Characters I don't really like that much

I just want to let you know that I am not making this list because I'm trying to be a hater nor am I trying to antagonize these characters' fans. If you like these characters, that's perfectly fine. I'm sure there are characters you yourself hate that I particularly like, which is fine as well. The only reason why I'm making this thread is because I thought about it for some time and now I decided to make it.

Few thing to keep in mind tho is that, first off, not all of the characters on this list are the ones I hate. Some I just don't like or am just not particularly fond of. So you will see me talking about characters that I either hate, don't like or I just think are kinda meh. This list is in no particular order and keep in mind that I will not be including non comic versions of the characters. Alternate versions still count however.

Dishonorable Mention:


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I decided to put Justice League as (dis)honorable mention because I think it would be stupid to put the entire team on this list, especially a team composed of characters I don't have any problem with (Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter/Cyborg, Aquaman...), characters I like (Batman, Superman...) and the ones I absolutely adore (Barry Allen, Hal Jordan...). But why would DC's most iconic and popular team be on this list? Well, the answer is literally just because of two things I just brought up. This is DC's most iconic team and is composed of DC's most iconic heroes, two of which are actually my favorite DC characters. So the fact that I find this team to be extremely uninteresting really does make me put it here just because a team like this should not make me feel that way.

I'm telling you, if I wasn't a part of site, I would probably drop JL titles altogether, because the only reason why I kept going is because of feats. The huge majority of Justice League stories are pretty lackluster to me, and my favorite ones like Trial by Fire or Darkseid War are not anything spectacular. The biggest problem with this team is that they are firemen and nothing else. What I mean by that is that, this team is full of stories where random villains appear and cause destruction and JLA teams up to deal with them, without those villains having any interesting connections with the heroes themselves. And when do not do that, they sit in the Watchtower talking about completely uninteresting things. There is almost zero character development in these stories with these heroes.

I think it has something to do with the fact that all these characters have their own separate runs, titles and writers which allow them to tell their own stories and showcase character development, while JLA titles mostly focus on team being together and facing with threats they can only deal with together. But if you want to ignore character development you need to at least give us some good villains, and besides Fernus, Darkseid, Grail and Amazo, I don't find myself enjoying any of the JLA villains. And even if you don't want to spend so much time on villains, focus on team itself. Make it mean something. Show some character dynamic. Show us how they feel about being on this team without just trash talking members they don't like or making jokes about them.

I don't want to sound like a mean asshole but most of the JLA comics focuses on no dynamic between characters (like with Clark and Diana or Barry and Hal, not even with Superman and Batman, apparently because they have their own title for that) but team mostly doing nothing interesting until a threat that mostly has no dynamic with any of the characters shows up and they stop it in a way, with most of the dialogue being nothing but characters explaining more exposition. I heard a lot of people claiming how Grant Morrison's JLA run is one of the best runs in history of comics and I was pretty excited because I know Morrison is a great writer and one of my personal favorites. And you have no idea how much willpower it took me to read the whole run because of how boring it was.

Again, JLA is not terrible. Far from it. But the fact that the most iconic DC team composed of most iconic DC heroes makes me feel the way I feel, I think it deserves more hate in this particular situation.

List items

  • My main problem with Doomsday is that he is not a character. He is a walking, destructive, screaming plot device on two legs with spikes. He was created to be a plot device by Dan Jurgens for mediocre arc started for the sake of quick cash grab, and he continued appearing in comics because he was popular for... no good reason. He was in a story where Superman died and suddenly he is one of the best characters out there. If only he actually was a character in the first place. Some writers tried to give him more depth by giving him personality and intelligence but those stories are either short lived and forgotten or are just mediocre, and he always came back to being a screaming beat-up machine he was at the start. Not to mention that he accomplished literally nothing relevant ever since Death of Superman.

    I would probably be ok with Doomsday if he was either buried permanently after DoS or if he was used as minimally as possible. But instead, he pops out everywhere. A ton of stories are written for Doomsday himself, comics that are nothing special, shows up in a lot of cartoons and animated movies which are mostly irrelevant and he even made already bad yet largely anticipated movie even worse, and ironically made Doomsday even less likable in my eyes. The fact that this character (I mean plot device) gained a Live Action interpretation before so many awesome characters just because he did something a lot of other characters could have done and in a way better way really makes me feel depressed.


    Injustice Wonder Woman is the worst. She's aggressive, annoying, manipulative, selfish and bloodthirsty killer with zero regards to human emotions and life. She also brings the worst in Injustice Superman.

