Top 20 (my favorite) DC Speedsters, Good and Evil

In Order.

Honorable mention Futures End Barry Allen (Blue Flash)

The reason why Futures End Flash is not on the list is because he is just future version of Barry Allen. Therefor I do not consider him to be a different character. He is just a different version of Barry Allen.

List items

  • Pre-New 52/New 52. Barry is Jay Garrick's successor. He became the second Flash after the accident gave him super speed. Barry is the generator of the Speed Force. He created it and is the source of that energy, the energy that empowers other speedsters in the Multiverse.

  • Pre-New 52/Rebirth. Also know as The Reverse Flash and also know as Eobard Thawne. Scientist from 25th Century. Thawne is Barry's greatest enemy, as he killed Barry's mother. He is the only speedster powered by Negative Speed Force. He also generates it, like Barry generates the Speed Force.

  • Pre-Flashpoint/Rebirth. Jay Garrick was the first Flash and one of three original speedsters (first one being Max Mercury, second one being Jay himself and the third one being Johnny Quick). Jay is a founding member of the JSA.

  • Max Mercury is the first and the most knowledgeable speedster to ever exist. He had many names over the years, jumping from timestream to timestream. He taught Wally how to use his powers at their peak. He was also the mentor and the guardian of Impulse (Bart Allen).

  • Pre-Flashpoint/Rebirth. First Kid Flash and the third Flash. Wally was the member of Teen Titans, Justice League and Titans. He is also the nephew of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen.

  • Pre-New 52/Rebirth. Bart Allen is the son of Don Allen and Meloni Thawne and grandson of Barry Allen, Iris Allen and President Thaddeus Thawne. He is also Eobard Thawne's descendant. He was the first Impulse, second Kid Flash and the fourth Flash. He is the member of Young Justice and more recent version of Teen Titans.

  • One of the original three speedsters from 40s.

  • Embodiment of Death of the Speed Force/Grim Reaper for the Speedsters.

  • Hunter Zolomon. Not really a speedster but whatever. Not to be confused with Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom and/or Reverse Flash. Zoom is only Wally West's villain.

  • Fourth Reverse Flash. He is the younger brother of Iris West.

  • Pre-Flashpoint. Also know as Jesse Quick, the daughter of Johnny Quick.

  • August Heart. One of the main villains of DC Rebirth. You might as well consider him to be Barry's Hunter Zolomon.

  • Iris West II (Irey). Daughter of Wally West and Linda Park. She is second Impulse.

  • Wally's and Linda's son and the brother of second Impulse. He's not really a speedster but whatever.

  • Alternate, older and darker version of Wally West.

  • Not the same thing as the one from the TV Show.

  • Flash from 27th Century.

  • Current (and third) Kid Flash from Rebirth/New 52. He is the cousin of original Wally West and the son of Daniel West, the fourth Reverse Flash.

  • Evil Johnny Quick. He is the member of the Crime Syndicate.

  • Heroes of the 30th Century. Don and Dawn Allen are also children of Barry and Iris Allen. Don is Bart Allen's father and Dawn is the mother of Jeni Ognats, the member of Legion of Super Heroes and speedster who still lives in 30th Century.