Ranking Spider-man Movies

I'm ranking them from my favorite to my least favorite.

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  • It's funny that after all these years, this is still one of my all time favorite Comic Book Movies and one my favorite movies of all time. It's the first Comic Book movie I ever watched, and despite all the X-Men movies, all the other Spider-man movies and everything else Marvel Studios gave us this past decade, I still can't find myself taking this movie out of my top 5 CBMs list. It's just that good.

  • And just like it's predecessor, Raimi succeeds in giving us another classic with his sequel, Spider-man 2, with Alfred Molina as arguably the most popular Spider-man villain. I lot of people will tell you they like this movie more than the first part, and that's for all the right reasons. This movies truly shows what kind of character Peter is. He struggles with his life as Peter Parker and Spider-man, and as he tries to find his answers and solutions, he ultimately loses his powers and decided to move on from his life as a hero and ignores the responsibilities the world left him with. This movie adapts the classic story arc of "Spiderman: No More" pretty well, especially when Peter realizes that he will never stop being Spider-man, ultimately gaining his powers back after Mary Jane gets kidnapped, only to be saved before Peter tells her that he can't be with her.

    I don't think any Spider-man movie showed us what kind of character Spider-man is as this one did. It truly is the definitive Spider-man movie. Why is it below Spider-man from 2002? It's more of a subjective thing really, and if you are curious as to why I prefer that movie, I would rather discuss it later in the comment section.

  • Spider-man 3 is a perfect example of a studio taking advantage of extremely talented and skilled director who gave them awesome movies before, and the way they pay him back is by influencing his ideas in order to create their own "vision". Enter Spider-man 3. In which Peter throws his entire life that failed and dedicates the rest of it as a tap dancer. "MJ is in some kind of a danger cliche" is really getting old, and it doesn't get better when Peter/MJ relationship just keeps going and going and it doesn't stop. It's tedious. Retconning Uncle Ben's death, giving us Venom just because Sony wants to use Venom (who sucks by the way) and putting so many plot points in a single movie that don't add up really makes this movie a bad way to end this awesome and classic franchise.

    And what did we learn? It's that you never allow a studio to influence director's creativity when that director already gave you amazing movies without your help. Why is it so high on the list you may ask? For some reason, I'm always entertained when I watch this movie, and regardless of how hilariously bad it is, it is one of those movies that I can watch over and over again. Completely subjective thing.

  • To be honest, if you prefer this movie over Spider-man 3, I can't blame you. Spider-man 3 was full of flaws that are just beyond everything this movie failed to do, and there are a lot of cool things in this one. Better romance, visuals, acting, Spider-man's powers, shots, fight scenes and so on. But this movie, at least in my opinion, lacks to substance. It's like they had this pretty cool idea for more interesting story, but every time I watch it, I feel like I'm missing few build ups to it. I find this movie extremely forgettable and a lot of times boring, while Spider-man 3 always keeps me focused on it. The way I see it, Amazing Spider-man is a perfect example of a movie that is not bad at all, but isn't that good by any means. It's just anything between ok, average and mediocre. In other words, forgettable. Not because it's flawed, but because it doesn't have a lot to keep us invested or focused in the first place, in my opinion.

  • By far, the worst Spider-man movie. It's pacing and story structure is on the level of Spider-man 3, if not even worse. Add to the fact that this does not feel like Spider-man movie at all. It feels like Twilight, with weird "be/not be" relationship with Gwen, huge "I love you" webbing on the bridge, weird references to unnecessarily complexed story arc of the past with his parents and Osborn which is probably even worse than BvS's comic references, bad villains, mediocre motivations, predictable conclusions and overall being bad.

    And this movie completely ruins the Death of Gwen Stacy, but that's a story for another day.