Characters who's power level is based on nothing but hype

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  • This guy didn't do anything to put him above Herald level characters yet he is considered to be Abstract level being just because he was capable of doing almost anything the plot required and his entire existence and conscious appear to be God-like, even tho they are not. Of course, I'm talking about Pre-Rebirth Doc.

  • Has few fights with Superman, holds his own against the Flash and a lot of writers have high view on him and he already deserves to be called Superman level being, even tho statements supporting Billy's powers as as valid as Sentry being Multiversal reality warper and his fights with Superman are lacking context, context everyone who actually read the comic should be aware of.

  • Destroying the planet and moving at light speed once is not enough to put someone on Superman's level or above. By that logic, Joe Fixit is casual multi planet-buster, Thor is multi-Universal buster, Superman is Solar level...

  • This guy didn't even do anything, like at all. He only defeated the Runner in a race during the same era where he was confirmed to. R slower than light and the only reason why he won was because he reached his limit, while Runner was full of himself like usual and he was 100% sure he will win. Makkari didn't do anything but move at light speed and has enchanced physical stats. Why exactly is he above Max Mercury and Jesse Quick, even less Bart Allen and Jay Garrick? Not even gonna get into Barry Allen and Wally West

  • Versatility, hax, durability or pretty much anything that makes a character powerful is something this guy is lacking. He can only stalemate classic Surfer in strength contest, move FTL and has enough energy manipulation/firepower to KO classic Surfer, who is not as nearly as powerful as even Modern Pre-Annihilation Surfer. Runner is not weak by any means, but he is not high Herald level character, even less a Teambuster.

  • Yet another character who is lacking feats. He only has planetary strength and nothing else. Just because he is flying super hero with a cape and Heat Vision does not make him extremely powerful, even less as poweful as Superman.