DC Timeline - (The Bat-Family & friends) Part 1


There will be spoilers justifing some of the book placements.

This is suposed to be a BATMAN list, BUT obviously no human functions in a social vacuum, therefor you will find other characters, that at some point become kinda important to him or his closest.

Superman beeing the obvious one, but I never liked Byrne's MAN OF STEEL run, somehow to naive, it will for now be replaced with BIRTHRIGHT.

Besides the standard Gothamites (the Robins, Batgirls, Birds of Prey etc.) you definetly will find Wonder Woman and I do intend to read some Supergirl. So maybe calling this a Batlist would be wrong, it rather should be a Gotham list with the occasional weekend visit to one of it's neighbours.

Inconsistencies are unavoidable, so there will be remarks regarding contradictions. Some worth noting are Gordons rank for example, Two-Faces origin or the companywide crossovers, like LEGENDS (impossible to make it work, no matter how much head-cannon you spin on it), MILLENIUM and INVASION (Which is the only one that might work KINDA within this custom timeline), those that are the least contradictory will be implementend, the rest will remain as footnotes in SUICDE SQUAD or WONDER WOMAN issues.

At some point I will mix it up with some stuff from before the Crisis, so it will only KINDA work (I am speaking in regards to the NEW TEEN TITANS).

In order to do this list I used the following sources:

  • http://www.therealbatmanchronologyproject.com
  • http://therealbatmanchronoproject.blogspot.com
  • http://andrewcutterinc.weebly.com/index.html
  • http://www.thedcu.net/continuity/continuity1.html
  • http://multiversitycomics.com/columns/a-crisis-of-chronology-grant-morrisons-batman-epic/ (Morrisons run)

And sorry for disregarding the offical year numbering... but I feel that if one reads YEAR ONE... and then MONSTER MAN... it reads more like a sequel and not an interquel. And that is why my Batman years will not be the official onces... I will update upon reading the books.... so stay tuned...

This is of course a WIP...

Summary (spoilers):

The first part of the timeline covers the origin events of the Gothamites, starting with Batman and Catwoman and expanding through time to three Robins, two Batgirls, Oracle, Huntress, the informal formation of the Birds of Prey and Nightwing (and even a muddy origin for the JL).

Amongst those trials are deadly viruses, one whole asylum of nut cases, numerous crime bosses an estranged ward, the other one killed violently, a broken back, Gotham City in ruins and a dear friends family devoured by the Joker himself.

Bruce and Gotham go through trials and tribulations, but as the Bat grows stronger the city might not be able to cope with these disasters…

I have exchanged many out of print editions with new ones.

This list continues in the second one, which is still a heavy work in progress: List 2

Last update 2018-12-21

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