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Come aboard the Walkin Dead Wagon !!

Hi Everyone, just wanted to Remind Everyone that the Walking Dead T.V. Series is starting Oct. 31st. Since I am such a big fan of this series I will be doing a review from issues 1-77 so everyone can get familiar with the series. Plus hopefully get new readers into the series and get hyped about the show. I have already  reviewed issue #1 less than a month ago and I also reviewed  #75 - # 77. So look for issue #2 and #3 to be reviewed shortly. Any feedback will be great. I hope everyone enjoys and lets get everyone aboard The Walking Dead Wagon.
 Thanks for reading everyone :)
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This week at the comic store I grabbed, and my thoughts.

This weeks comic book pickups The Walking Dead # 22 I am trying to get as many back issues as possible. I started collecting the series at issue #50  I do have all the trades though. In my opinion this will be one of those Modern day comics that will be worth serious money. Next is X-23 #1 Variant Cover
X-23 Variant Cover
X-23 Variant Cover
I am looking forward to reading this one because everyone has said that this one kicks ass. Next is Amazing Spider-man # 644 I am not holding my breath as Spider-man has been up and down for me. He was my favorite book, now the stories and artists are so different it drives be crazy. Chew #14 I have read this book from the start and even though it is not what I expected it has great humor and is solid. Next is the Green Lantern Corps #52 I digg what has been going on in this story arc. Cyborg Superman Kicks ass and I love the art. The next one is Black Widow # 6. I think this story arc Kiss or Kill is going to make it or break it for me. The first 5 issues were o.k. but not great and I can spend my money on another book. Next is Nemesis #3. I love this book I wish it was monthly Love the action and the story is great Millar and McNivens have a great book here. Crossed #4 is the next book I grapped. This series is like a guilty pleasure for me. I love reading it to see what happens next, but I feel like I need to pray or something. It is that raw. Secret Avengers #5 starts a new arc looking forward to that one. I have enjoyed the story so far. Speaking of Avengers, Avengers #5 is next this story line has been up and down for me but issue #4 was an upside. Hopefully issue #5 delievers and we can move on from the whole time travel thing. The next one I read is The Savage Dragon so I bought # 164. I love Dragon read him for years but this current story has been going on far to long. All of Dragons memory has been lossed in a blood transfusion in an attempt to bring him back to life. Now he is back to his evil ways before he came to Earth and he has mixed it up with a ton of characters, issue after issue it is the same thing. I am just riding it out to see what happens. Next Is Lady Death The Boundless premiere. This looks interesting to me because it is a new Lady Death comic and I have never read one before and the art work is amazing. Plus did I metion it was free!! Last but not  least is another Walking Dead Comic issue # 77. Check out my newest review on this issue it is great read. There you have it just some of the things I grabbed at the comic store. Share your thoughts thanks for reading everyone :)  
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Check out Walking Dead Pics from AMC THE Series starts OCT 31ST!!

Pretty face to look at!!


She how I pictured her!! A bad ass!!

It will be interesting how he plays Carl.


From San Diego






The Man who started it all who would of thought it get this big.

I love the Walkers they look great!!


I can not wait for this series to finaly start it has been a long time coming. Get ready everyone this could be the next Madmen!!

I started collecting because.

For Me, comics started with Spider-man,if it wasn't for him and the great artists and writers, I would never have gotton into comic collecting. I hope that everyone out there enjoys there hobby as much as I do
Spider-Man #7
Spider-Man #7

A little about me!!


  I Live in Orlando Fl. I am a comic book dork, and have been collecting comics since I was a kid. So for all those other comic book fans,I do comic reviews in order to get others to try new comics. Also if you have been away from the hobby, this info might peek your interest in collecting again. Comics are a great to take you away from every day life. I know the economy is rough so sometimes an opinion from someone else helps To pick what titles you want to buy. I hope everyone enjoys comicvine as much as I do. It has everthing a comic book fan is looking for. My favortie charaters are Spider-Man and Green Lantern. Thanks everyone for having me and look forward to speaking with you all!!