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@richubs: i have to disagree yet again on 2 points. Arya trained not her whole life. There are other characters that trained more than her. She had at most 1 year of training as a faceless assasin and she somehow beated another assasins who trained more and longer than her was more experienced than her and who was a faceless assasin already. Jon trained more, Jamie trained more, Brienne trained more, Jorah trained more, the unsillied the dothraki and the wildlings fought more and had more training.

And the WW and the NK are beings hunderts and thousands of years old with more experience than everyone there. So him dying so easy is just unsatisfying.

My problem with 6 and 7 was like said before that the tone and progression changed a lot. I didn't like it much but i would still rate it like a 7 which is not a bad rating at all. I am objective i can't give it a bad rating because it is still one of the best shows ever. And i still would rate the show overall a 6. But season 8 individually is just not a 5 IMO.

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@richubs: I can't agree with that in the slightest. Not some character arc was thrown away almost every characters arc was thrown away. All the things established in 8 years with all the plots going on and all the subtile hints here and there for nothing at the end. Visuals are amazing, actors and musical score are amazing but this is not was GoT was standing for.

What made this show so popular was the depth in the story. This was a story carried by the characters. They made desicions and they lived the outcome. Even if you did good things, the outcome could be very bad. Ned, Dany, Jon and Tyrion could sing you songs of it throughout the show. And this changed drasticly in the last few seasons. After season 6 the story carried the characters, all things started to become obvious, the choises they made didn't had any impact and the worst thing was that it had so much potential to be better. But 6 and 7 had some plotlines going on and people were skeptical how it would continue but we all got in our minds that we have another season and the show will end with questions getting answered and plotlines coming to an end.

This didn't happen in the slightest. Jamie, Dany, Jon, Greyworm, Arya, Bran, Night King and Cercei all finished on the baddest point possible.


Jamie: changed for 8 seasons, killed the king to protect the people of Kings Landing, came to the conclusion that Cercei was using him and lying to him so he broke free of her. After that he says that he doesn't care for innocent people and always loved Cercei and wants to be with her again. So in 2 Episodes his character compeltely was destroyed.

Dany: A harsh ruler, but not a tyrant, shown emotions because she killed Sams family, said over and over again that she isn't her father, says that she won't take the throne with the blood of innocents. Blows up the whole town after they surrender. Forshadowing isn't character development. She just want crazy from one moment to the next and became delusional in seconds.

Jon: His story was always around the White Walkers and the Night King, suddenly he is a shitty tactian, he doesn't give to many shits about what is right or wrong, he doesn't even face one White Walker and his character became a toy boy for Dany, had two direct face offs with the NK but didn't fight him once, Killed Dany at the end and went back north. Wouldn't it make it more tragic that he had to stay as king because people want him as king but he despises it for killing the woman he loved?

Greyworm: A killing machine who learned love and compassion, changed from a Soldier with no emotions to a human being. Nah just make him a cold blooded murderer.

Arya: Went from a fighting girl to an assasin in no time which is stupid enough and kills the NK for no reason at all while he is surrendered with WW, proceeds to kill the person she hates most, is not even a normal human being anymore but gets a change of heart because someone tells her not to go for revenge because it will change her. Not that shredding the sons of someone to pie did that already.

Bran: The most knowledgeable being in Westeros, can see past, present and future at the same time, can warg into anything, his whole point was to become the 3-eyed-raven to help against the NK. Does nothing at all. So why was he granted all that again?

Night King: Most powerful being in Westeros, can kill dragons with a lance throw, can resurrect all dead beings even dragons and giants, has the biggest army in the world, has hunderds of WW, is shown to be intelligent, has a deal with Caster they speak with eachother, nope he is just a generic evil dude who was killed by a girl who trained for maybe at best a year. No reason for his motivation other than kill Bran to erase the memory of the world and create a endless night. So dominating the world like every other bad guy.

Cercei: Did so many horrible things, burned people alive, let Gregor Clagane rape a sister of faith, killed her own uncle, tried to kill both her brothers while one was her life long lover and was the antagonist for such a long time, gets to die in the arms of the one person she loved in her life.

I don't want to start about the general plot points that were thrown away but here are some:

- The real fight is between the dead and the living

- Golden Company

- Teasing Dany might getting pregnant

- All the prophecies

- Night King and White Walkers

- Bran becoming the 3-Eyed-Raven

So how is this just some character stories that was thrown away? How can all those things change in 2 or 3 episodes? How is this just a few plotholes? I get that this was a short season and it needed to end. But this was a pretty bad ending for IMO the best show in TV history at least till season 6. 6 and 7 was still not bad but not good either. If the first 5 seasons would be a 9 or 10, 6 and 7 would be a 6.5 or a 7. But this season was a 3 out of 10 and this only because of the visuals, the sound, the actors, the sets and so on. Without that i would give it a 1 or at best a 2.

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@faradaysloth: Oh, sh*t didn't see that option. Damn that is hard to pick for me than

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The 100 Years War. It is the best War Arc i have seen. In one of the best mangas i ever enjoyed.

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Flash... This isn't a debate sadly.

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