Evil Heroes/Good Villains

This is my team of Super Villains that are operating as heroes sometimes and sometimes operate as Anti Heroes but are crossing the line and are called strait up bad guys.

No Order...

List items

  • Sinestro has the same goal as the Guardians, bestow order and piece throughout the Universe. He is just using more brutal methods, He is forcing piece with the use of fear as motivation, rather than fighting for it using your will like the Green Lanterns do.

  • Doom may seem like strait up bad guy, but he actually cares about his people and would do anything for them. He also worked alongside super heroes to stop other planetary threats. He would never allow Earth to be destroyed so he played a role of a hero before, even if his reasons were selfish to a degree. Even now, when he plays the role of Iron-man, his reason for doing so is totally in character.

  • Remember Dark Reign?

  • Hunter is using most brutal methods on making super heroes be better super heroes by torturing them on physical, mental and emotional levels. But he is actually, in a psychotic way, doing it for good intentions.

  • He will fight for his people no matter what. Sometimes he is a hero and sometimes a villain.

  • Zemo is master manipulator. He was operating as a super hero under disguise.