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I will go with @deathhero61 Overall it had some pretty bad arguments on both sides but he had the better arguments and counters overall. I think the biggest issue was that the rules were forgotten a lot during the debate and it turned out pretty chaotic because of it.

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@shirso: Kratos endured far more than Guts can dish out, Guts is not faster than Kratos and he is surely not more skilled. Kratos is much more diverse in his arsenal. And Guts doesn't come close to Kratos when it comes to strength. I think Kratos with a serious attack intendet to kill would break Guts apart. Don't get me wrong i love both characters but there is not one thing Guts has over Kratos. And i played all GoW games and read the manga Berserk 2 or 3 times

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@shirso: Kratos is too much for Guts.

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The Wank. Unbelivable

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I will re-read all again and vote in a few days.

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@zgtfreak: Answered all of that with another post. I am getting tired of repeating myself.

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@heknorotra: Ok you start to get on my nerves:

A headcanon would be "He died 1 second after the planet exploded because there was no space". You just can't accept the fact that a character as strong as an SSB can be less than planetary level.

If he was human he would have 15 seconds before he loses consciousness. Whis couldn't save him? If he is like humans and whis is MFTL++++++++++++++To-the-infinite+++++++++++ he could easily have saved him just like he saved the rest of the persons who were nearby him.

Frieza didn't survive the explosion of namek in the anime. The scene were he floating in outer space is a filler scene. In the mangas he was revived into a cyborg. And he wasn't out of ki in namek. Goku gave him half of his ki.

Noone ever said that he died 1 sec after the explosion to begin with. And AT is not a scientist to know how long humans can survive in space. He just says this race can do this and this race can't do the same thing. If it was because the explosion was to much for Vegeta or because Vegeta can't survive the heat generated by the explosion wouldn't the dialog suggest that? Why is the only thing that was talked about how Frieza can survive in space and Vegeta can't? Why was that an issue with Frieza and Goku back in the Namek Saga? A crazy idea but maybe, just maybe it is because SAIYANS CAN'T SURVIVE IN SPACE WHILE FRIEZAS RACE CAN!

Whis could have saved him of course but like i said before he had the time rewind ability and he needed Goku and Vegeta to learn a lesson. This was the first build up to this scene when Whis stated that Goku is to relaxed and Vegeta to stiff to react faster in certain situations. Goku got shot by a ray gun for powering down into his base because he was too relaxed and Vegeta died because he couldn't react to Frieza fast enough for being to stiff and on edge.

Goku never gave him half of his Ki. He gave him some to survive but after his sneak attack Goku pretty much K.Oed him with his final attack. Being k.oed in DB is running out of Ki or not having any after an attack.

Go check out the post i did before in this topic and see how Vegeta clearly remarks that "Kakarot is too soft after all, he didn't kill Frieza". He was NEVER revived as a cyborg he just got some mechanical parts as replacement for his missing body parts. How do you guys come up with this idea that he was revived as a cyborg? He has his wounds from the battle all over his body and the best part is if Friezas army had this technology to revive fallen warriors why wouldn't they revive other warriors as cyborgs like the Ginyu force or Zarbon and Dodoria? And still i want to know the reason why Frieza, completely beaten up survived the same explosion (nevermind i saw your ridiculous claim that Friezas race can endure heat but the saiyans can't).

2- You are implying that every ki blast launched by buu is planet buster. The ground and the mountains in the backgrounds begs to differ

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

3- Goku absorbed the enrgy, he didn't withstand it. Even beerus was surprised he asked "how did you do that?" Goku replied "i don't know"

Should i remind how dbz characters destroys a planet? By core busting. even frieza in dbs destroyed the planet within it's core as you can see the lava erupting from everywhere and the planet exploding from the center. The only exception is Hakai

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This is absorbing? Then the term did change big time.

Ah yeah and that time when Beerus destoyed a planet with a tiny little Ki ball, or how in the new movie which is canon Frieza never destroyed the core of Vegeta but just destroyed it with a normal attack. Or how Buu destroyed several planets with ease without core busting. Yeah all characters are core busters in DB none have ever destroyed a planet in a different way. Never seen that in DB ever.

