What to Read: Iron-man - Part 1 (Read OP)

I already made one for Spider-man (link is here). Those lists focus on volumes, mini series, single issues, stories, crossovers or events which are the best reads for individual characters and teams, in this chase, Iron-man.

If you want a list of "what to read" for some character or team please just mention it and I'll do my best to make it.

The order of this list is not based on my favorite ones or the best ones but they are in chronological order, meaning if you really want to read all those stories, order is right in front of you.

If you ask why this is part 1, because it focuses only on stories that happened before Onslaught Saga so the ones during 60s, 70s, 80s and earlier 90s. Part two will be focused on Iron-man stories that happened after Onslaught and Heroes Reborn/Return (later 90s, 2000s, current Pre-Secret Wars).

Please mention some good reads I forgot to put on this list.

List items

  • Tales of Suspense #39. Character's first appearance.

  • While it came out in 2007, the events took place way back when Iron-man faced his arch enemy the Mandarin for the first time, although this 6 issue mini series focuses on their meeting in more detailed way.

  • Iron-man #17-23.

  • Iron-man #95-100.

  • Iron-man #117-128. Stark's company is going to be taken over my SHIELD and he is not seen as loved superhero in the public. Even while Iron-man has problems as a superhero and as a CEO, Stark has problems with alcohol.

  • Iron-man #131-133 to be exact. A cool story where Iron-man fights with the Incredible Hulk (no Hulk-buster).

  • Iron-man #149-150. Iron-man faces Doctor Doom himself, in age of King Arthur.

  • The whole Iron Monger Saga Iron-man #162-200. Stane tries to take over Stark's company. Eventually Stark starts drinking again and Stane takes over his company. Now he is running away with Rhodey and his two friends and Rhodey who becomes new Iron-man, Stark eventually beats himself and stops drinking and all 4 of them try to build a new company. However the Armor made Rhodey unstable and he needed to stop being Iron-man. Stane eventually tries to kill Stark but he becomes new Iron-man and faces Stane who created Iron Monger Suit.

  • Iron-man #215-232 & Iron-man Annual #9. Stark's tech it stolen and now a lot of power-hungry people have it. What't next?

  • Iron-man #237. What happened in Armor Wars happens again.

  • Iron-man #258-266

  • Iron-man #280-291 to be exact. The whole story is called The Birth of War Machine in which Rhodey finally becomes War Machine.

  • Iron-man #301-306. Stark creates his new Armor with unlimited capabilities.

  • Rhodey's solo series.