Join the Tournament? What you should be aware of...

Comic Vine is/was full of tourneys right now. I don't even know how many tourneys people were working on these past few months. If you want to keep track of all the most recent tourneys that were active, check out The Daily Debater thread where you can find all battle forum discussions, CaVs, tourneys and more battle forum related stuff (credit goes to SupremeGenerations, EmperorThanos, and, well me LOL).

Going back to the topic, Challange a Viner (CaV) is a very popular part of the battle forum. They allow debaters to have a nice debate without anyone intervening while at the same time is very interesting type of contest, where the debater who was considered to be superior by the views can vote for him and the one who ends up having a greater number of votes wins the CaV.


Note: If you already know everything about tourneys than there is no reason to read this section. However if you know only the most basic stuff, the following might contain something you are not aware of.


The interesting way to do a CaV is to join the tournament, usually organized by one user, composed of 8-16 participants. It works like normal tourney based on CaV matches. The debater who lost is eliminated and the winner goes to the next round until he is eliminated or wins. Who will debate against who in all rounds is on the user who organized the tourney to decide. The debaters all start with certain number of points which allow them to "buy" characters that cost more or less points, based on power level. They can also use points to buy certain perks which give their characters back up. Just like the character, the more OP the perk is, the more it costs. A debater can use only one character or can use more than 5, depending on how many points he uses and how he uses them (same goes for perks). Usually when there is a ridiculously powerful character who can be used, they need to limit him to a degree by decreasing his powers or removing certain abilities the character has.

Because of this, the debaters are allowed to use most types of characters power wise, including Street Level characters, Mid Tiers, High Tiers, Heralds, Teambusters and low Skyfather levels. Usually nobody is gonna choose a character on Odin's level or above (although a tournament can be made for characters on that tier). The second most commonly used type of tourney is street level tourney which is pretty self explanatory. There are also High/Herald tier tourneys. Tourneys can also be "customized" in sense that they don't need to be focused on levels of power to be called non generic. However, talking about different types of tourneys is way to relative to even start but to give you few examples, there was Superman tourney which limits the characters being focused only on Superman based/inspired characters and Superman himself. There was Multiversal tourney were people have to choose different Marvel and DC characters from alternate timelines and can only fight people who are not from their own timelines (unless there is not other way for the contest to move forward with debates).

What you have to know/do if you want to win the tourney

Note: The reason why I'm writing about this is because I joined two tourneys these past few months and I had to give up before the debate even started so I don't want people to have the same annoying problem I had. Also what you should know is that the following stuff I will mention is something you should know if you want to participate in standard tourneys without any special limitations and/or customization, with the ability to select as many characters as you want, with various power levels and perks, using points you have. Some stuff I mention here can imply for special types of tourneys but mostly, what you read below is something you should know if you participate in normal type of tourney.

Also, the following will have nothing to do with being a good debater like knowing your character, having common sense and logic, knowing what consistency means, having a strategy... Those stuff are based on what you have to know and what you have to do in order to be a good debater. What I mention here has nothing to do with this. Plus, blogs about what a good debater is are already made by multiple people.


Your opponent's character/s

This is the most important thing you have to be aware of when you join the tourney. Without this, all the other stuff I mentioned are kinda useless or won't give you the victory. Keep in mind, a lot of people can join the tourney, a lot of them can use different characters, multiple of them and a lot of them can add certain perks to upgrade their characters. The most commonly seen problem on the tourneys is the fact that people just jump in and decide to use a character or multiple other characters as well plus add certain perks based on what they can and what they want to use while ignoring what characters other participants use. Users either don't notice or don't care to notice what characters others use or they just hope that the others eliminate the thread and than they can win and go further which is one of the worst ways to hope for the win. When things don't go as planned, most of the users give up their matches or request to change or add a certain character or a perk which tears the tourney apart and turns it into a mess. Who would like a tourney where most people passed on it/gave up before the debate even started? Know your opponents, all of them and than continue.

Be ready for everything (*cough* Hax *cough* *cough*)/Choose your character/team and perks carefully

This is a similar thing I mentioned above. Likely, participants are gonna pic some characters with extreme amount of hax and versatility. In order to counter something like that, you either need a character who is immune to various types of hax and versatility, who has some kind of a counter for them because of his own powers, or has massive levels of versatility and hax himself which is as if not even more effective than your opponent's and it is more likely to work than the other way around (which is something you have to prove while debating).

However, it does not mean every single debater will use character with a lot of hax and versatility. As expected, a lot of users will use bricks/tanks/powerhouses who can be taken down by other bricks. Plus, there are bricks that are versatile themselves even without a lot of hax and other powers. For example, Superman is pretty versatile because he is very smart and tactical fighter with super senses who knows how to use his speed.

You also have to take perks into the account. Which ones are the best for your team? And don't just think about counters for your opponent's characters and their weakness. Focus on stuff that can help your team (which does not mean you have to ignore stuff that can help you take down other character/s, or vice versa). If you have a character or a team that has a lot but is just lacking something, than "buy" a perk that can provide something your character is lacking but he needs it.

Lack of points is something something you should look out for. Don't just look at the coolest characters and coolest stuff you can use and choose that right away. Think. Think about all possibilities you have. What arguments and combinations you can use. Think about your opponent's characters. Think about possible arguments, counters and strategies they can use against you. Of course, you won't know every single character/team other participants will use. If everyone waits for someone to think about the team, nobody will even pic a character in the first place. If only a handful of people decided what characters to use, you should focus on a character/team that can counter almost everything while looking at other options to give your character or a team some back up against possible tactics difficult to counter. This of course, works if you actually know most if not all stuff about those characters.


That's mostly what I wanted to say. I could get into what perks might be the most useful to use but that is pretty relative thing to talk about. Not just because the debaters should know what will help them the most when they think about it and that it is based on what characters they use themselves but the fact that the only perks you can use are the ones that the person who created the tournament allows. Perks I might consider useful might not even be an option. I'm not gonna pretend I helped anyone with this. I just want to give people (who did not participate in the tourneys before) a friendly advice about what they should do when join the tourney and to simply be aware of what they are getting into (because my personal experience with tourneys, wasn't that great). If you don't want to bother over this and you really want to make sure you win the tourney, you might as well participate in a tourney with more limitations and rules that are making the match ups less complex, like something similar to Superman tourney with flying bricks being the only characters available.