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The User Teams that I am curently on.

These are the Teams that I am in

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  • The Secret Part Three and Four will decide who wants to stay a Mighty Avenger and who wants to go. The question is who wants to stay and who wants to leave? Every Mighty Avenger must read this blog to answer this question. After this story arc the true line-up as well as the true Mighty Avengers will be decided. Should we make an Initiative for Comic Vine. This account will train newcomers to the Vine on editing pages as well as training them with their powers. So, Comicvine should we make this Comic Vine Initiative. I want you guys and girls to vote on it by commenting this blog. We need to train newcomers so they can rank themselves to numbers like 320, 100, and even number 1 for the Future of Comic Vine.

  • Hey there Hero, Villian, or Neutral we are the New Avengers and you are welcome to join the team. We are offering you an offer to join. Good, Bad, and Neutral users are all alowed to join this team. All you need is that you send a photo of your hero, villian or neutral self and we'll write your bio, picture, and put the name on your picture. Those who do not have 1,000 points are still members. and you can put blogs,Forums,photos,and submit things. you think hero, villian, or neutral. We are looking for a new pic for our main article. If anyone has a very good photo, send us the picture. Thanks.

  • And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Comic Vine's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat! On that day, the Comic Vine Avengers were born--to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand! The Comic Vine Avengers (CVA) are a team dedicated to stopping the most powerful villains on Comic Vine. It is a team for Good heroes only, villains or neutrals are not allowed. This is our new rule. You must be active in canon RPGs. You may be a member of any other team you wish. If you choose to be a member of an other team, you might not be given full membership into the CVA, but instead you may be made a reserve member.