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Top Cow Chronology Part 2

This is part two of the Top Cow Universe Timeline.

Go here for part one & part three.

Go here for the future of the reborn univsere, which essentially erases books, like the original Aphrodite IX, from the timeline*.

*According to Matt Hawkins, when you ignore two panels, where Aphrodite is shown as a robot, then the first book can still be canon.

Top Cow Hunting List is a list of stuff I am trying to collect next.

Summary (Spoilers):

Right out of the necrobis sex cave the story does not stop as more and more demons start to appear and various strange things happen all over the Top Cow Universe.

There is a new Magdalena in town, Jackie is in a witness protection program (who protects his protectors?) and Sara has to deal with increasingly dangerous demons, which could be the effect of the Jerusalem event, where clouds of spirits escaped hell.

As the End of days approaches more artifacts get revealed. Excalibur, the male counterpart of the Witchblades finds it’s way to wild card Nottingham, while the Rapture goes to Tom Judge, a fallen priest (raising the artifacts count to 8: Witchblade, Darkness, Angelus, Spear of Destiny, Rapture, Excalibur, The Heartstone & The Wheel of Shadows).

Soon after Sonatine reappears changing his focus from Darkness to Witchblade, which might be his undoing.

After the death of a friend Sara tries to get on with her life, fighting monstrosities and solving crimes on a weekly basis, all the while Jackie Estacado returns to take the lead on the top of the Francetti family (clashing with Superman in the process).

While Sara's life seems to change increasingly, there is a chance of normal life at the end of the tunnel. A new person gets more and more involved with her life, a strange mentor figure appears and all signs seem to lead to the impending end of the world. And all this somehow connects to Sara giving birth to Hope, I will not spoil who the father is (hint: it is not Vader), but it is still pretty obvious, I think...

Update Comment:

As I am running out of space here I decided to "collect" Darkness issues into arcs. The main difference between the structure of Witchblade and Darkness is, that the Darkness has clear arcs, while Witchblade tends to be serialized... or rather directionless at times... then we will make the jumps to TPBs as Top Cow started to release them more around the Ron Marz takeover.

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