Popular Marvel and DC heroes I don't really care about.

This is the list of characters that are pretty popular but I personally don't care about them. It doesn't mean I hate them tho. It means that, if a character is there (in sense that he has his ongoing series, appears in an ongoing series or has multiple guest appearances and what not), I'm fine with him being a part of that Universe. If a character is not used anymore, I would not care either way.

Note: If you like these characters, don't take it personally. Mostly these characters are on this list either because I don't find them relatable, they are not interesting to me, or I just never got into them. Or I liked them before but then I lost interest. However, characters I actually hate will not be on this list. And this list is not in order. Keep in mind, the only characters I'm putting on this list are the ones that are actually popular. So don't expect someone like Blade to be on this list.

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