Top 10 Comic Book Villains that are pure evil

There are a lot of types of super villains in the world of comic books and beyond. Some of them think they are heroes. Some of them think they are doing the right think but sacrifices must be made. Some of them are third rate criminals. Some of them are doing what they have to. Some of them just want to survive. Some of them want to be rivals of their arch enemy super heroes. A lot of them are victims. And some of them are just crazy/psychopaths. But, there are times when there are no shades of grey. Sometimes it is pure black and white.

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Sometimes there are no excuses to be made. Sometimes villains are just pure evil and nothing else. So, let's list top 10 most evil comic book villains. Keep in mind, my opinion is totally subjective. If you disagree, that is fine. I'm curious to see your lists.

Honorable/Dishonorable Mentions

  • Carnage - This guy kills for fun. He also throws babies out of the window. Evil for sure. But Kasady is just insane. While I have no problem putting psychopaths on this list, murdering for the sake of murdering and fun only is way more insane than evil.
  • Joker - Same as Carnage.
  • Thanos - Thanos is ruthless sure, and he wants to destroy all life. But that is because of his love for Death. You can say he is insane or he is one of does "goals beyond your understanding" villains. Either way, there are a lot of times when Thanos proved he is not strait up evil. He worked with super heroes a lot of times. He saved the Universe and heroes, he has a code of honor (at least under Starlin) and he does not kill for the sake of killing.
  • Loki - Loki wants to kill Thor and destroy Asgard. He finds joy in doing it (or at least planning to do it because he always fails). However, in my opinion, Loki just missed the mark and is not evil enough, especially because he realized his mistake when Void was about to destroy Asgard, and he was killed trying to help the Avengers.
  • Kingpin - Kingpin is just one of those corrupted rich people we all love to hate in real life. He is just a crime lord and not a politician. Born Again and Back in Black prove that he is evil. He would be on this list, but he just missed the mark.
  • Superboy Prime - Why Stupid Baby is not on this list? Well, while he is doing a lot of bad stuff for stupid reasons, which is evil, if anything, Prime is pathetic, sad, immature and upset kid, way more than he is evil.
  • MODOK and Ultron - One is designed to kill and another one is designed to create utopia (he just thinks that is impossible without destroying the human race). You can't blame them for doing what they are made for, right?
  • Anti-Monitor and Chaos King - These guys want to destroy all of creation. But they embody the opposite of creation. It is in their nature to destroy everything. Again, not actually evil.

Number 10 - Bullseye

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Starting with Daredevil's arch enemy, Lester is not only a ruthless killing machine who murders people without a second thought, innocent or not, but he was doing a ton of messed up things. Aside from the fact that he enjoys hurting people, Lester killed both love interests of Matt Murdock, Elektra (only to get his job back) and years later, Karen Page (just to destroy Daredevil). He also killed a lot of homeless, helpless people. He turned a church into a bloody crime scene, killing almost everyone there and had no problem kidnapping the baby and give it to scum like Mysterio. When Daredevil's identity was publicly revealed, Lester almost killed every single person Matt knows and he even replicated the accident that turned Matt into Daredevil to create Daredevil on steroids (Ikari) who beat the shit out of Matt and literally turned the Man Without Fear into someone who is afraid. And it was never confirmed that Lester is insane, making him just that evil.

Number 9 - Purple Man

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For those of you that watched Jessica Jones TV Show from Netflix, you know what I'm talking about. Zebediah Killgrave has the ability to make everyone do what he tells them to do (unless you are Doctor Doom). He abuses this ability more than Anime abuses hax. One of the prime examples is sexually abusing Jessica Jones without physically forcing her to do so. That's messed up, and that is just one of the things he has done.

Number 8 - Mister Sinister

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Nathaniel Essex is obsessed with evolution, therefor he is obsessed with mutants. But he is not interested in mutants only. He is interested in mutant evolution as well. He is interested to see how mutants can become more than they already are. So he is ready to kidnap, experiment, torture, kill, manipulate and control mutants and even non mutants to achieve his goals. He is doing that without a second thought or without blinking. That is EVIIIIIIIIIL!!!

Number 7 - Surtur and Annihilus

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These guys are pretty similar, which is the reason why they share the seventh spot on this list. Although they are a bit different. Surtur wants to burn everything in this and every other Universe with his Twilight Sword, especially Asgard. He is like the devil, but he is more like being of energy, and he is not really manipulative and tactical as Hell Lords (he is way more powerful tho). Annihilus on the other hand is just scary crazy bug obsessed with power, control and total annihilation. He almost stole the power of Galactus and he killed billions, maybe even trillions without a second thought. He also tortures others to achieve his goals. In other words, they would destroy galaxies because they feel like it.

Number 6 - Onslaught

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Onslaught is similar to Surtur. He wants to destroy all life on the planet Earth and beyond. The reason why Onslaught is above Surtur and Annihilus is because of concept of Onslaught. Onslaught is physical and psychic manifestation of all the hatred, frustration, sorrow, doubt and anger Professor X and Magneto felt/feel and endure. Which is a lot because both Charles and Eric endured hell through their lives and they are still going through it. Onslaught is the worst in people coming to life. Imagine how messed up that is. Besides that, he is extremely smart and manipulative, making people fear or hate others, expose them in front of others, control them, making them lose faith in their loved ones, or strait up torture them using nothing but words. He also stole powers from Franklin Richards and Nate Grey and he killed around 80% of Marvel's super heroes.