Also saiyans are weak against heat:


Using a weaker Goku to demonstrate a weakness against fire while they can whitstand disintegrating attacks with ease later on is a perfect way to go into an argument.

2-Several times, in DBS, we've seen goku sweating because he was working under the sun

Like they always do while working or training. Nothing new there. Just a showing of effort. Moving on

3-Goku can't tolerate volcano's lava:

Frieza knows it and goku damn sure knows it.

Goku had to transform in ssj and surround himself with an invisible aura to protect himself from the magma

Good so they can cover their bodies to withstand magma. So why wouldn't they all just do that when a planet gets destroyed and fly away with realtive ease? Or heck why Doesn't Goku just teleport away when they can withstand heat with Ki barriers or auras? Right, BECAUSE THEY CAN'T SURVIVE IN SPACE. If this was the case they would protect themselves when Buu destroyed the planet and not try to run away from it.

4-Goku and Vegeta are worried about the steam ejected by buu

Damn none of your videos work but let me take a guess and say that it wasn't because of the heat but because of the rise in his Ki? Just a silly thought.

5-Goku declares, in episode 68 of dbs, that he would die if he goes into earth core. he had to wear a special suit made by bulma to protect himself:

Was there any point in the anime where he said that he can't survive because of the heat? Because all i can see is that he said "wouldn't i die there?" Newsflash: The earths core has little to none oxygen. Gokus suit looks more like an oxygen support than anything else. If it was for the heat why not let him breath without the suits air supply.

Frieza's race wasn't stated to be weak against it.

There was never ever a statement about how this race can endure heat and the other one can't. And just to take away your INB4 "Kamehameha produces high temperatures" Almost every Ki attack can disintigrate someone. Meaning that there is a lot of heat behind every Ki based attack. You can see how there is steam after their disintigration showing that there was enough heat to do so. And how they withstood heat in the ToP is another thing right. When explosions where going on all around. Or how Goku got shot with a rocket launcher and wasn't burnt away in early DB. Or how he withstood the heat of a drive point blank.

Inb4 "kamehameha produces high temperature"

6-Vegeta was sweating like crazy when he fought Mageta

Vegeta was having a rough time because of the change in AIR. It was clearly stated. And after Vegeta breaks the barrier he says that he can breath normally and has no trouble dealing with the heat. Funny isn't it?

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But the easiest part to take your argument apart is that in no media considering DB there was a debate about heat problems, explosion problems or their ability to withstand a planet blowing up. The only thing given by the author himself is that certain races can survive in the vacuum of space while others, especially saiyans can't. If this wouldn't be an issue AT would never put it into his work so often.

But let me get straight to the question than. You think accelerator wins when i am not mistaken you. Go ahead and show me one instance where he moves faster than these things here:

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Or him blocking an attack like this here:

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Frieza destroys a planet which is either much bigger or much denser than Earth with his attack. This is first form Frieza who is 2800x weaker than a SSJ1 Goku from the Namek Saga.

Because i checked all things out posted against Goku which are all easily debunked and seen not one argument to put Accelerator on this level of speed or DC and durability.

If i read through your answer on this without getting any solid answers i will not respond and waste my time any further. A lot of well known critiqual debaters on DB here are all saying Goku wins. This is not even a match. You guys using strawman arguments and NLF.

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@heknorotra: So you gonna tell me your headcanon is that Vegeta in SSB died from a planetary explosion while beaten up Frieza survived the same explosion while it is stated over and over again that Saiyans can't survive in Space, Frieza surviving the expolosion of Namek while out of Ki and cut through half and Whis stating that Frieza survived because he can survive in space while Vegeta can't? It is not like that Vegeta in the Buu saga deflected Buus Planetary Ki Blast with a small Ki blast of his own, that Goku in his base form destroyed a Ki attack of Beerus with his bare hands an atack that was clearly able to destroy earth. None of these things ever was in the series just the things you guys wanna see and use. Strawman fallacy nothing else. You guys all use Stawman fallacy for Goku and No limit Fallacy for Accelerator just to see him win.

idk what to say to you guys anymore. You are hanging on one slim chance of Vegeta or Goku being not above planetary level in durability and ignoring everything else. This is a waste of time from this point on.