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Most difficult characters to work with on Battle Forum

Not because of fans or arguments but because of character's capabilities.

List items

  • Not only this guy is pretty much immune to damage output but he has vast damage output himself, has great versatility and to go even further, he has a counter for most powers that are not based on Pure damage output.

  • His Healing Factor is ridiculous and add molecule manipulation, telepathy and damage output and you have one OP character.

  • His speed and versatility make him very difficult to beat or find a good match up.

  • You can't stop this guy, literally. He is also pretty damn strong. His other versions that appeared in classic days that are not really invulnerabilty are pretty weak tho, at least for classic powerhouses like Hulk and Thor.

  • World Breaker Version. A character who doesn't really have good one on one match up. Thor and Superman fans can say all they want but this version of the Hulk would beat them pretty easily.