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Heaven and Hell...


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Kris Kros

Real Name:

Christopher “Chance” Peacemaker


Freelance investigator


31 / 210




Self Centered / Slightly Cocky

Loves the Ladies

Origin and Backstory:

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Even before Christopher “Chance” Peacemaker was born he was destined for greatness, for his birth was blessed by Angels above. His mother was a devout Christian that unfortunately could not bare children but ever day she would pray to the Lord for a child. Then one day she met an angel in the form of a man that seduced her and left her pregnant. Nine months later young Christopher was born, and he was his mom's last “Chance.” But neither he nor his mom knew how blessed Christopher was. Young Christopher was put on this Earth to speak as a Prophet for the Lord and enlighten the people he met. As he grew older, unaware of his true calling, Christopher found his life to be a breeze. There was not a task he could not accomplish or a feat he could not overcome. Any thing he put his mind to he would succeed. Whether it be sport, schooling, or obtaining the fairer sex Christopher was always at the head of the curve. So naturally after he graduated from High-school, as valedictorian, he found him self off to an ivy league college, unaware he had an angel over his shoulder every second.

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Unfortunately by this time demons and other creatures of the night began learning about him. They knew that if he were allowed to go on soon their own calling would be destroyed. In an attempt to defrock the golden child, a lower level demon inhabited the body of a voluptuous woman and began seducing him. Before the angels could intercede she already had hooked him and attempted to lead him to the darker side. Up until this point Christopher had avoided thing such as alcohol and drugs, but since living a worry free life so far he felt that he could deal with such acts and still come out on top. The demon woman, going by the name “Eve” hastily introduced Christopher to wild college parties as part of her masterful plan to corrupt him. Then one fatal night she succeeded. After getting Christopher drunk way past the laws limit she convinced him to drive her home and along the way she caused the car to wreck killing her, or a her vessel, and burning the left side of Christopher's face forever. At that moment the angels of heaven weeped for the latest prophet was now cursed. Even though he was not the actual cause of a woman's death, he was partially to blame. For the rest of his existence he would be watched over but never blessed. In other word he would always be lucky but never fully happy.

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Immediately he was charged with vehicular homicide, but before he was arrested he stole a bike and hit the open road. The angels above did their best by leading him to an old bar on an abandoned high way where he was welcomed in as one of their own. What Christopher, now going by Chris, didn't know was that this bar was for “Hunters”...men and women that fight the evil forces of night. The men saw potential in him, the mystics saw his untapped power and the psychics saw him a heavenly vessel. Over all he was seen as one of them. For the next few years Chris was taught everything about creatures of the night and the ways to stop them. As everything else in his life he quickly mastered every aspect of hunting and soon became one of there best. For the rest of his life he now fight the forces of darkness as enigma. Always there to help, but never seen.

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Once again Chris was on the right path, perhaps not the one he was original meant for, but still one of helping others in need. As a final,blessing from above Chris was bestowed with an uncanny amount of luck. Whether it be good luck for him or bad luck for his enemies, things would tend to be in his favor. Now geared up with a small arsenal and several mystic artifact Chris lived life on the run. Sleeping in cheap hotels and paying with forged credit card, Chris life was renewed. To his friends he was know as Chris, to the underworld he was called Kris Kros. It was a name feared by his enemies. He had no idea where his life was heading but he was sure of three things. One, he would never stop killing the creatures of the night. Two the police would never stop looking for him and three he would always remember the night he killed a woman and scared his face.

Powers and Ability

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Other than being an above average fighter, marksman and tracker, Chris is blessed from above with an holy luck allowing actions to bend in his favor. Whether it is good luck for him or bad luck for others, he always manages to come out on top. He has a extensive knowledge of occult magic and has casted many low level spells such as Illusions, protection, combustion and levitating small objects. Next he has an alarming number of assault weapons ranging from simple derringers to high power bazookas. Finally, although being horrible disfigured he is still a smooth talker and does well with the ladies, mainly because he casts a spell altering the image of his face. He only drops the illusion when on the hunt and needs to concentrate on other thing. But perhaps the most amazing feat Chris possess is the fact he can not die. Because of the unique nature of his life, he is not welcomed in either Heaven or Hell.