member of the DC trinity. Getting less fans than most other Justice League writers, such as Flash or Aquaman, she also lacks a sizeable family of characters.

This is noticeable in the New 52, with Donna in limbo and Cassandra no longer tied to her, and the two always seemed to be better shown when not with her but with the Teen Titans. This could be the perfect time to try and establish a new sort of sidekick for Wonder Woman....

A Wonder Boy, Kid pending.

The main problem is how. Attempts at making lasting Male Wonder Woman characters fail generally with the exception of Steve Trevor......and even then your more likely to find someone who knows about Kyle Rayner or TIm Drake than him in the mainstream.

However, there are methods to.

A male Amazon

The new 52 changed a lot of things, and Wonder Woman was one of the most affected, in the same category as types like the Teen Titans. The fact that Amazons are now along the lines of their myth counterparts in how they reproduce and what they do with the males being one of them.

Diana is aware of this, and did attempt to rouse her brothers to help her.....problem is they just like Heppy too much.

But the top right image gives us an idea. It appears not all amazons hate their sons at the moment of birth. Could one have managed to hide one from the others? If Superman can be saved from a dying planet, can Wonder Boy, American amazon, still pending be saved as well

The Impulse Method

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Here me out. Rip Hunter's recent mention in JLI annual speaks of a horrible future made by the kiss of Supes and Wondie. Could someone manage to sneak out of that timeline to the present? Impulse did it, the Legion does that every weekend....could a potential Wonder boy, Super Wonder, Kryptonian Amazon, names getting worse, a future son of Superman and Wonder Woman, appear though time and get stranded in the present.

It would be a way to play at the new status quo that is Super Wonder. Cyclops alone had more children this way than most heroes do the fun way. Superman has been shown at times to have dreams of growing old with a son , and in theory with blue Kryptonite they could do it. They did it in Kingdom Come after all.

The Percy Jackson Method

Wrong Universe but it is tied to the Wonder Girls. At least at some level Donna is a Demititan, magic mirror clone.... thing.....and Cass was a daughter of Zeus. As of Wonder Woman 13, she is a hunt for half siblings, and whose to say only Zeus has been busy. Apollo, Ares, Hermes and Aprodite alone had a habit of playing around, not to mention Posiedon and Hades. Perhaps not Candle head, but Poseidon is certainly possible.

If Jubilee got turned into a vampire due to the vampirie craze, perhaps trying the success of Rick Rioardan's books might be less likely to get hate mail?

There is another demigod about, Olympian about, if O.M.A.C and brother Eye were accurate, which leads credit to this idea.

How to portray them

This is the big one, How would the Wonder Woman- Wonder Boy, Son of Zeus, Wonder Son, Super Wonder or whatever relationship be. Would it be like Batman or Wolverine where they end up like a parent in a way with her sidekicks. Would it be in a cousin, sibling, non parental style relationship like with Flash or Superman.Wonder Woman's personality is somewhat moderate between the gruff and the nice heroes and their sidekick styles.The character's relationship would have to be done well enough to convince skeptical readers that a Wonder Boy could work.

What do you think?