Villains who will always be my 10 Favorite (Read OP)

Same as the previous list, only this time I'm talking about villains. For villains it is a little more difficult because there are a lot of villains that I like so I have to put 10 villains instead of 5 like I did with the previous list about heroes. Just like before, the order is random because I can't decide at the moment.

List items

  • Mostly Pre-Flashpoint but I like the idea of Lex being a "hero" in the New 52.

  • Pre-flashpoint/New 52. Everything is canon for Hal's continuity.

  • This is Reverse Flash, AkA Professor Zoom, AKA Eobard Thawne. He is the enemy of the second Flash Barry Allen and he killed his mother. This character should not be confused with Zoom (Hunter Zolomon), Wally West's (third Flash's) villain. Pre-Flashpoint of course. New 52 Version sucks.

  • My favorite stories came out Pre-Flashpoint but I like the more psychotic version of the Joker we have seen in the New 52.

  • As Venom of course. Anti Venom and Toxin were Anti Heroes and Eddie's time as those two had few interesting character developments but his stories sucked and he wasn't a villain which does not count for this list.

  • Not the shit you saw in Age of Ultron movie. Want to see what Ultron is all about? Well if you don't want to read his comics, watch EMH.

  • So now he is Avatar of nothing I guess? Pre-Secret Wars.