Characters I hated before but love now.

Not much to be said. List of characters I hated before but changed my opinion for reasons I'll mention here on the list. Most of those characters I hated before reading their comics but some of them I hated and changed my opinion for different reasons.

List items

  • Trully if there was one character I hated and now I love it's Superman.

  • I always saw Thor as some mythological Nordic idiot and ripp off of Hercules (as I was a fan fo Greek mythology). And just that Asgardian type I never liked and he was so boring to me and was pissing me off even tho I was an Avengers fan. But when I read Thor comics I started to like him very very much.

  • Reed was always noring character to me with lame super powers and a junkie for science. Then I read the actual good F.F. Comics and he turned out to be one of my 10 favorite Marvel Heroes.

  • A few months before I became a knowledeable X-Men fan, Cyclops always looked like a douchebag to me, with bad temper and stupid limited power. That is before I read some of his solo comics and X-Men comics and he is actually a really good person with cool character and stories. Until Avengers vs X-Men... what the ****?????!!!!!!!!

  • Before his more recent appearances and badass appearances he was never interesting to me.

  • He is actually the last Flash out of 4 I found out about. And I was like "what? This guy is the Flash and he is so old and slow and not interesting?" Eventually I started to like him.

  • I was never interested in sidekicks and young heroes but I got a breakdown when he replaced Barry Allen. However I decided to give Wally a chance and now I understand why people prefer him over Barry even tho Barry is still my favorite Flash.

  • I had no problem with Ben being Spider-man. What I did have a problem with was Marvel saying how he is the real Spider-man and Peter was the clone all along. At least it was retconned and Ben died as a hero and was awesome as Scarlet Spider. He also left a huge legacy.


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Really nice list.It's good to see the old timers getting some attention(Jay and Alan i mean).

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Interesting. I, too, am coming around on Cyclops.

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Nice. If I had a list like this Diablo would be #1 for sure.

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How can anyone hate Black Adam? :P

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Yeah. I used to hate Superman with a passion too. Mostly because of people saying that he was invulnerable but then read All-Star Superman and was sold.

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I'm glad that you came to your senses and admired Wally West lol.

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I too disliked Superman. Still not interested about Reed.

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I knew Superman and Thor will be on this list, laughing out loud. anyway good list.

You should do one for anime.

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@terry2012: I don't watch Anime. Only DBZ.

Thene what characters did you used to hate in Dragon Ball Z.

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`Great list..I,m glad to see you made it to the Odinson and Kal-El side..lmao

But may i ask what exactly made you a fan of ol Supes?

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Very cool break downs on the hows and whys. Always been a huge Cyclops guy though ;)

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I am happy that u love superman and wally west :-)

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@jumpstart55: What made me a fan? His character. The way how he lives as God amoung men and tries to be human even tho he knows he isn't yet he sees Earth as his home and something he needs to protect. Not to mention how he is the Embodiment of DC Heroes and his sense of morality and veiw of the world makes him larger than life character (like Captain America).

Damn good answer!..And i agree wholeheartedly.

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Well we got something in common. Nice thread tho.

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@krleavenger: Your list of characters that.. common man I thought you got what am saying..

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@krleavenger said:

@thebestofthebest: I get that but I asked what characters you talked about or it is the same for you for every single character I mentioned?

The first two characters you mentioned and the Hulk for multiple ludicrous reasons.

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