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Characters I wish were never created.

Just because I would prefer those characters don't exist doesn't mean I hate them. There are characters I hate but I prefer to still have them. But I still hate a lot of characters here.

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  • Dear DC, I'm glad you are bringing stuff from Pre-Flashpoint back to New 52 to the point of making current DCU almost 100% Post Crisis, and same goes for the Flash. So while you are fixing mistakes you made in New 52, please please please, don't bring Malcolm Thawne back. His whole existence pisses me off. It's like Barry and Eobard are related because of this guy and Barry having a brother he never met sucks. Thank God he was never used in recent years and considering the fact that nobody ever mentioned him again, not even Eobard, I guess he was just retconned out of existence. But everything about this character pisses me off and there is nothing I like about him, rather than I don't have to see him again.

  • Not only this character was suppose to be New 52 version of Wally West but is nothing but a disgrace to Wally's character, but his character sucks overall. While DC retconned him into being Wally's cousin with the same name while Wally is still, well, Wally, but the fact that him and Barry are teaming up while Barry and Iris are still getting out together (who if I might add is aunt of this Wally West as well) kinda ruins that boyfriend/girlfriend (husband/wife) and nephew relationship the three of them had Pre-Flashpoint, when Wally was Kid Flash.

  • You don't want James to replace Tony as Iron-man because it is obvious? Fine, I respect that. But what is this suppose to be? She is like smarter than Iron-man? And what is with Marvel and black people (I'm far from being a racist and I love black people but what?) and with young heroes, or females becoming new originals?

  • Smartest human my ass.

  • I think I'm gonna cry. What is this?

  • Stupid and pointless waste of time.

  • Pointless joke of a character who is suppose to kick Thanos's and even Galactus's ass.