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@zgtfreak: 1. he got caught of guard meaning he had no time to do anything but being suprised. 2. As soon as the explosion happened his body would be knocked away. 3. Without catching air he suffocated the second he would be in space. 4. Whis had the ability to reverse time so why would he waist energy saving Vegeta when he can teach Goku and Vegeta a lesson about bein relaxed and still combat ready like he did in their training session.

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im writing and that might shock you but it takes time to respond to long discussions

No problem at all I'll wait.

North kaio confirmed frieza was dead once goku blasted him to the underground and he was never seen again till he came as a cyborg<

He was not death at all. I have never seens anywhere that he was brought back as cyborg. His missing living parts just got restored with mechanical that is why he is called Mecha Frieza. Plus King Kai thought Goku died to there but he didn't so he was wrong on both wasn't he? And let's see what the manga says about that:

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is that good enough lad?

DBS TV version is outside of the stratosphere lad <

No it is not. If it was outside of the stratosphere would there be any reason why Goku and Beerus didn't fought accros the Solar System like Beerus and Champa did in the manga? There is only one reason why Saiyans are never shown outside of the reach of a planet. They. Can't. Survive. In. Space.

Even in Real life this looks exactly like this when you are in the stratosphere.

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the rabbit use magic so its not weird for him to survive in the moon

The Rabbit uses Magic ok. What about the regular rabbits right next to them? Or the two humans? Heck just above the same picture there is the explanation of the gag reference with the cultural difference of western and japanese.

saying a scene from the manga is not canon< ok there lad

The scene where he just flies there like Felix Baumgartner in real life? That is canon. Anything else about the fight is not.

And i still need you to tell me how a beaten up Frieza in DBS survived the explosion while a full powered SSB Vegeta couldn't? So is Frieza with less Ki more durable than Vegeta?

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Bump to see what others think.

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@shintoki: I gave you on my counter argument a lot of evidence that saiyans can't survive in space. Freiza weaker, cut in half, without Ki survived Namek exploding and while drained out of Ki survived the earth blowing up. Ki amount = stats. Vegeta with more Ki is stronger than Frieza, more durable. So there is a reason why Whis says that Frieza is certanily alive and Vegeta isn't right after that Beerus says that Friezas species can survive implying that Saiyans can't. You have two feats with Frieza or you gonna tell me Namek Saga half dead Frieza > SSB Vegeta?

Your scans mostly play out on the stratosphere and Bardocks fight isn't even canon so god knows how it will play out in the next movie.

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@zgtfreak: check the first video on my post and see what Whis says about Frieza and why he survived and Vegeta didn't

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@shintoki: You are the best example of strawman arguments. Using a Gag Feat from Dragon Ball Manga back when it was never that serious in contradiction to where Whis clearly states that Frieza, who is weaker at that point than Vegeta and Goku, can survive in space while Vegeta can't. Not once was it stated that Vegeta died because of the explosion. Nothing about Frieza survivng the explosion of Namek was ever retconned. The fight of Beerus and Goku was stated to be in the outer stratosphere. I guess you never watched/readed DB in any way other than to debate against it. You talking mad bs dude:

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Funny, Using Dyspo where it was never stated how much faster than light he was to argue against Goku being LS and using Namek saga Goku for speed is hilarious. Plus the same Dyspo gave Champa a hard time following him. Going toe to toe against Beerus who passes through Nebulas and goes into a galaxy in 2,5 min, Gotenks taking 4-5 rounds far outside of the stratosphere and taking a nap in 30 min, Cell reacting to a Kamehameha who went to outer space in sec is proof enough of them being at least relativistic to LS from Cell to Buu saga and far above in DBS.

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Beerus and Champas fight in the manga destroyed moons and planets by flying through it, Beerus finger tapped half a planet away in the very start of DBS and Goku had punches strong enough to equal those. AoE doesn't translate to Attack Potency. So how is Gokus best feat in punching mountain level?

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

And let's see what you never countered. Enegery based attacks. It doesn't matter if they have vectors in it or not. What i want to see from you is if Accelerator ever countered something that goes above planet level which are earth sized. Because if not Frieza in his first Form has more than enough to put him down. Destroying planet Vegeta which has 10x more gravity meaning that it is either a large planet in size or has massive densitiy.

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You using DB manga gag scans, scenes from the Namek saga and using your headcanon to get a argument down for you. This is the worst kind of argument. It's like using Naruto part 1 feats for EOS Naruto. BS in any given way. If you have a feat, any feat, without downplaying Goku by using this ignorant way of debate, that Accelerator has to counter or effect someone who is far superior in all stats i will admit that Goku loses. If you come back with those downplaying arguments i won't take you serious at all and not answer again. Please show me how Accelerator countered someone with LS+ speed, planet+ physicals and at least solar system+ level energy manipulation or heck just show me a fight where he was against someone on that level. If you can i will rethink if you can't all you talking about is NLF because his abilities never encountered someone far above him.

So if you calling them for years Gokutards, how come you have a new account now? And if you were never flagged because of that there is a possibility that you never got a warning or a ban.

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@shintoki: Ok wait a min here. So his best feats are at planet level, his speed is not that fast it is in the MHS+ regions with the things you said. Goku in SSJ1 in DBS has regular punches at that planet level with ki manipulation far above it and is LS+ (some would say MFL+). How can he even react to Goku and counter anything if he goes for an attack? And let me give you an advice. Calling fans tards and going on with the insults will only get you warnings and bans in the future. I would stop that. And Vegeta didn't die from the explosion of earth, he died because he lacked the ability to survive in space. It was pretty obvious with Whis statement.

Edit: And this is a NLF. Accelerator (with the things you gave) has never reacted to speeds in which Goku can move, never stopped a physical attack on the level Goku can punch and most importantly never countered any engery based attack Goku has attacked with. So saying that he can without proof of his capabilities is a no limit fallacy

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May i ask one thing since i don't know Accelerator. Has he ever stopped anything on the same level as Goku? Speedwise, DC wise and Strengthwise?

Because if not this would be NLF which would give Goku the win.

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Quicksilver (Fox), Deadpool, Venom

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Somehow my upper part is compeltely white so i cant quote you but you had some lines like you make yourself look silly etc. Those are not insults directly put more of an attack against your opponent rather then a counter to his statements. Like i said. You need to stay away from those kind of phrasing. It doesn't help your case.