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My current reading list: January 15 2017

I will make an update every time I start reading something new. Know that I'm not counting mini series or minor crossover events unless those crossover events are huge events like Civil War and so on. A lot of stuff you see here are stuff I already read few years ago (or many years ago) but because of Marvel's current shit Post Secret Wars there is not a whole lot to read so I'm rereading some stuff I enjoyed.

However, if I never said I'm rereading it, you should know that it is new for me. Order is based on how I read it. If Civil War is number 1 and Secret Invasion number 2, it means the first thing I'm reading is Civil War and right after I finish that one I'm reading Secret Invasion.

List items

  • Today I read the final issue of Geoff John's 87 issue run on JSA and now I'm reading what comes next, Justice Society of America Volume 1. Although before I read this, I'll read Kingdom Come and JSA All Star mini series.

  • 39 issue run focused on one member of JSA per issue. After issue 14 it is coming out at the same time as Justice Society of America vol 1 so I'll be reading those titles in order based on when those comics came out.

  • I read Reign of Superman and Emerald Twilight but I decided to focus on whole Volume of The Green Lantern (Pre-Kyle Rayner). Before that I'll be reading the first title of the Green Lantern Post Crisis which is Green Lantern volume 2 renamed Green Lantern Corp Volume 1.

  • No I'm not talking about this. I'm talking about original Young Justice run that lasted 55 issues and it started at 1998 and was finished during 2003. Why am I reading this? Because it is obscured and I want to read something that is not extremely big and/or popular.

  • Mark Waid is kicking ass with his badass Wally West comics. I stopped reading when Wally finished his fight with Savitar but eventually I'll continue with it. I stopped only to read other stuff. Can't wait to see what Waid, Morrison and of course, John's have in store for Barry's one and only successor.

  • I LOVE this book. I read only 12 issues and it is already amazing. It is focused on Bart Allen, Barry and Iris's grandson from the future trying to live a normal and realistic life as a normal boy. And who he lives with? Max Mercury, yeah that old man who BTW is Zen Master of Speed and knows more about the Speed Force than Jay and Eobard. He is also training Bart to use his powers in a right way.

    Handz down the funniest comic I have ever read. Max and Bart are kings of comedy. I don't remember when I was laughing this much when I was reading something and I read only like 12 out of 89 issues.

    Considering the fact that I'm lacking sense of humor, if this is funny to me than it really is something.

    This book goes hand in hand with Wally West run so I'll be reading those two at the same time.

  • A friend of mine asked be some stuff about Geoff John's run. So I decided to reread everything from Emerald Twilight, Zero Hour, Final Night and Judgement day (basically Hal's way from becoming Parallax, dying and asking for redemption as the Spectre) to help him avoid confusion. And this is what comes next. So because I reread all that crap, why not waste another hour and a half of my life rereading this awesome story?

  • Grant Morrison baby.

  • Same as above.

  • Believe it or not, I actually never read Infinite Crisis. Should be fun. It will make me hate Prime even more.