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Dante Vs Vergil in DMC 3 showed that they are easly bullet timers, Vergil grabbing all bullets shot by dante with his sword and lining them up is more than enough feat to put them above. The Rainfall feat is absurdly fast aswell. They are far above lighting timers because Dante is already in that speed mark in his base with Alastor. The Picca feat is nice to show how strong Zoro is but don't forget that he was thrown with an astonishing speed to do that. And Dante in DMC 4 cut through a hill sized monument with ease using Yamato. These feats are all done in Base. Plus Vergil has enough hax to back it up like space bending, time manipulation, teleportation, regen and cloning himself. I love Zoro but he will lose this matchup.

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At 5:13 you can see the monument feat

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Vergil and that is not a debate

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@zgtfreak: No antifeats shown, no real argument at all and repeating all things over and over again. Not worth debating tbh. I asked for direct feats of Beerus. Him getting mad=/= getting serious. But i am not suprised at all. You and the dude above my post are the best example to why CV lost so many long term users. You guys who lowball their hated franchise, wankers who go over the top to say their favorite characters are nigh infinite in strength and trolls are ruining this community. I don't see a user or enough good arguments to debate at all. And not just DB fans think you guys making crazy statements. Most of the time those guys are anti DB users and still think that you guys make ridiculous claims. I rest my case. Not worth my time.

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I'm using the manga to show that neither versions are universal.

Yeah and ignoring anything in the path that is. Using feats at the lowest end of it and bring it as fact for both sides and not considering their upper end feats.

He was serious enough to go god.

Moro specifically stated that it is the life force of the planet itself.

Like Goku was serious enough to go SSB against Kuririn and 17. The transformation doesn't say much about the situation at all.

Moro says he uses the life force of the planet itself yes but as what does he utilize it do you know that exactly? Are these attacks Ki based? Magic based? Does these attacks do damage like a Ki blast or a different kind of damage? No? So moving on.

Z feats do not apply to DBS, as DBS rectons and contradicts everything.

Most ridiculous statement i ever heared about DBS to this point. AT says clearly that the DBS story takes place between end of Buu fight and the tournament with Uub in it. How can a series which is specificly given a set timeline within Z can not use feats from it? You can clearly see all references and backflashes to DBZ in DBS. Your headcanon can say whatever it wants but the fact remains DBS is the continuation of DBZ stated by the author himself. It's like saying DB feats don't apply do Z lol. But if you want to go against author intent.

He was hurt by multiple attacks though.

Yeah like i get hurt sometimes by kids when they can land some good punches on me but it is never something serious. I am still far above their reach.

Yet Vegeta hit him with a punch, which made Beerus mad enough to get serious.

Using me vs a kid again. If a teen is getting the feeling that he can tangle with me and i go more serious are we on the same level? Did i use all of my power? Heck no. Same goes for Beerus.

Yeah, like the baseball joke episode. lol Or just like how Z villains were stated to be universal threats.

Good dodging the claim of yours by using a filler episode. And Z villains under Buu were never seen as a destruction threat but more for the live in it and all of it was true. Frieza was ruling the universe already, Cell who was a lot stronger would go around the universe searching for challanges and causing havoc around and well Kid Buu was already destroying planets for a long time before his slumber. Beerus is clearly stated to destroy the universe not a threat. He is feared to do that. Noone sees a way out of it.

Yet you ignore the fact that it was stated that the shockwaves got stronger the further they traveled out and weren't even moon busting until they left the solar system, making the feat unquantifiable.

For you maybe but for many others it is quantifiable and the biggest thing is noone ,with the exceptions of a few like you, have ever doubted that Beerus had enough power for it. Goku yes but never Beerus. And if i wanted to i could use the manga were nothing like that happend. And the dense energy ball had nothing to doubt aswell. Everyone ,even Whis, was certain that this will destroy the universe. So in the same fight he gets two feats on universal level. One shaky for some but the other clearly isn't

Via wonky shockwave feat that is too unnatural to be quantifiable.

