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Funny story about this one. I do fanfictions and in one Harry Potter story (Where he and a few others ended up going back in time and ended up Flashpointing his if it was written by Grant Morrison and Frank Miller, creating things like Ronfoy Prewett, Draco the Hufflepuff, Snape the Marauder and a generally worse world...its rated M so no looking for it).

While in the past, Harry ends up with a lot of money and Hermione's perfect recall....and a lot of characters aged up, down or out of existence. So, seeing advantage in the situation, this Harry Potter ended up using his money (Aided by the Sorcerer's stone) to buy up DC, Marvel and a few other groups, while also using ideas whose creators had vanished, such as Naruto, Avatar the Last Airbender and Ben 10, and begins to create a crisis in their respective comic worlds.

This not only manages to avoid the Comic Crash by knowing about it, but allows for the fusion of their worlds together....but leaving a few alternate earths as they were so in the event the idea fails they can fall back cleanly.

So, just for kicks I'm posting the full list of 100 comics, and their writers here. Now, recall that this is fictional, I know it can't happen without Harry's world of Time Tuners and Potions, but wonder if I had any good ideas here?

Heroes at War: World War Two: By Rick Remender, Geoff Johns and Brian Micheal Bendis (Rewriters the WW2 heroes stories in a mini series)

The Age of Heroes: Origins: By Scott Snyder, Matt Fraction and Chris Claremont (Rewrites the origins of the teams in a mini series)

Justice League: Heroes who work Independent of the Governments

Justice League Co Written by Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder

Justice League of America by James Robinson

Batman by Scott Synder

Detective Comics by James Robinson

Superman (Back up with Steel) by Louise Jones Simonson

Action Comics (Alt Superman title) by Jeph Loeb

Wonder Woman by George Perez

Aquaman by Chris Claremont

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) by Geoff Johns

The Flash by Matt Fraction

Martian Manhunter by Geoff Johns

Zatanna by Chris Claremont

Birds of Prey by Gail Simone

Luke Cage and Iron Fist by Matt Fraction

Daredevil by Ed Brudbaker

Spiderwoman (Jessica Drew) by Chris Claremont

Icon and Rocket by Dwaine Mcduffy

Green Arrow by Ed Brudbaker

Nightwing by Ed Brudbaker

The Brave and the Bold Rotating

Avengers-Heroes who are more connected to a Government aligned stance

Avengers by Brian Micheal Bendis

New Avengers by John Hickman

Captain America (Falcon Back up) by Ed Brudbaker

The Invincible Armored Iron Man by Matt Fraction

Thor, Prince of Thunder by George Perez

The Incredible Hulk by Mark Waid

She Hulk by Christy Marx

Yellowjacket (back up with Wasp) by Geoff Johns

Fantastic Four by John Hickman

Ms. Marvel by Gail Simone

Captain Atom by Brian Micheal Bendis

Hawkman by Rick Remender

Firestorm, the Nuclear Man by Louise Jones Simonson

War Machine by Jeph Loeb

Doctor Strange; Sorcerer Supreme by Peter Milligan

Behold my Power, Green Lantern's Light (John Stewart) by Dwaine Mcduffy

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) by Marc Wolfman

Alpha Flight by Geoff Johns

Captain Britain and Excalibur (British Avengers) by Grant Morrison

Avengers Assemble Rotating Teams

The X-Men are somewhere in Between

X-Men co written by Chris Claremont and Rick Remender

X-Academy by Chuck Dixon

Wolverine, the Best there is by Brian Micheal Bendis

Storm and Black Panther by Dwaine Mcduffy

Namor, the First Mutant by James Robinson

Cyclops by Mark Waid

Jean Grey; Phoenix by Chris Claremont

Magneto by Andy Diggle

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants by Grant Morrison

X-Over Rotating teams

Young Heroes, whose positions in the looming conflict between heroes are still being determined

Teen Titans By George Perez

Robin (back up with Stephanie Brown) by Chuck Dixon

Static Shock by Brian Micheal Bendis

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Matt Fraction

The Spectacular Spiderman by Dan Slott

The Amazing Spiderman by Greg Weisman

Supergirl by Christy Marx

Danny Phantom by Chuck Dixon

Ben 10 by Matt Fraction

Gen13 by John Hickman

Shazam by Christy Marx

Benders by Gail Simone

Naruto, Kid Ninja by Kathryn Immonen

Star Girl and Stripe by Geoff Johns

Kim Possible by Rick Remender

The Edge

S.H.I.E.L.D by Rick Remender

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD by Andy Diggle

Rex and Providence by Dan Slott

Black Widow by Gail Simone

Winter Soldier by Rick Remender

Suicide Squad by Andy Diggle

The Punisher by Rick Remender

Cloak and Dagger by Dan Slott

WILDC.A.T.'S by Ed Brudbaker

Deadpool by Grant Morrison

Lobo by Scott Synder

Hawkeye and Mockingbird by Matt Fraction

Deathstroke the Terminator by John Rozum

Silver Surfer (Back up by the Guardians of the Universe) by Jeph Loeb

Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison

The Authority by Mark Waid

Ghost Rider by Jeff Lemire

Black Adam by John Rozum

Exiles by Kathryn Immonen

Secret Origins Rotating Teams

The Dark

Swamp Thing (Back up feature with Captain Planet) by Alan Morre

Animal Man by Grant Morrison

John Constantine, Hellblazer by Jeff Lemire

Blade, Vampire Hunter by Peter Milligan

Gargoyles by Greg Weisman

Blue Devil by John Hickman

Xombi by John Rozum

Shade, The Changing man by Peter Milligan

Entrigan the demon by Jeff Lemire

Doctor Doom by Geoff Johns

Death Note by Grant Morrison

Inuyasha, Hanyou by Scott Synder

Ichigo, Shinigami by Scott Lobdell

The Phantom Stranger by Dan Dido

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld By Luna Lovegood

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