Top Cow Chronology Part 1

Chronology of Top Cow universe... as I read on I try to bring order to the chaos :)

The rule is... if a story is told by someone in the modern days, than that is the point in it's proper chronological order (I made one exception in the Medieval Witchblade Spawn crossover)

This is part one. Go here for Part 2 and Part 3.

Go here for the future of the reborn univsere.

Top Cow Hunting List is a list of stuff I am trying to collect next.

If you wish to delve deeper into the Top Cow Universe head over to The Comic Source, where you can find the Top Cow Chronology Project, where every issue gets reviewed on air.

If you are looking for podcasts regarding specific issues, I will update each issue with the appropriate podcast episode number.

Summary (Spoilers):

This list covers the earliest entries in the Top Cow shared universe. Ancient egipt, pirates, Romans, knights and samurai all see themselves in between the epic and everlasting struggle of the Witchblade, the Darkness and The Angelus... with the Magdalena not far behind.

Further down the line you will find the beginnings of the current wielders, team-ups with Lara Croft, inter-dimensional clashes with Mephisto and Co. from the Marvel Universe as well as the first encounters of Estacado, Pezzini and the Magdalena.

All this ends with an epic show down where the Franceti women stole the Angelus, the Darkness had a change of heart (curtsey of Batman) and the Witchblade got all SadoMaso on the Darkness annihilating the ancient race of the Necrobi (sex demons) in the process.

Oh, and the Sonatine/Wenders storyline gets even more absurd ;)

Last update 2016-04-14

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