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Top Cow Chronology Part 3

This is part three.

Go here for part one & part two.

Go here for the future of the reborn univsere, which essentially erases books, like the original Aphrodite IX, from the timeline.

*According to Matt Hawkins, when you ignore two panels, where Aphrodite is shown as a robot, then the first book can still be canon.

Top Cow Hunting List is a list of stuff I am trying to collect next.

Sara tries as always to find the normal life in all of the madness that surrounds her, but her giving birth forces her, to make life altering changes, which eventually lead to a splintering of the Witchblade and a War of the Witchblade.

In the meantime Jackie tries to understand his powers better, while battling ancient foes.

Even more artifacts appear making the set complete (but not the below list):

Witchblade, Darkness, Angelus, Spear of Destiny, Rapture, Excalibur, The Heartstone & The Wheel of Shadows, The Ember Stone, The Glacier Stone

Upon the meeting of all artifacts the long foreshadowed apocalypse comes to be and in a dramatic act, the old universe shatters.

But no other than Jackie Estacado picks up the shards and realigns them, creating a new universe... similar to the previous one, yet still different.

It's these differences - the changes Jackie made - which will drive the motivations of the 13 bearers into yet another conflict.

Last update 2016-04-04

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