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List of Transcendent Tier characters (Marvel & DC) - Update!

I talked to a bunch of users about this some time ago, and we had a pretty hard time figuring out what characters deserve to be on this tier. For those of you who don't know Transcendent Tier, or as it's been most commonly referred to as "Teambuster" tier mostly refers to characters that are above the likes of Silver Surfer, but below the likes of Odin.

Now, there has been some debate here on when Trans tier stops and when Skyfather tier stops. Some Teambusters like Thanos were stated to be low Skyfather tier, but still can be defeated by Teambusters. I'm not gonna do that, and I'm completely gonna ignore the existence of Skyfather tier and just focus on characters who I think are above Heralds.

Anyone who is capable of preforming galaxy level feats is too strong for this tier, and is closer to so called Skyfather tier. I won't include any actual Skyfathers even if they are too weak to be on Skyfather tier, and I won't include Hell-Lords or Fear Lords. I tried to make the thread in order, but it does not mean that everyone would beat anyone who's below them.


Honorable Mentions (2):

DC Comics Ares (Pre-Flashpoint & Rebirth)

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I just can't decide how strong this guy is. He seems like he can be beaten by some people on this list, but some of his feats seem more like Hell-Lord level. Then again, I don't know how to quantify some of them, so I just decided to give him an honorable mention.

Onslaught (Psionic Entity)

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Onslaught does not have a ton of combat feats. When I look at threads with him, I come to think of him like someone who's well above your average Trans tier, but we are still talking about a guy who can create the Sun, which is easily a Skyfather level feat to say the least. Then again, he was defeated via plot device, and I can see a Pre-Franklin Richards/Nate Grey Onslaught being on this list. But I'm not sure where I should put him, but I wanted to just mention him.

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