My Sinister Six

There were a lot of incarnations of the Sinister Six. Looking at all the Spider-man Comics, 616, Ultimate, different continuities, non canon stories, even TV Shows and cancelled Amazing Spider-man 3 and Sinister Six spin off which already teased us with showing a lot of tech for the members, a lot of people became members of the Sinister Six. The team is quite popular and I like it as well so, if I would make a team of Sinister Six, this is how it would look like.

List items

  • Norman Osborn was the member of the Sinister Six in the Ultimate Universe. He was also the founder of the team in a non canon story where he wasn't a member nor the Green Goblin, he just looked like mysterious businessman just like the guy who talked to Harry at the end of ASM2. Norman is a crazy manipulator and a genius, I think he could be a better leader than Dock Ock, especially because based on the consistency of Spider-man comics, Ock's ego was greater weakness than Norman's insanity. Or I'm just biased.