Ranking DCEU Movies

For those of you who like these movies, more power to you. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I think they are pretty shitty aside from the one that is on the top of the list. Either enjoy the list or have fun complaining about my bias. Have fun!

List items

  • Wonder Woman is pretty much the only good DCEU movie, objectively speaking. I would go as far as to say that it would be one of my favorite comic book movies of all time if only the villains were a bit better and if Steve Trevor's death was executed a bit better. But the real weakness of this movie is the finale, where Ares shows up and pretty much ruins everything. Regardless, I still really like this movie. One of the best DC Comics movies in my opinion, surpassed only by Nolan's Batman trilogy.

  • Man of Steel is Warner Brothers' new take on Superman. As the first movie to kick this new Universe off, this "attempt" not only fails as the beginning of this Universe but it fails as a Superman movie. It is mostly disrespectful towards Superman's character more than anything else, and it is an insult to everything this comic icon stands for.

    That said, there are few good things about it. The action and fight scenes are cool. Zod is pretty badass and even relatable villain despite the fact that he has few Nicolas Cage level over the top moments. Faora was also pretty cool too, and Jor-El is surprisingly enjoyable to watch. While I think this movie sucks, it is my second favorite DCEU movie simply because it is the only movie that I think could be better if they changed few things here and there.

  • While BvS is in my opinion more entertaining to watch than MoS and is not as boring, and while I think it has more qualities than MoS, this movie has A LOT more flaws than MoS. Like I said above, MoS could be pretty good if they just changed few things. This movie COULD NOT BE fixed. Even if you remove all the unnecessary JLA easter eggs, pathetic excuse for live action interpretation of bald ego maniac, giant nonsensical CGI nightmare and useless attempt to gain views by killing Superman, THIS MOVIE WOULD STILL SUCK!

    Why? This movie is made for one reason and one reason only. Fan service. Snyder and Warner Bros. wouldn't patient enough to introduce their own Universe, so they decided to gain extra views by having Superman and Batman show up in the same movie and fight. A dream come true for all Comic lowers, and I feel bad for hardcore Batman and Superman fans because they are stuck with this piece of shit. The main reason why Batman vs. Superman dynamic works is because they know each other and experienced so much. They have a lot of similarities but their philosophies are different. They have different view of the world and that is why them fighting is so great. This is just bad for so many ways. Add to the fact that Superman himself still suffers from his "trying to be dark" syndrome and Bat-Killer isn't any better either.

  • Suicide Squad is just one of those movies. Is there anything good about it? No, not at all. Is there anything bad about it? Yes but not by much. This is one of those movies you joke about because of how funny it is. There is absolutely no reason for this movie to be made. This team was obscured and it stayed obscured. Making a movie about them is as bad as Sony trying to make Sinister 6 movie for their now dead ASM franchise. The only reason why this movie is made is for fanboys to get excited by seeing Harley Quinn, which is the only ok part of this movie aside from that shooting scene with Deadshot.

    Oh and the best DC villain and arguably the best Comic Book Villain of all time is forgettable psycho with metal teeth and tattoos who has zero characteristics of the original character that makes him so awesome, scary, popular and interesting.

    This movie doesn't have as much flaws as BvS or even as much as MoS, but that's just because this movie has nothing. That's why it is below BvS. Because BvS at least gives you something to look at. Who was the villain of this movie again?

  • Yes, Justice League is by far the worst DCEU movie, and the reason why is a bit more complicated than you would think. In philosophy is this: every single DCEU movie prior to this one at least tries. Despite how bad and incompetent they are, they still had potential, mostly with MoS. BvS sucks but despite all the forced Comic Book trope, there is/was clearly a lot of love and care for these characters, or else they wouldn't bother to include all the references, badass fight scene, Batman's DKR armor and so on. They are bad but they try to be good.

    Justice League doesn't try to be anything but the most forced Comic Book live action adaptation ever, and it does not know whether it wants to be a sequel to MoS and BvS or try to apologize for all the bad things in previous movies by pretending they never happened and giving us a different lore and characteristics of already established characters.

    For example, in BvS, Batman was similar to his Dark Knights Returns self. Older, broken and tired man who's dark, aggressive and brands and even kills criminals. In this movie, he watched his lake from his mansion, desperate without the beacon of hope that is now dead Superman. Oh yeah, Superman. Superman went from depressed, hopeless, reckless maniac to more optimistic and hopeful self (with CGI lips, Jesus...). And that's great. But the problem is, THAT'S NOT SUPERMAN THEY GAVE US! I get they want to fix their mistake but this change comes from nowhere. They just want to force this Superman in and hope it makes it good. It does not, and the fact that this world suffers so much due to lack of hope that was Superman is just astonishing. Who wrote this movie? Superman was NEVER a beacon of hope in DCEU. He was reckless idiot and EVERYBODY HATED HIM. That was the whole point of BvS and that is how Batman got introduced in this Universe. The continuity between MoS/BvS and this movie add up less than Fox's X-Men movies.

    Besides that, everything else is just a mess. Boring villain, bunch of fodders, forgettable Aquaman and Cyborg, and the only good thing in this Universe (Wonder Woman) barely being used.

    The worst part of this movie for me is the Flash, and I don't think I have to tell you why. Any person who ever picked up a Flash comic would know that whoever Ezra Miller plays is not Barry Allen. Hell, not even Wally West and Bart Allen act like this. Apparently Snyder and Warner Bros think Barry Allen is some weird combination of black Wally West, Miles Morales and Peter Parker from Ultimate Spider-man cartoon.