Top 5 Most Powerful Items in Marvel Comics.

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  • Heart of the Universe was created by the One Above All and possesses portion of his power. It was guarded by Celestial order and a portion of it's power was given to a man Akhenathen. When he tried to took over the world he was stopped by Thanos who absorbed all of HOTU in himself, becomming one with the Creaton itself and becomming Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omniversal and Omnipresent.

  • Star Brand is an energy source in form of a bran with the apearance of a star, travelling throught the Multiverse to find a human being capable of using it. He becomes Star Brand, a protector of Mankind and the representation of full potential of humans. Kevin Connor, the most recent user unlocked the full potential of Star Brand, finding out he had unlimited power and was capable of killing one of the Beyonders and dying himself after the Multiversal Avengers incountered them.

  • Infinity Gauntlet is a glove created by Thanos to wield all of the Infinity Gems and use them at the same time (Mind, Space, Reality, Time, Soul, Power). It gies you totally control over the Multiverse, making it's wielder Nigh-Omnipotent.

  • Cosmic Cube is an item foged by the energy outside of the Multiverse. While other cosmic cubes created by humans or other beings in the Universe posses great amount of power, the real Cosmic Cubes can even give it's user to become one with the Universe itself or manipulate reality on beyond Universal scale.

  • The Ultimate Nillifier is a weapon seen in Galactus's ship for the first time. While it was seen as an item created tobe an Ultimate Weapon in the Universe, Galactus has called the Nullifier a "part of him more than his own heart" meaning that it has some connected to Galactus.

    The full potential of the Nullifier is unknow but it depends on the mind of it's user and users with powerful mind are capable of destroying all of the Universe and recreate it in a way the user wants.