There were no wonky shockwaves too unnatural when Beerus and Champa fought. It was the side effect of their fight. In the anime it was stated that they need to stop before both universes get destroyed. In the mange they both were stopped before they could destroy the universe. So one feat for the manga and one for the anime again.

Except they have hurt him multiple times with Vegeta making Beerus get serious even.

You can't use pure Beerus feats can you lol? They hurt him damn big deal. And with hurt you mean without any scratch, fatigue signs, having any problem overpowering both in the matter of seconds a short time after and the best part is he never went all out against either.

If you can provide antifeats for Beerus, only Beerus without scaling him, were he was really hurt by planet level attacks, were he had trouble with people far below his level, were he couldn't display feats on planetary level with ease then please i will be glad to change my mind on it. I will admit that he is not above planetary if you can. If you can't accept that you and some of users with your mindset are the only people on CV (and in all the other forums aswell) that will ever make such laughable statements about Beerus. Maybe you should stop for a sec and ask why on the whole site there are maybe 5 to 8 people with most having known troll backstories who are agreeing with you.

EDIT: If you want to you can create a topic and use these feats to prove your point. I will debate you all day but this isn't the thread for it. This is not "Is Beerus only planetary?" this is "cthulhu runs the gauntlet"

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@gaoron: I saw him and some other guys going on and on about that all the time. It is amusing at best but sad to see how CV changed in the last couple of months.

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He was in his god form, which is the famously acclaimed "universal" form. LOL

Lets go with some facts than. Manga and anime are seperate canons so you can't use the unviersal feats and statements from the show in the manga. We don't know how much Vegeta was holding back to get the informations he needed. Moros strength and how he uses the energy isn't clear. Is it magic, physical or Ki based? So you making assumptions out of context from one panel. But go with it it is your opinion nothing to change there you are known in CV.

Vegeta died to the Earth exploding in Fukkatsu no F, and it wasn't due to lack of oxygen, as he died instantly, since Goku could've saved him with IT if he was alive after the explosion. This Vegeta was above god Goku, who could harm a suppressed Beerus. (INB4 Beerus was using negative sexdecillion percent of his power headcanon.)

Vegeta didn't die from the explosion. You and some other users with the same mindset are trying to claim that over and over again but mostly people don't agree with you guys. You can go on and on about how Vegeta can't survive a planet level explosion. But truth is that in DB Frieza survived 2 planetary explosions while he was waaaaayyyyy weaker than SSB Vegeta. But go on and think that you are right in that regard. Just don't expect users to agree with you. A suppressed Beerus to what degree do you know that? Beerus wasn't harmed at all he had a good time a good fight while suppressed. He stomped mastered SSB Vegeta with ease when he fought not holding back. The only time he was ever seen harmed was against others GoDs. You having a great mind to build headcanon. Beerus has more to back up his universal claim than you have for planetary level. And the best thing is he has supporting statements from a director. Can't find the tweet right now but other than that:

-Beerus while fighting against Goku nullified a dense energy ball with enough power to wipe out the universe.

- Beerus while fighting against Goku created shockwaves putting the universe in danger both in the anime and manga.

- Beerus while fighting Champa was stopped because it would destroy both universes.

- Beerus is stated by everyone in the show from narrator to gods to be able to destroy the universe.

So you can go doubt all that but if you tell me there are more antifeats against Beerus you should provide them but without using Goku or Vegeta pure Beerus feats and statements.

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@zgtfreak: Using a fight out of context without saying that Vegeta was holding back is lowball at his finest. Beerus and every other GoD has statements in the show, the statement of a director from DBS, Beerus has 3 fights were they clearly stated that it will destroy the universe and you still saying he is just planetary. Plus Manga and anime are sperate canons so try again.

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@gaoron: It is getting worse imo. In the last couple months i would say since the end of DBS people try to give even the strongest DB characters the max stats of planetary and not even FTL speed. It is ridiculous.

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@gaoron: Well not in CV anymore. The new debaters like to downplay as hard as possible

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He stops at Beerus. He is star level by feats and solar system level with wank. Beerus and above are all unviersal+ with Odin and Richards having crazy hax aswell.