  • I absolutely hate this version of Captain America. The only thing cool about him are few badass moments, which are just nothing compared all the bullshit with this character. He has zero sense of heroism, justice, hope, inspiration and example of a good man. He is literally Nuke if Nuke wasn't a bad guy. He has zero interesting things about him and his social life and speeches are equivalent to annoying old man you can never please.

    His personality on the other hand is like that of generic, crazy patriots who want nothing but to serve their country and enjoy doing things like punching people, killing bad people, calling punks punks and overall never being reasonable. This Cap is also annoying and mean nationalist with no regards towards the human life aside from standard moral types of thing like protecting innocent. Do one bad thing and he will have no problem killing you. The only reason why this guy would deserve anyone's respect is because he is a commander of SHIELD'S meta human team and former Captain of WWII. But his heroic traits aren't any better than the Punisher's.


    I don't really hate Ultimate Hulk, but I can't help myself but cringe most of the time when I read his comics. From sex references, to actually creating earthquakes with sex. From making stupid faces because of hot shirtless chicks to cannibalism and overall no development or relationship between Hulk and Banner. Actually, it looks like Hulk is not even Banner's different personality in this Universe. More like Banner on super steroid drugs who has multiple personality disorder, nothing like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde type of thing. And even then if we ignore that, this Hulk either makes me cringe when I read his comics or strait up burst into laughter.

  • So my reason for putting Patty Spivot on this list is actually pretty pathetic because, I don't hate her for any particular reason. I just find her to be really unnecessary. A boring character. She barely had any role as a support character Pre-Crisis and then when New 52 came out and DC thought it was smart to follow One More Day trope and retcon every relationship a hero had with his/her love interest (it's not). Because of it, she became Barry's new girlfriend while Iris was used as a side character because DC's executive producers thought being married is not the best idea (their words).

    And that's not even my problem with Patty. I actually thought she was a pretty cool character at the time. I'm not bias against her because Iris is my favorite comic book love interest. But the problem is, as the time went on, she started complaining about Barry's life as the Flash for being busy and meeting with Iris for no reason but business and no personal interest. And then, Barry was replaced by his future self and spend some time with Patty with original timeline's Barry being trapped in the past without Patty knowing it. Then she saw how this Barry was a ruthless Anti Hero and "a monster" who eventually died when original Barry came back.

    Then Patty decided to leave Barry permanently because every time she looks at him, she remembers that other ruthless version of him. Which ironically happened right after Barry told her he's glad to see her again and that she was the only thing he could think of when he was trapped in the past. And ironically, Patty told Barry multiple times she loves him. I'm sorry, but you don't leave someone you "love" just because you saw meaner version of him, who by the way was still nice to her and was an idiot only when fighting super villains.

    Again, I don't despise Patty. I just think she's kinda meh. She's literally Carlie Cooper but for Barry Allen.

  • "Shut up shut up shut up, I'm not a boy. I'm a man. A MAN! I'm, SUPERMAAAAANN!!!"

    "You don't understand, they made me do it. When I grow up, I'll be Superman. Don't you understand. I'm gonna be SUPERMAAAAAAAAN!!!"


    Do I have to say anything else?

  • All-New All-Different Marvel's/Social Justice Worker supporter's/Bendis' "replace well established, iconic, interesting and popular character with teenage black and/or female character and push the agenda where he/she is superior to the original even tho he/she is not in any way" cliche.

  • I don't hate Miles. I love making fun of him but I don't hate him. The thing about Miles is, he is not different than Peter Parker at all. His personality, his reactions, his motivation, his relationship, mostly identical to Bendis' Ultimate Spider-man. The only difference between him and Peter besides their skin color and the fact that Miles had a best friend and not a girlfriend is that Miles felt responsible but without personal loss. Like Peter, he wasn't a hero right away. He became a hero when Peter Parker died, because he already had his powers at the time. So he felt responsible for Peter's death because he thought he could help, so he decided to do something about it. While it is kinda ironic how his Uncle was a bad guy (unlike with Peter), my problem with Miles is that everyone keeps pushing him to be this mindblowing character, while in truth, he is just black and less interesting version of Ultimate Peter Parker.

