Favorite Characters to debate for (one per tier)

I already have a list of characters I can use in a CaV, but I'm bored so I decided to make this. One per tier. Although I never had a chance to use some of these characters in a CaV, so the more proper name for this would be "characters I would like to debate for the most", but that would sound like I want to start a new CaV right now, which is not true (too busy).

List items

  • Street Tier:

    This might surprise a lot of you, given the fact that Captain America is my favorite comic book character, but Tony Masters is actually my favorite street leveler to use in debates (if I ever find a chance to use him LMAO). Ignoring the fact that he's such a badass, he has the ability to increase his speed to superhuman levels, has extremely impressive striking power and his gear puts Batman to shame (ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration). He also might be the best fighter/martial artist in the Marvel Universe, due to his ability to copy other characters. And if he wasn't badass enough, he has the ability to use all his fighting styles at once and stomp the guy who had counter to everything Tony could throw at him few moments prior.

  • Mid Tier (tied with Electro):

    Weather Wizard is probably the most versatile members of the Rogues, after Mirror Master (and Abra Kadabra, if you count him). He has a lot of cool weather manipulating abilities, to the point that it is impossible for him to lose a fight when he faces street level characters. Of course, he doesn't stand a chance against more powerful mid tiers like Ms. Marvel, but my list of mid tier characters mostly consists of those who are similar to street levelers instead of high tiers.

  • Mid Tier (tied with Weather Wizard):

    Same as with the Weather Wizard. Max is the most versatile member of Sinister Six (after Mysterio, who would be here, but I would mostly use him in prep battles, he's kinda useless in random encounters), just has more electricity based abilities than weather manipulating abilities.

  • Low High-Tier:

    This shouldn't be a surprise. For those of you who've been following my debates, you know what Tony is capable of. I put him on his own tier of characters because I think he is just too strong to be called a mid tier (since he one-shots most of them) but is too weak to be called a strait up high tier, or a powerhouse. So I always call him low high tier (unless you think that Heralds and high tiers/powerhouses are the same thing, in which case, Tony would be a mid tier). His suit has an A.I., self repairing abilities, energy absorption, superhuman speed and other versatile abilities and gadgets that allow him to give problems to characters who are physically superior. He's very good when it comes to prep battles as well.

  • Powerhouse Tier:

    Mostly I put the Lanterns on Herald tier, but Sinestro in particular should be bellow Hal and Kyle, and I think he is more likely to lose to Superman than most (although I think Sinestro wins 6/10), so I put him here. Sinestro is not as destructive, nor is he as durable or overall powerful as Hal and Kyle, but he is more ruthless, tactical and versatile (technically he's not more versatile, but he relies on more than just offensive/defensive constructs and energy attacks). Apart from being durable enough to tank planet busting attacks, and strong enough to shit on powerhouses, he relies on pretty dangerous tactics. He creates multiple constructs to fight people, attacks them from inside, blitzes pretty often, uses AoE and omni-directional attacks, battle field removal, ring duplication and my favorite, sharp constructs. They make things look nasty.

  • Herald Tier:

    Again, this might surprise a lot of people. What, Wally West? No Barry Allen or Eobard Thawne? Well that's because Barry barely has any feats worth mentioning. He was dead throughout most of Post-Crisis period, and the only feats he had then rely on power scaling to quantify. And he became a jobber Post-Flashpoint. His best feats were seen Pre-Crisis, and those feats are broken. Eobard has more than enough feats to be used, but his hax is so broken, I don't find him to be interesting or exciting to use as Wally. He has a ton of stand-alone feats, showing with other fast characters, Infinite Mass Punch, phasing, speed steal (which I can always remove since people hate it) and what not.

  • Teambuster Tier (tied with Amazo):

    Everybody knows Thanos. He is strong, he is invulnerable, he has ridiculous energy projection, he is immortal and has more hax than you would think (teleportation, matter manipulation, healing factor, telepathy, soul manipulation, force fields...). He becomes even more impressive after his powers returned.

  • Teambuster tier (tied with Thanos):

    Amazo has powers of every single member of the Justice League of America (standard members and members you don't see so often). And he uses those powers perfectly, sometimes even better than people who have those powers themselves. Combination of powers also makes him superior to other characters in certain categories. For example, he does not just have Superman's and Wonder Woman's strength, but their strength combined. He can also use Superman's striking power and increase it with Flash's ability to accelerate to light speed and gain Infinite Mass. And there are other powers he can use from other JLA members. And it's not like it is OOC for him to use those powers. In his last appearances Post-Crisis, he developed a computer brain that analyses tactics and weaknesses of his targets, allowing him to take them down quickly and effectively by using any ability he has at his disposal. This makes it pretty easy to use other character's feats as his own and avoid making it look like a flawed argument.

  • Transcendent Tier:

    I started reading some Doctor Strange comics after seeing the movie and man, this guys truly lives up to the hype. He can do pretty much anything, and can cast any spell you can think of, and has counters to pretty much any type of hax, even telepathy, phasing, matter manipulation, soul manipulation, time/space manipulation, super speed... And no, he's not a glass canon. In fact, he has better durability feats than most high tiers and powerhouses.

  • Abstract Tier:

    Galactus is my favorite Abstract level character. And he's one of Abstract entities who has a lot of stand-alone feats in all categories aside from destroying or creating something (energy/time/space/matter manipulation, life and death manipulation, absorption, regeneration, reality alteration...). He also has a lot of fights against other beings on his tier, making it easier to find a proper place for him in Marvel Power Hierarchy without just relying on statements and "cosmic logic".

  • Prep Battle:

    I like Iron-man, but I decided to give Kang the title of my favorite character to use in prep battles (not really a tier but prep battles are something that is pretty popular on Comic Vine, so I decided to bring Kang up). Simply put, he is one of more versatile prep masters in Marvel, and while he can't beat characters as powerful as the ones who were defeated by the likes of Reed Richards and Doctor Doom, who have more of a "cosmic level" prep feats, Kang is overall more easy to debate with just because most of his appearances involve him preparing to take Avengers down. You have a lot of options when you debate for him.