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Check out my guide to collecting X-Men comics as trade paperbacks! It's the best and most complete guide on the web to to filling in the gaps in your X-Men collection with TPBs.
I am an X-fan, indie singer-songwriter, >10years Philly blogger, comm professional, serial organizer, & narcissist. 
I've redeclared my love of comic books after a decade-and-a-half break. I love witty, adventurous, continuity-heavy comics, and I hate interminable crossovers, reboots, and relaunches. I think Grant Morrison is crap. One day I will figure out how to make my wife love comic books as much as she loves comic book movies.
Fav Comics: Excalibur Vol. 1, Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3, X-Factor Vol. 3, Wolverine: Origins, Planetary
Fav Characters: Rogue, Shadowcat, Madrox, Dazzler, HellionMs. Marvel, X-23, NorthstarWonder Woman
Fav Writers: Joss Whedon, Peter David, Pre-2000 Chris Claremont, Ed Brubaker, Steven Brust
Fav Artists: Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, Alan Davis, Simone BianchiJohn Byrne 
Fav Comics Movies: Constantine, Dark Knight 
That should cover it. 
And, mostly for my own reference, this is my universal rating scale:
5.0: Unassailable / 4.5: Remarkable 
4.0: Excellent / 3.5: Great 
3.0: Good / 2.5: Okay 
2.0: Uneven / 1.5: Weak 
1.0: Bad / 0.5: Terrible