  • Again, just like with Miles Morales, I don't hate black Wally West. What I don't like is the concept of black Wally West. Not only that there is no point in making a lovable and existing character black, but that is the least of his problems. This version of Wally is stereotypical, boring, uninteresting kid who has father issues and has his own problem and decides to blame certain someone for it for no good reason. It also makes Barry play the most genetic role ever. Be a father figure for a kid who does not need one. I mean, come on. We've been here already. While all of this is mostly retconned, this existence of another Wally/Kid Flash kinda ruins the relationship between Barry, original Wally and Iris.

  • Carol used to be one of my favorite female heroes before ANADM. She was a solid character with solid characteristics and stories and was one of fictional characters who can present girl power without it looking forced or make her look like Mary Sue. Until they turned her into this annoying, pathetic, unmoral witch who abuses her authority and acts like absolute idiot in all imaginable ways, to the point that you think someone is just trolling you given how many mistakes she makes even when people who are on her side and trust her tell her she is wrong based on actual evidence which does not leave room opened for a debate or one's personal view of things. And every time when they show her how wrong she is.

  • I don't have prejudices. I actually tried to read few Squirrel girl comics. And they are on different level of bad. They are not so bad they are good and hilarious, they are not so bad you hate them and they are not so bad they are boring or insulting. They are just absurd and ridiculous on so many levels. If you think Deadpool is a joke character, well, he is not. Not even close. This however is the embodiment.

  • Weird concept, Ultimate Spider-man cartoon-like interpretation of any character who appears in her comic (so style only small stupid kids can relate to and enjoy in) and pretty much nothing can be found here. I can't decide whether she is almost as bad, or worse than Squirrel girl. You know when someone picks style over substance? This one is just style and no substance at all.

  • Nothing to say here. Everything but likable. Annoying more than anything and even during those rare moments when Bruce and Damian actually have a solid father/son relationship, it's mostly style over substance.


    Ok, I always try to be open-minded when it comes to Ultimate characters because I realize that the Universe exists not as a new fresh start for old fans, but providing a Universe for old fans who will have no problem to keep track of Marvel's huge continuity. And despite the fact that this is like the fourth Ultimate character on this list, I actually do like the Ultimate Universe. I think it's great, and I'm mostly open minded when it comes to questionable decisions I see. If I wasn't, this list would be filled with Ultimate characters. But sometimes, I just can't ignore things that bother me.

    This version of Magneto is against everything that the original stands for and is likable because of it. Original Magneto was interesting because he was the greatest foe of the X-Men but was also the best friend of their founder and leader. They both fight for mutant race but their different views make them foes. Magneto is a perfect example of a guy who goes from villain to anti hero to strait up hero, both based on presentation and character. He wants justice for mutants while being against the human race due to personal bias and fight for the greater good for part of society which is more appropriate for.

    In the Ultimate Marvel, he was turned into this nihilistic, egoistic, self proclaimed God's messenger who claims that the destruction of humans is natural order of things because mutants are superior to humans the way humans are superior to monkeys. By the time he figured out that mutants are not God's creation but enhanced humans created in a lab made him completely ignore all the injustice towards them and started to cry terrified because of the damage he has done and accepting his death. All that fight for misunderstood and hepless minority against ignorant and afraid fools who are ironically and partially right which makes a good debate by itself, doesn't mean anything to this guy, right? Just stupid combination of generic, boring and annoying cult and anarchistic type of villains.

    Oh and he does not see Charles as a friend he disagrees with. He sees him as a strait up enemy and killed him with his bare hands at the end.

  • Inertia is this stereotypical evil kid who is essentially, like his name says, Kid Zoom. He acts like Eobard Thawne if Eobard Thawne was an annoying child, which is fitting for the character given he is exactly that. I don't hate Thaddeus in sense that I want everything bad to happen to him or that I never want to see him again. I think he is a decent villain. I just find him to be really annoying.


    I think Injustice overall is a cool concept. Superman gets pushed over the edge and decides not only to kill, but tries to change the world instead of just protecting it. The overwhelming guilt and fear turn him into a guy who decides it's better to control the world instead of just keeping a watch on it. The problem is, the execution was just, well, bad in my taste. It's one thing to change one's personal perspective of things, but to outright change his personality is the other. Injustice Superman never actually questions his decisions nor does he try to think about better options. The worst part is that he went from "control over justice" type of guy to this unlikable tyrant who falls so much, he strait up tries to make himself a ruler of Earth and will kill anyone who DOES NOT try to stand against him, but even the ones who don't want to support him. He is also always reckless, has rage issues and is egoistic. Again, I have no problem with Superman going from truth, justice and the American way to obedience, order and control, but this is just a combination of Maestro and Superboy Prime.