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5 People who should get their own Rebirth/Post-Rebirth titles = SPOILERS!!!

This is my personal biased opinion. Also

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  • It seems original, Pre-New 52 Reverse Flash is coming back to current DC timeline. This is what I wanted for quite some time.

  • One title for the entire Flash Family. Everyone is coming back (except Wally's kids, they suck).

  • DC has been teasing us with Johnny Thunder from DC Rebirth #1 and Pre-Flashpoint Jay Garrick appearing on the variant cover of the up coming Flash issue. These guys will come eventually.

  • I think Kyle's origin should be retconned and then he can go back to his Pre-Flashpoint self, where he became a Green Lantern because Hal land waste to the Universe and became Parallax.

  • Darkseid is a baby, right? And his daughter Grail is with him? If that is still the thing, it should be cool seeing what happens next. What was the last time when Darkseid had his own title (if he even had it)?