My Justice League

This is the list of JL members who I would choose to be on my team. I can't use more than 9 because I think that beyond that the team would be way to big/full members.

I woudl appreciate if you would share your list with me.

Note: This list has no Order and I'm not using characters I like but the ones I think are the best for the team.

List items

  • Every memeber of the League trusts Clark more than anyone and he is powerful and great man. Great powerhouse, perfect Leader and the only hero worthy enough to be the face of the Team.

  • Ok I didn't put Barry over Wally because I prefer Barry (if I did why wouldn't I do the same with Hal and Kyle). I know Wally is way more powerful but Barry is a guy that can be trusted more (at least in my opinion).

  • Hal will always be my favorite Green Lantern and 3th favorite DC Hero but Kyle can control all colors minus Black. He is very very powerful and I would prefer to put him here over Hal.

  • Has all powers of Superman but on greater level plus warious other powers like Size Manipulation, Shape Shifting, Super Intellect, Healing Factor and not to mention his powerful telepathy and a ton of other psionic based powers.

  • Wast Resources, Super Intellect, Tech, Knowledge, Tactican... Lex is very helpful and needed member of the team. As an enemy he almost killed all of the League. Imagine what he would do as an ally.

  • Just to be clear. I don't like the character but he will be helpful as he can connect himself with every computer in the world, hack it, use it for himself, stop it, find the solution or information...

  • I love me some magic. No seriously any team should have someone like him.

  • Bruce is veyr intellicent and is the great tactican. He is capable of building very advanced tech and is seen as the World's Greatest Detective.

  • Diana is the daughter of Zeus and is almost as strong as Superman. She also has magical weapons and is better fighter than Batman. Do I need to say more?