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Marvel's Cinematic Universe Watching Order

Yet another list with a handy guide to watching the MCU in proper order...

The obvious problem is the placement of the first Captain America Movie and the following Agent Carter 1-Shot and the series...

Here you will find the best watching order (entirely subjective) with the One-Shots and info on Post credits scenes (PC), as well as the info on were the One Shots were released on disc.

Warning, there might be spoilers...

Another warning:
If you start your MCU experience according to this list, then do not let yourself be discouraged with Agents of Shield or Agent Carter TV-Shows. Although they are charming in their own way and host some important events, they are very uneven. So feel free to skip those, but definitely watch EVERYTHING else (Thor 2 might be a challenge also).

Last update 15-05-2016

List items

  • PC: Nick Fury – The Avengers Initiative Trailer

    It's technically set before the Avengers, BUT the bulk of the story is a Flashback to the second world war. So you might want to start with Captain, or with the One Shot, or if you like, you could watch Cap-One twice ;)

  • on Iron Man 3 Disc

    This is NOT canon, but if you manage to simply forget the last scene with the phone call, than you might place this here... another way to head-canon this, is simply that things went wrong between the ending of this and the beginning of the TV-Show, leading to a similar position of Peggy at the SSR.

    Either way.. I think it is a good short and should still be seen, even if the TV-Show practically erases it.

  • Season 1

    No spoilers for future shows or movies in the first season.

    You are safe to watch it here.

    ALTHOUGH user VitaEstBona aka Nick pointed out, that there is one scene, that might be considered a little spoilery.

    But I think it is not really spoilery but foreshadowing.

    Lets compare it to Star Wars:

    The Prequels pretty much ruin the Episode 5 twist, while Agent Carters one scene sets up a later twist (and makes it IMO more believable).

    But I agree with Nick, that this might be worth to point out!

  • Season 2

    No spoilers for future shows or movies in the first season.

    You are safe to watch it here, although there is an element that first appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but I think it is much more interesting to learn of this element through Peggy than through Coulson.

  • PC: Nick Fury; Avengers Initiative

    (Big time jump from the post-war stories of Agent Carter)

  • PC: Mjolnir found

  • on Captain America Disc

  • PC: Tony Stark; Avengers Initiative

    although this was released before Iron Man 2, Tony Stark apears in the post credits scene as The Consultant. He takes the Consultant role at the end of Iron Man 2.

    So it is better to watch it here.

  • on Thor Disc

    We get to see the behind the scenes situation and motivation behind the Hulk post credit scene.

  • PC: Teseract

  • PC: Nick Fury – The Avengers Initiative Trailer

    As wrote earlier, this is the second place where you could watch Cap-One... although I like the movie, I would not watch it a second time here... I think beginning a monster-chronological viewing should start with Cap, cause the TV-Show Agent Carter and the Hulk movie pick up some threads started here.

    Hulk actually feels like one last failure in the super soldier program, so it doe come off like the epilogue to Cap's first movie.

  • PC: Restaurant

  • on Avengers Disc

  • PC: Tony Stark & Bruce Banner

  • Episodes 1:01 - 1:07

  • on Thor: The Dark World Disc

  • PC1: Guardians of the Galaxy Intro

    PC2: Thor and Jane Foster

  • Episodes 1:08 - 1:16

  • PC1: Hydra HQ

    PC2: Bucky Barnes

  • Episodes 1:17 - 1:22

  • PC1: Dancing Groot

    PC2: Collector & Howard the Duck

    Thanks to user thedavidrosario, who pointed out, that this is definitely happening after The Dark World, because The Collector has the Aether already in his collection.

  • Daredevil runs concurently to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I cannot determine exactly how, BUT AoS2 intertwines definetly with Age of Ultron, whereas Daredevil does not. Therefore I would place Daredevil here. Breaking up DD and Aos2 would seem pointless.

  • Episodes 2:01 - 2:19

  • PC: Thanos grabs the Gauntlet

  • Episodes 2:19 - 2:22

  • PC1: The Wasp

    PC2: Civil War (This scene IS in Civil War and I might actually sugest to skip it, as it spoils it a bit)

  • Both JJ and DD run concurrently to season 3 of AOS, but I think it makes sense to watch AOS last, as it will lead into Civil War.

    As far as I understand JJ-s1 runs parallel to the first half of AOS-s3.

  • As AOS will lead right into Civil War, and Daredevil Season 2 is a rather stand alone season, so as mentioned above, it might make sense to watch DD-s2 and JJ-s1 first.

    As far as I understand DD-s2 runs parallel to the 2nd half of AOS-s3.

  • Episodes 3:01 - 3:19

  • PC: Bucky's fate

    PC2: Spiderman teaser

  • Episodes 3:20