Marvel Power Hierarchy - Top 100 Strongest Marvel Characters (Update)

I made this list before, but I decided to make an update. Keep in mind, there are a lot of Cosmic Entities that exist/existed in Marvel Comics, at least at some point. There is no way to make a definitive list that is this large. If it was just top 10, it would be easy, but since this is top 100, it is impossible not to miss someone. If you can remember any powerful Marvel character, just mention him and I'll add him to the list, if he is powerful enough of course.

Honorable Mentions: God Emperor Doom and Secret Wars Reed Richards They are extremely powerful, but I decided not to put them on this list, since they just have powers of already existing characters on this list (Beyonders and Owen Reece).

Fulcrum It was stated that Fulcrum was the creator of the Celestials, meaning he should be more powerful than the entire race combined. However, that does not have to be the case, since he stated that Tiamut, the Dreaming Celestial, is equal to him in power. So there is a possibility of Celestials having the ability to develop and increase their own power, so it is unknown how powerful he is compared to the Celestials by the time he was "their god". Moreover, it seems like Fulcrum's authority over the Celestials has been retconned when it was stated that it was the First Firmament who created the Celestials, making it pretty much impossible to measure his power. I heard people saying he is actually Jack Kirby or counterpart of The One Above All, but I don't know if those are just fan-fics, rumors or was it officially confirmed. There is one statement that implies he is Multiversal, but there are possibilities that he is well above that level. Since we don't know how powerful he is, and is pretty much featless, I decided to kick him off the list and give him the honorable mention.

The Aspirants Aspirants are creation of the First Firmament, alongside the Celestials. We know they fought in a "Civil War" against the Celestials. However, we don't know how long the war lasted. All we know is that they were defeated by the Celestials. But because we don't know how much effort it took to beat them, nor do we know how many Celestials existed at the time, we don't know how powerful they are compared to the Celestials. Not to mention that there is a possibility of Celestials winning due to superior intelligence and tech, rather than pure power. Never the less, they deserve an honorable mention.

The Fury I had no idea where to put this android on the list. And the reason why is because, well, he has less power than 90% of people here. However, the reason why I'm giving him an honorable mention is because only a small percentage of characters here are actually powerful enough to kill him. The Fury has the ability to adapt to anything. Not even Nigh-Omnipotent mutant Mad Jim Jaspers could do anything to him aside from stalemating him in a fight, which allowed Fury to teleport him and Jaspers into a place where there is no reality to warp, allowing him to kill Jaspers.

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