Characters I hated before but love now.

Not much to be said. List of characters I hated before but changed my opinion for reasons I'll mention here on the list. Most of those characters I hated before reading their comics but some of them I hated and changed my opinion for different reasons.

List items

  • Trully if there was one character I hated and now I love it's Superman.

  • I always saw Thor as some mythological Nordic idiot and ripp off of Hercules (as I was a fan fo Greek mythology). And just that Asgardian type I never liked and he was so boring to me and was pissing me off even tho I was an Avengers fan. But when I read Thor comics I started to like him very very much.

  • Reed was always noring character to me with lame super powers and a junkie for science. Then I read the actual good F.F. Comics and he turned out to be one of my 10 favorite Marvel Heroes.

  • A few months before I became a knowledeable X-Men fan, Cyclops always looked like a douchebag to me, with bad temper and stupid limited power. That is before I read some of his solo comics and X-Men comics and he is actually a really good person with cool character and stories. Until Avengers vs X-Men... what the ****?????!!!!!!!!

  • Before his more recent appearances and badass appearances he was never interesting to me.

  • He is actually the last Flash out of 4 I found out about. And I was like "what? This guy is the Flash and he is so old and slow and not interesting?" Eventually I started to like him.

  • I was never interested in sidekicks and young heroes but I got a breakdown when he replaced Barry Allen. However I decided to give Wally a chance and now I understand why people prefer him over Barry even tho Barry is still my favorite Flash.

  • I had no problem with Ben being Spider-man. What I did have a problem with was Marvel saying how he is the real Spider-man and Peter was the clone all along. At least it was retconned and Ben died as a hero and was awesome as Scarlet Spider. He also left a huge legacy.