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DC Timeline - (The Bat-Family & friends) Part 2

This is the follow up to the List that Ends with Road to No Man's Land. There were JLA books included, but after reading the deluxe Morrison trades... i threw them out... JLA is so far out there... it really does not fit with the standard Gotham fare, although I MIGHT reconsider soon.

At this point it is obvious, that this list is still a mess.

Up until this point, this was mostly a Batman list, and the story rarely truly interconnedted. This made a precise playcing of stuff in a chronology rather tough. But now we have events that influence many other titles, like Luthors presidency, the aftermath of No Man's Land, Wayne's prosecution, the Checkmate agency becoming more active, the OMAC project and Wonder Woman doing the unthinkable.

Obviously there will be spoilers.

Last Update 2018-11-10

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