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@marcosvergara14: Fraction told a story that was unique memorable for its direction but he forgot to write any of the X-Men into it for more then cameos. Austen was crazy....but when he wasn't crazy...OK he was always crazy...but he was at least able to follow his own craziness.

Bendis takes all of the bad comic tropes you can think of and rolls them into one:

Missed deadlines-check,

Lying on Solicits- Every month like clockwork

Plotholes- Why does Dark Beast hate Cyclops?

Disrespecting readers- He said he wouldn't write an explanation for why a character was in the place he got killed because only 10 people would care.

Low Page Count- He averages 17 an issue and has a 16 pg issue if you don't count preamble.

Overly Drawn out stories- Will of Xavier lasted 7months...most of it on 2 conversations

Rushed Ending- 7 months long an the last issue just wraps up and resets time before anything happens.

No Logic- Cyclops removes, calms down and then gives a history lesson to a all powerful mutant about why its important to stay in control and not kill everyone. When someone else blows them both up during the conversation and the mutant does kill everyone, the plot device tells Cyclops its his fault that everyone died....THE END...huh?

Too Many Crossovers- Count how many issues of All New X-Men is part of a crossover and then realize that only half of what's left has plot.

I mean seriously at this point I think he's only holding onto #600 because he's got a crush on Kitty Pryde and because he's not willing to let us move on from his nightmare.

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Lmfao...all this delay for 38 pgs? The freaking Grayson Annual beat this nonsense...smh Bendis really is the worst thing to happen to X-Men.