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Star Wars Trade Reading Order (Focus: Omnibuses) LEGENDS

I thought there was time for a new list to be maintained... I looked for some easy to follow list on Star Wars, especially the Clone Wars... but they are either way oversimplified or to complicated to follow... so here is me taking a shot at something more reader/watcher friendly but still almost complete.

BBY = Before Battle of Yavin

The numbering of the collected stories is original, while the order listed is chronological.

The most confusing element is to place all the Clone Wars material in one coherent string of stories. Even more confusing is the mentioning of the battle of Jabiim throughout the comics, which is in the second Omnibus. Some mentioning could be before the battle, but some (like in Forever Young from the first Omnibus) clearly are months after it. I tried to make it as clear as possible...

Last update 2014-09-27

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