Comic Characters who Destroyed a Planet

All you have to know is that it does not matter how they destroyed it. Energy, blunt force, cutting power, transmutation, use of gear, everything applies, aside from stuff like Doctor Doom using his ship. That does not count. Amps count too but only if they were amped by something that they used for a longer period of time or if their powers overall were increased. Shared feats also count, and even the ones that happened off panel. Keep in mind that I only count planets. Not planetoids. Moons and Stars. Also I try to include characters weaker than Skyfathers only. Artificial planets count too. As long as we know they are planet sized.

Also thanks to all who helped me make this list more complete (you know who you are). The list is in no particular order by the way. Statements don't count. Outliers do on the other hand.

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