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My Avengers!

This is the list of The Avengers members who I would choose to be on my team. I can't use more than 9 because I think that beyond that the team would be way to big/full members.

I would appreciate if you would share your list with me and know that I wont mention characters that were never members of the Team in 616.

Note: This list has no Order and I'm not using characters I like but the ones I think are the best for the team.

List items

  • Steve Rogers is the perfect Leader of the Team. He is greatest tactician in the world, one of the greatst martial artists and hero. When all hope seems lost and seems there is no more reason to fight for Captain America gets up and leads his teammates to victory!

  • Stark is one of the big brains of the group not only with huge intellect but advanced developed mind working in picosecond. He is also stronger than he's given credit for and is known for making things right when they are not.

  • Thor is the Ultimate Powerhouse of the Team. He has some knowledge on magical and cosmic side of the World but that is not the thing he can give to the team. Actually the Thunder God is brave and will never yield no matter what. He is powerful son of Asgard and Earth, using his mighty Hammer Mjolnir Thor will throw Thunder at any threat to Asgard or Earth.

  • T'Challa is the king of Wakanda. He is skilled in fields of science and magic and has even fused the two together. He has knowledge and experience of every Black Panther before him (10 000 years of experience and knowledge). T'Challa's tech rivals that of Tony Stark and is the only one who understand Vibranium 100% and the full scope of it's abilities are still unknown. Maybe pgysically superior and even better fighter than Captain America and half a good leader and tactician as he is, Avengers would be lucky if he is their ally.

  • Wanda is like secret weapon of the team. She can do more or less everything she wants' She can remove parts of our reality from it or bring parts of other realities here. She can manipulate matter and evenry, control magical forces, project hex bolts and warp reality on much greater scale than Universal.

  • Strange is very experienced and knowledgeable on fields of magic in nature, structure, fields, functions and influences.As well as magical beings and even some cosmic beings. Strange doesn't only have knowledge on magic but is also very powerful sorcerer with warious mystical artifacts and weapons that can be usefull.

  • I know a lot of Hulk fans are gonna scream about this but the fact remains is that Hulk is hard to control and we can't take the chances. Ross is good enough of a power house and great tactcian. he was able to beat Cyttorak posses Juggernaut Colossus using his tactical abilties only and I mean only.

  • Reed is the smartest man in the world (easily above Pym, Stark and Banner and rivaling only by Donctor Doom). He even escaped Universal Level threads and stopped them. Not much to be said really.

  • I don't really need another tactican when I have Panther anc Cap but those two are different tacticans then Punisher and since Punisher was never an Avenger, Wolverine was the only one I could find to be a replacement. Not only that he is mor eor less mmortal and almost as good of a fighter, leader and tactcian as Cap but he is expert in ambushes, espionage, spy tactics, gathering intelligence...