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Lmao.....really though. If he takes over Squirrel girl, how mad are we gonna be?

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Age of X-Man ends in July.

Jean, Storm, Psylocke, Beast, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Kitty and Colossus have no main title book to return to.

The X-Men board is literally cleared.

Weve got a damn good shot.

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@mcklayn: Makes sense since only Lobdell cares about Adam X.

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@lordofallhumans: Yea its basically a Psylocke solo. But Nova and Stryfe appear in it for some enteresting arcs

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Errgh. It was in Uncanny X-force vol 2. Spurriers run I think. Not sure of the issue number but definetly the second or 3rd arc

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@lordofallhumans: She did, but it just doesnt explain alot of her feats. Like she somehow bound Alt U Nova to a human body.

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@marvelfan1992: Theyve always been the same especially since she started using the sword. She blocks attacks with and then suddenly stabs peoples brains

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(Really wanna know which version of her were getting)

*Meanwhile in Lobdell land..

MAJOR X #5 & #6 (of 6) ROB LIEFELD (W) • BRENT PEEPLES (A - ISSUE #5) ROB LIEFELD (A - ISSUE #6) CoverS by ROB LIEFELD The conclusion of a tale almost 30 years in the making — the fate of the X-Istance! The rise of the X-Ential! And the full identity of Major X himself!


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@corapvp: 1- Mesmero as a telepath basically is unseated. We cant gauge the value of him except by Rachel saying that he was low tier.

And even then the nature of her power up, making her so sensitive she was reading the minds of characters all over Marvel non stop...basically reinforces what Mesmero said. That she was vulnerable.

That doesnt mean Mesmero can take Rachel in a 1v1 without the edge.

2. Martha's next highest showing after this is penetrating Emma Frost diamond form, and after that breaking the Cuckoos free from a Quire trap.

Shes a D List telepath because shes so obscure. Not because shes weak. And considering Rachel had just found out that a student was working for Mr. Sinister...I dont entirely judge her for switching focus.

3- Rachel's one on one record gives her feats against Xavierand Exodus, and feats of trashing and combating psychics with high tier feats.

She let's her guard down yes. Shes got more then a few feats of being surprise attacked. But shes more then proven that shes powerful enough to take on the other high tiers. Jean isnt a tier above Exodus, Xavier or Xavier Jr, she scales higher but she is NOT untouchable by them and therefore not untouchable by Rachel.

4- Your missing the point, because first off No one is saying Rachel can beat Jean in a fair fight. In fact the opposite is what has been said by me and others.

What IS being said is that Rachel is strong enough to harm Jean. Especially if Jean is also dealing with Emma. Which is kinda what your arguing.

You cant downplay Xavier Jr, because he not only controlled the cuckoos, he was battling Jean and mind controlling all of his teammates at the same time. While projecting a psionic illusion that was also stomping people. She oneshot him and left him a bloody mess.... That an alternate version of Emma beat him means nothing considering our Emma in that same Era was considered on Xaviers level and that that version of Emma's Gen X hadnt beaten the Evil Brotherhood already.

You cant downplay Exodus because she was shielding minds from him while battling him on multiple levels.

You cant downplay Xavier because he couldnt see through her cloak and she could clearly see through his.

You cant downplay Psylocke because shes tanked Shadowking attacks and she knew it was Rachel.

You cant downplay Quire because he was left bloody.

In a similar instance Rachel was able to KO a psychic powerful enough to control two sides of a war at once. And even after admitting she was weaker then him, was still powerful enough to split her power in half with Rogue and slave the psychics mind.

Rachel's raw power makes it so in a fair fight she can hang with pretty much anyone even if it's a loss.

5. Again its Nova. Jean has one unamped feat against her and zero actual offense. We have hyped and backed this as a great showing, which it is, but it doesn't mean that Jean's offensive feats go up a tier because of it.

The Maddie thing is a joke since she was supposedly dead 3 times over when she attacked Rachel. If your argument is that sneak attacks decide your strength as a telepath then we really need to reexamine how we view everyone ESPECIALLY Jean.

So again, Rachel vs Jean isnt a question. But whether Jean's defense can stand against Rachel's offense alongside Emma is. Especially considering Rachel's preferred method attack is the opposite of Jeans.

Team takes this, but Jean drags it out with defense feats.

*Emma was under a suggestion from Nova for the majority of Whedons Astonishing run. When Nova was finally freed, she tried to get Emma to swap her body and Emma was able to pull herself free.

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@marvelfan1992: Its like hes following you....

But yea I'm satisfied with the content for feats.

All we need really is a slight edit of placement, since theres a dupe of the Jean/Xavier mall feat.

I'd also argue that the Psychic projections from Ressurection are General Psionics

Oh and were still skipping numbers for some unknown reason.