Number 5 - Red Skull

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Johann Shmidt makes Hitler look like a drug dealer in comparison. I can't even think of the worst thing he has done. He is basically all terrorists, criminals, thieves, killers, corrupted politicians, business men and manipulators combined. He controlled Hydra, organized death of Captain America, manipulated Bucky, killed a lot of good soldiers and civilians, stole the brain of Charles Xavier, used Cosmic Cube and threw pizza in the trash.

Number 4 - Darkseid

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Darkseid seems like a classic devil-like bad guy. He is ugly, he is scary, he is all-power, he is a ruler of a hell-like planet, he doesn't give a shit about life, he will kill you without even moving a finger and pretty much all his people suffer. Literally like they are in hell. Besides that, Darkseid was doing stuff like destroying planets, killing billions of people, creating abominations, teaching people how to be killers, turning mortals into killing machines, experimenting on mortals and immortals and even torturing others for the sake of torture. That is evil. That is all nice and cool. But the thing that really makes Darkseid so evil is trying to erase free will. And I'm not just talking about taking control of others and using them against their loved ones like he did with Supergirl. The reason why Darkseid wants Anti-Life Equation in the first place is because he wants to take control of everything that is. Anti-Life. The reality where Darkseid is everything and everything is Darkseid. He wants to take away people's free will and make them to obey him. He doesn't just want to rule all that is. He wants everyone to believe that the only reason why we live is to die for Darkseid. Damn... This guy, he is not a dictator. He is the God of dictatorship (if dictatorship is even a word).

Number 3 - Eobard Thawne and Norman Osborn

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I probably added those two because of sheer bias since they are my two favorite super villains, but you gotta admit, they are pure evil. They have only one actual goal. To destroy the lives of their arc-enemies (Flash Barry Allen and Spider-man Peter Parker) and make them as miserable as they can. They find a lot of joy in torturing the two and basically can't sleep at night knowing they are happy.

For example, Thawne erased Barry's best friends from existence, changing reality so that Barry was lonely and never had any friends. He always made Barry fail at most things he was doing during school, he was pushing him down stairs when he was a kid, burned his old house, killed his dog, and most importantly, he killed Barry's mother and his dad was send to prison because of it (in Post-Crisis he died before Barry proved he is innocent). He almost killed all members of the Flash Family, he manipulated Barry into becoming the Black Flash so he would kill all of his friends and Family, making Barry kill himself by tapping into the Speed Force. He almost destroyed the Speed Force, threatened Barry's wife Iris and tried to kill her at least 3 times with the smile on his face (one time he actually succeeded, but she was resurrected via some ex machina shit). I can't even think of all the other stuff that he has done.

As for Norman, he threatened Peter and his lowed ones countless times. He killed Peter's first love Gwen Stacy despite the fact that she was Harry's best friend at the time. He was responsible for the Clone Saga and Peter believing he was the clone and Ben was real. He killed Ben Reilly, he made Peter believe Aunt May is dead, he took over New York, he almost killed Tony Stark and Pepper, he almost destroyed Asgard, he manipulated the Sentry and killed his wife, he outsmarted Doctor Doom, he became the Director of Shield, he made Gwen pregnant and made their kids attack Spider-man, making them believe he is their father who killed their mother. He haunted down various super heroes, he manipulated various heroes and villains, he killed the Punisher, he killed a lot of Asgardians, he tricked his friend Strom and had him arrested for personal needs, he killed a lot of innocent while laughing, he turned his employee into a monster and later had him killed, and he left a lot of legacy of evil behind, since nobody would have become the Goblin without him, including his son Harry who almost killed Peter and Mary Jane, as well as making Peter and everyone else believe Harry is dead. He also almost had Harry killed and eventually gave up on him for good, after making him believe that his fiance was pregnant with Harry's brother instead of his son (which was false by the way). Oh and he also killed Peter and Mary Jane's baby before she was born.

Wow, these guys are... just... damn.

Number 2 - Marvel's Hell-Lords (all of them)

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I could just put Mephisto on this list, but I don't think that is fair since other Hell-Lords also feed on evil and sins. Mephisto just has the most showing of being evil since he has more appearances than everyone else and he is Marvel's most popular Hell-Lord. People may argue he is the most evil one, but again that is because he has the more showings than the others. I don't think I even have to explain why they are so high on this list, even less why they are on this list in the first place. They are probably the best manipulators in Marvel comics ("Devil" is overall introduced as the best manipulation out there, whatever you are reading, listening or watching), they feed of of evil and sins and corrupted souls, and they are evil for the sake of evil. Nuff said.

Number 1 - Dormammu

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To my knowledge, we haven't really seen Dormammu being introduced as a strait up evil villain. Most of the time he is either scary, powerful and even funny sometimes. As for why he is on this list, well, he kinda falls into the category of a Hell-Lord, but he is not actually a Hell-Lord. He is more like a being of magical energy from other Inter-Dimensional planes of existence, similar to Vishanti, Shuma-Gorath and Cyttorak. But he still has a lot of characteristics of a Hell-Lord, but he is way way more successful when it comes to achieving his goals and taking over other planes of existence/realities (Universes actually) and is also way more powerful than all of the Hell-Lords. But the main reason why I decided to put him at the top of this list, is because he told other Hell-Lords (who are number 2 on this list) that they know nothing of evil. You may say that statement just shows how egoistic Dormammu is, but for me, it is enough to assume that he is way more evil than they are, especially because he is older, more experienced, more powerful, more capable and more knowledgeable.


Hope you enjoyed this list. Like I said before, this is totally subjective. I'm interested to hear your thoughts about this list and if you disagree feel free to give me your own list.