Most Balanced Characters on Comic Vine Battle Forum

In case the title confuses you, this list consists of characters that are often (or not so often) seen/used on the Battle Forum related threads on Comic Vine but don't fall into the category of either overrated/high-balled or underrated/low-balled characters. In other words, the majority of these character's fans or debaters and even those who don't like those characters and are not debating for them are aware of how powerful they are, without saying they are stronger or weaker than they are.


  1. Of course, there will be some exceptions. Every character suffered from at least some level of low-balling and high-balling.
  2. This least is not in any specific order. The order does not mean anything, so if a character A is above character B, it does not mean that he is "more balanced".
  3. I won't include characters that are not very popular or known, like Rip Hunter, or characters that are almost never used on the battle forum, like Captain Mar-Vell.
  4. I won't include characters that should have been here if we look at the arguments that are few years old. If they are overrated or underrated now, they won't be on this list.

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