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At last it's back! 0

I've been waiting for this book for what seems like forever. I remember when Astro City first appeared on the racks years ago. It changed how I perceived Super Heroes and comics both. Busiek set the bar so high with the original series nothing else has compared since. When I picked up this issue today and sat down to read it, not once but three times, it felt like an old friend had finally come back to visit. The Good (Really Great): The story is engaging and fun without moving to fast or ...

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"It's Mercurial and maddening" 0

Oh...my god. Lets start with the Good...The Good: Someone got paid to write this, and someone got paid to draw the art. DC should get at least one of those checks back.The Bad: Open the book, look at page 1, then keep turning. If you don't read the words on the pages you might enjoy this book. You will not enjoy the story, or the dialogue. How do quality titles get cancelled while books like this get green lit in the first place? Lets look at the story for a minute, Katana's soul taker is...

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Fantastic New Direction 2

The Good: I love the introduction of new team members and the redirection of the original cast. I've enjoyed this book since the start and didn't really feel like we needed a new creative team but if the book continues as strongly as it started then it will indeed make for a great story. Ales was able to get James Gordon Jr. right in this story, he's creepy and genius all in one. His introduction to the team makes me even more excited for this title. The Bad: Resurrecting the dead members o...

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Holding steady 0

The Good: Batman interacts with Red Hood and actually explains the plot to Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 to us in the process. This issue is better than the last one and actually had something to do with the team up between the two on the cover. Jason Todd is more likable than he has been in a batman book in a while I think. I actually felt sorry for him near the end. Whereas Bruce is still off the deep end with grief. The Bad: There are things I don't care for in this story. Carrie Kelley...

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Well Done 1

It's not Grant Morrison, but that's not a bad thing. It's different, more grounded and more like the Superman many of us grew up with. The Good: Tony Daniel draws an amazing Superman. I love his rendition of Krypton as well. I'm not sure who deserves the actual credit for the issue, either Diggle or Daniel but it works either way. If you enjoy Superman you'll love this book. I hope the tone stays the same for a while, its a nice change. The Bad: I'm not a fan of the price but that's econo...

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Magical 0

Earth 2 is one of the best things going in the DC universe. I want more of this world, I want an ongoing for each of the new Wonders. But since I'm not likely to get that I'll just have to sing the praises of this title.The Good: We are seeing the team form up here, Robinson takes us down a path that we all know is going to lead to a final conflict with Steppenwolf. It's going to be epic and this issue is a great. I cant get over how much I enjoy the new spin on each of the golden age chara...

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The Best So Far 0

I have been following Animal Man since the new 52 began. This book was never one of my top reads, or a must read. During rotworld it sat unread on my desk until I had some spare time and caught up at the end of the arc. Now though, well if Lemire keeps it up this will be a top read for sure. The Good: Amazing story. I would pay for an ongoing of Red Thunder, I was so engrossed with that story I was sad it ended. The art is fantastic, the story is amazing. Lemire is quickly becoming one of...

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Thankfully It stands alone from Other Titles 1

The Good: I Enjoy the art. It seems to be well done and thought out, given the script they have to work with. The Bad: This title reminds me of bad kung fu movies on late night television. I love the title character pre new 52. I even liked Katana in the N52 Bird of Prey title. But this title is horrible. I had high hopes for it, which is why it's on my pull list each month. The script is bad, the dialogue is bad and the entire premise is horrible. I don't know if it's Noceti's fault or...

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I just don't know 0

The Good: It's in there somewhere. This storyline has gone on...forever. This was an all action issue which was nice but sometimes a bit of plot building is enjoyable too. The Bad: This book was filler, they used 20 pages to put in what could have been summed up in 5. I feel like they're treading water until the Wrath of the first Lantern arc is done in Green Lantern. I enjoy Simon Baz, but I don't like that he's been a lantern a week and he's on the same power level as Kyle, or B'DG, or a...

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A bit misleading 0

The Good: Batman as usual tells it how it is. Superman and Wonder Woman take matters into their own hands and show their, for lack of a better word, inexperience. Their relationship has blinded them to how the rest of the world will see their constant pairing. Batman, in classic Batman fashion, steps in and calls them out on it. The call back to classic JLA stories regarding Batmans contingency plans for every member of the JLA is amazing. The fact that someone just broke into the batcave ...

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Erased 0

The Good: Tynion jumps in with both feet trying to make the Outlaws his own and I admire that. He takes us back to the beginning of the series with the All Caste. Its nice to see more of that portion of Jason's life. And I enjoy the relationship Roy and Starfire have. Their friendship makes the book more enjoyable than it should. The Bad: If you're new to a book, and you're going to change the course of it you need to either reboot or take it a bit slower. This book is continued from a Ba...

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A nice safe distance 0

The Good: I love Nightwing, and Higgins does a good job of keeping up with the tone of the original run from way back when. The change of scenery is really nice, it takes Nightwing out from under the shadow of Batman and makes him his own man. I think that's a good idea. And it gives Higgins space to world build. Though, it's no Bludhaven that's for sure.The Bad: Some of the book seemed forced, Nightwing just happened to run across a crazy lady and an information broker his first night in to...

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Another hit 0

The Good: The artwork is amazing, period. Its amazing. I love the realism the book brings. I am enjoying this arc a lot and I cant wait to see where it goes. When this arc is done reading the trade will make it even better, being able to see it all at once will be worth it.The Bad: There is just so much going on it feels like the book needs to be longer, or do more of each thread and then move on in the next issue. But really that's not too bad. Summary: If you haven't been keeping up on...

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Not quite a monster 0

Pro: I loved seeing Red Robin and Batman interact. I even enjoyed Carrie Kelly's appearance. The idea that Damian was taking lessons from her was interesting and I hope she is able to stick around in some capacity just because she seems like she could be a fun character in this continuity. Con: Batman dissecting frankenstein....that's a bit much. I get that he wants to bring Damian back, but there have been a lot of Resurrections in the DC universe that didn't involve using a sewing needle. ...

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As good as it could have been 1

Pros: Gail Simone started a fascinating arc with a great villain, it had some bumpy parts but I think she did a nice job of ending it with tragedy and some mystery. We all know James Jr. wont stay gone, and that Barbara isn't a killer. However, the animosity between her father and her will be interesting to see how it is dealt with.Cons: Unfortunately with the two issues Gail was gone this story line stumbled, who knows where it was intended to go and for how long. I felt like it was wrapped...

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