I really do wish Arika can let Capcom use Skullomania for Street Fighter 5.

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 Wishlist (Capcom side)

I hope one day this will happen...I got a good plot for this as well:

"After the defeat of Galactus (Marvel Vs. Capcom 3), The Marvel and Capcom universes remain safe and peaceful from any known destructive threat. Years have passed and then the return of The Infinity Gems have mysteriously emerged once more. This has also brought about the return of a well-known but powerful adversary: The Mad Titan Thanos. The heroes from Marvel and Capcom have risen up again to save their two worlds from Thanos who is willing to use The Infinity Gems once again to take over the universe...while the villains are willing to use them for their own purposes. Old rivals will ignite, new faces will rise, and another new battle begins."

Right here, it's the Capcom side:

Characters not pictured: Skullomania (for DLC if Arika let Capcom use him again), Strider Hien (for DLC), Valgas (for DLC)

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